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  1. I remembered there were a 30% cd on raven ss Raven soul shields no longer give 30% cd for bb. p.s. raven ss on assassin only or were there no such thing as 30% cd on bb in the first place? because looking at kfm raven ss theres 30% cd for bb
  2. Amazing cutscenes and able to play as different characters. Suggestions for future: Allow us to play through more characters backstory Less teleport if possible (action > looking at loading screen) More amazing cutscenes More story characters action (fight, jumping, destroying things)
  3. Not moonstone crystal, I have no problem farming those.
  4. Should I use my weak pvp story gear for battleground to farm moonstone? Or, does anyone know where I can farm moonstone without buying from market/trove/f10
  5. I'll be honest. The person that set a deadline and forces the programmer to translate the code up to the patch day should be fire. This is the reason why the communication team members are getting blame and flame by several players from the whole player base. You clearly stated that the NA/EU internal team members are unsure about changes - what will be in the patch and what will be left out. Here is a solution: From what it looks like your sprint is every 4 weeks and I'm assuming you guys are using Scrum method. I hope your team are, if not the person who decided not to use t
  6. Does anyone know what else can I do with these wings other than buying soul shields?
  7. Yes, it is true players come and players go. However games has to "come up" with ideas to keep their players. A good example is real life supermarket: How does one supermarket keep their customers when another supermarket is built nearby? Easy. They come up with ideas such as but not included: -Sales -Promotion -Point system -Better quality - etc. To pull their customers away from the new supermarket. Overall Ncsoft fail to keep their players interested. Here is another example of real life businesses on the downward
  8. NCoin are refundable in exchange to termination of account due to chargeback. But im assuming you are referring to purchases with Ncoin in cash shop If it is the case the answer is "Maybe" if you "misclick" purchase item(s) you're able to submit ticket and explain what happened with a potential of a refund
  9. They do lose money. develop new feature -> pay programmers -> "ZERO" return in investment (money)
  10. Just play warlock for fun. Its not a hardcore Dps class, unless you get lucky and crit 24/7. The main roll of warlock is to buff up party, but can’t also be greedy and be top dps also, that wouldn’t be balance am I right? But what I can tell by your post, it’s not the class that you like, it’s about the dps, high number > buff
  11. The skill is from the purple quest. However you don't need the wall dash skill for that part, just run up following where the footsteps are, it will allow you to wall dash in that area only.
  12. What you guys should've done was a 2 Round voting: Round 1: -Post "ALL" submit (Reasonable) costume(s) --By Reasonable it mean (No troll entry: such as, nudity, half finish, etc.) -7 day voting period -Top 10 highest up vote costumes move onto around 2 of voting Round 2: -Post top 10 from Round 1 -7 day voting period -Highest up vote win This will give the community a chance to vote for the "best" looking costume What you guys had done was "pick top 11 of what you think look good" And to be honest 3/4 of t
  13. This ^ this right here Hes not talking about refund the ncoin back onto the game account Hes talking about refund the ncoin back ONTO THE CREDIT CARD IF they don't refund any ncoin back onto the card holders its fall under FALSE ADVERTISEMENT due to the fact that they advertised "unlimited purchase" which made player(s) buy ncoin to buy the "unlimited item(s)" but now Ncwest want to refund what player(s) had purchased. This is also consider: -A trap (advertise something to lure consumers to buy ncoin, but does not refund the money b
  14. That's exactly what i'm saying I don't trust what's in f10 to be legit anymore I can't even trust what will be in f10 in the future to be purchasable without wondering if NC fk up again and going to have to do another refund for the item(s)
  15. This basically screw over anybody that purchased overpriced material from f5 to upgrade the bracelet (buy expensive item(s) from f5 to upgrade) Same goes to those who undercut exchange JUST to buy those "unlimited item(s)" that You guys fk up.
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