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  1. Y usted se fijo si el juego tenia español antes de pasar la tarjeta? suena gracioso que primero meta el dinero y luego se queje porque el juego no esta en español, esto pasa en muchos juegos y otros servicios sin embargo usted cree que quejandose en el foro que metio dinero que se lo traduzcan usted va a conseguir algo? por favor no sea iluso.
  2. 2016? you can just make a new account. if that is just a typo i'd say why would you want to play this game? If this kind of things happen so easily and support doesn't well, support you why do you care so much. After reading your story i made myself the same question what would be the point of that?
  3. even if the dungeon was easily doable the rewards are simply not good enough so yeah, i don't know if this is an aniversary event or april fools.
  4. You don't know why classes benefits from certain weapons you are just throwing random videos of raven vs riftwalk. I said in my previous post the difference is specially important with dawnforge. I don't need to prove anything to you i'm just telling you that raven and dawnforge/riftwalk are not the same and raven is indeed better in most cases cause you need less conditions to make it work. Earth destroyer is said to do more damage with a riftwalk path we don't have yet that's why i used it as an example so you don't show a video of earth des and bm has more bracelet uptime with divine drago
  5. that video proves the opposite, riftwalk gives the bm more bracelet uptime and that's why the dps is close, for some classes that's not the case, especially those classes with dawnforge, but for bms with dragon bracelet of course riftwalk is going to be good so you just showed a special case with that video you can also get earth destroyer in that same bag, you don't even have to get a video or any kind of proof to know the numbers differ a lot between raven and riftwalk/dawnforge and if raven could keep up with less bracelet uptime i think the video just proved the point that raven is indeed
  6. op is talking about fire gunner not fm.
  7. Thank you for your positive thinking you are a positive guy. Also thank you for reinforcing a negative attitude, that's not very positive of you. Of course people love the positivity of someone taking and advantage of them that's why they will celebrate that with a positive reinforcement. Yes people might be tired of the constant grind and that is everyone fault, not the guy who decides to make's his grind a problem of someone else. And sure everyone has real life problems or spill their tea on themselves but when you do that repeatedly some big moral guy like you choose to believe everybody i
  8. The dev team will have to take a closer look at the playerbase conversion rate as this announcement will create and imbalance between the existing value of this game and company compared to the future reputation and value of the game, company, and the playerbase of this game which will cause this company and game to be devalued significantly. Because you want to retain you jobs and make a living of it this company and comunity managers should instead provide with no moves of this kind to any playerbase of any game. We the playerbase are sorry to inform you this last minute changes have made an
  9. So you are saying you were deceived for buying something you know eventually will get to non paying players? Excuse everyone else for wanting to have something that was meant for everyone. I truly believe that what you want is to be extremely overpowered in comparison to everyone else, or maybe you want some pay to win stuff, stuff that you have cause you spent money but no one else can have unlesss they spend a lot of money like you. Is that deceiving acording to you? or getting stuff only paying money is deceiving people that thinks this game is free to play. you are just mad cause people wi
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