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  1. BnS Pink Tax?

    I am very disapoinet about these prices, one is for men and the other for female characters both include outfit, hat and glasses( it is the same skin without breasts !!)For sure population of females characters is higher than males, but what about all the outfits that has the same price for female or male characters ?!!!.... It's not fair :(.
  2. Choose one friend you trust, or if u have other character in other account in the server u want the money you can do it by yourself ( Using two computers or VM), then go to cross server dungeon as duo; change your bidding system to refined i think for the shxtty stuff lol xD kill mobs til something drop, bid the amount you want to transfer and then u trade it back in the server(normal trade).
  3. Corallite

    The one with soulstone?! i think so.