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  1. Yep.... and it says that need to be claimed before October 2017? I activated it on November. I can even show the proof
  2. Btw if they give serial codes and we activate them after a month why do the packages/gifts come with a duration to be activated from those serial codes? I actived my serial code and received that package which was already saying duration expired but with the main mission completed!!
  3. The problem is not the serial code but the package that I received from the serial code. When I try to activate it doesn't let me
  4. which account? I have only one account with two characters.... And I activated on my BM
  5. What? I only received one serial code and I activated it, and it shows on my transactio history that it was activated on 30 November 2017, which is the date I mentioned above.
  6. So all the gear I have on my Blade Master is completly trash? And still none of you has given a response for when I'm suppose to receive the gear that allows me to upradge them. But I can thank you for giving the lastest info about the weapons changes....
  7. For those that have read my lastest post of me returning to the game, I have found another problem. They were giving an Serial Code and I activated it on 30 November 2017 but when entering the game to check the email it says "Duration Expired"? And the worst part I have the Chapter mission completed.... So they are giving free codes which are useless!??
  8. Well, I started playing this game again and I noticed a lot has changed since I left. So I decided to create a new character (Warlock), instead of using my lvl 50 Blade Master because the only thing I remember about this game, is the fact I get a certain equipment at a certain level and evolve it in all the jouney of the game, but I'm already at lvl 20 and the only thing I'm getting is BreakTrough Materials. When is it supposed to receive the weapon and the equipment that goes with us during the game?
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