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  1. i dont understand where the problem is. The Community craved for a oil event since the accident with the Pet pods happened. Now we get a really OP Event which allows a lot of improvement within one Event and are seriously people out there which are crying about that? Are you serious?
  2. Imagine. Many people that play New World quit the game BECAUSE they had nothing to do BECAUSE there were no content which they could aim for besides that many bugs kekw. The only thing that im a bit afraid of is the new Mythical Dungeon system that ALLOWS to get ENDGEAR in ONE DAY. Actually you are crying in this forum about sth they trying to fix but on the other side that means also that newer player can also faster go to the more relevant stuff like raids and grinding for other relevant stuff.
  3. Youre just a rage kiddy. For newer people means 25% HP nerf a lot and you actually could join a clan participate there in ET without problems lol.
  4. The most of us definitely know that B&S Korea got their Class Change System to switch his Character under some conditions. Is there any plans to implement this System in B&S NA/EU as well? If yes when are we able to expect it? @Hime
  5. I dont think that they will put the Chest with the newest accs in Junsorei it will be the old chest before ue3 probably
  6. Indeed the new dungeon changes are kinda frustrating especially that u arent able to get acc with achievments
  7. u shouldnt be aware of your fps in mushin because there are many npc under the floor which deny you high fps An advice of other people which had also performance problems were to deinstall old client and every "Adjustments" to this client and clean install ue4 again. Also a thing is to reinstall your grafic driver it helped me yesterday to improve my fps a lot so i got able to play on max settings without stutters after that
  8. The first one sucks a bit thats right but im not 100% sure but it should come back soon If youre game settings are resetting everytime after you log in there are 2 options why they do that First one: You killing the game everytime with Task Manager or anything else Second one: Your config file is corrupted Delete the config file while the game is closed and start it again after that it should work as usual
  9. Maybe its a weird suggestion but try to re-install/update your grafic driver and install the newest Windows updates. Sounds weird but it worked for me. btw i have a 3070 ti + 5600x and i had 5 fps in burst and 15-30 fps infight which stuttered a lot on low/mid settings after that i was able to play on max settings without even a fps drop.
  10. There are ways to manage it. Just look around some discord servers of bns and u will find it.
  11. If u need a free carry through Hall of keeper/Templar write me in discord Shîro#9138
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