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  1. Ram has very little to do with FPS. You are using a very weak graphics card, a 920m. Seeing how you are using a laptop, your only way to get better fps is you buy a laptop with a stronger graphics card, or buy a desktop with a stronger graphics card. Your graphics card is actually less than the recommended HD4850/8800GT when looking at a Passmark benchmark. Your internal graphics (intel hd 5500) on the processor is also worse than the 920m. Make sure when you are running Blade and Soul, you launch it with the 920m as the graphics processor. i7-5500U internal - 565 Passmark GTX 920M - 696 Passmark 8800GT - 757 Passmark HD4850 - 1031 Passmark
  2. Called ISP because I was supposed to be at 60/5. Well, now I'm at 120/12. I'll check the ping plotter again tonight. It's only slow at night
  3. Problem is at
  4. I just recently came back to the game and am experiencing god-awful pings(always 400-500ms). I live just a few hours away from Austin, and have a 25ms connection to the speedtest servers in Austin. I have checked my home network, no other devices except my own are connected. My device is using no more than 1Mbps while playing. I just have no clue what I can do about this. This connection is ridiculous for living right near the servers. After being back for two days I'm just feeling like quitting again. I am using: 36/6 connection Windows 10 Pro (x64) i7-6700k GTX 980ti 16GB 3400Mhz RAM
  5. Server under maintenance

    Back up. Maybe someone really did trip on the power cable lol
  6. Server under maintenance

    Not sure how often they backup changes to their database, so there could quite possibly be a rollback.
  7. Server under maintenance

    same, Hajoon server. Looks like someone tripped on the power cable Kappa