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  1. On 3/6/2019 at 10:33 PM, Onirique said:



    You can find a link to download the game on our official webstie : https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/ .
    If the Launcher is causing the issue, please contact Customer Support here : 
    https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us or at support@bladeandsoul.com.

    the new launcher just freezes after 10% and its not even optimized for screen size....i dont want to run a launcher that wants me to break my display format by reducing resolution and/or image size....its ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 2019 and the game acts like a 2000 one....look at the other versions...they got the same launcher and dont need to tweak the monitor resolution for making the launcher visible....

  2. i agree....there's tons of things eliminated for something else.....grinding has been moved to the high levels as to force players in those areas....RIP my lvl45 dungeon grinds that were called Big 4...now its Big 8 or something....weapons look good for below lvl50 and since i m a returning player i dont understand what to use....same with soul shields.....since almost noone runs the purple low dungeons have to make do with the blue crappy ones.....and the gems....ugh....i dont understand why is the ability to transmute square pentagonal etc gems via gem powder removed and why dont we get to buy them from the local merchants....i am still using the crap triangle gems given in lvl up rewards from BnS newsletter and gems on the F5 r freaking insane priced....sure penta gem can be made with few squares but where the f*** r the squares!!!!the only good gems i got is from the lvl60 creation reward even tho those r pentagonal gems but its still better than the triangles given.....surprisingly lvl50 reward too is a triangle.....what a surprising turn....yeah my rant is on the gems....i m thoroughly pissed at how they destroyed the gems for average joes.....and the worst part of it is majority of the daily/weekly is pvp and MSP.....so ginding solar energy is a no go here for me too.....

  3. lots of things r different.....FM Z option knockdown is available ONLY IF i use ice as my attack in Flame Mode and vice versa.....otherwise it goes in an enhance party type thingy......and they dont even bother saying that in the tooltip.....and the Grandmaster level tutorial is a nightmare to my fingers with the rapid level button mashing like Guitar Hero.....smh....



  4. in TW version u get 3 freebie.....some ppl just go in to complete the 3 match daily and just stand there taking a beating....for the last 3 days i was able to get 3 match win and getting trashed afterwards if i got too greedy for beans....

  5. 18 hours ago, Tyranbae said:

    I mean, that's what they do at that spot where you windwalk to, if you know what I mean. Yet, these guys don't turn aggro. However, if you mean a completely different area I'd be happy if you could tell me. 

    ya its a completely different area......

    here ya go....its in skyhaven bastion...the ONLY place to wage faction war with the Talus outfit....


  6. 16 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    You are missunderstanding something.....the other costumes are there to give people a guaranteed way to obtain them, most of them are still dropping in dungeons like the POH, Tomb of exiles one etc....

    If i remember good obsidian serpent was the only costume you could get with a quest, all others were just dungeon drops. Getting the beans needed for it is not even that hard, its a bit tedious but not that hard, even if someone does not pvp or doesnt like pvp.

    if we can still grind for the outfits then maybe i DID jump the gun.....i must have a misunderstanding as to OP saying Obsidian Serpent daily missing complied with the outfit getting removed.....and no Obsidian Serpent drops from the boss and it has a horrible drop rate....100s of run and i got it on my Warlock when lvl45 was cap....

  7. i just looked at the trader and it NOT ONLY has the Obsidian Serpent, but also the Tomb of the Exiles, Pohwaran, and Nightshade outfits, also the outfits from the 24-man dungeon!!!!is the game forcing us to go arena?1000 zen bean to a outfit ticket and they need 5 ticket plus a high quality fabric....this is insane!!!

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