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  1. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    Chanchan seems pretty lonely, they've got time to come back here and post over and over trying to instigate. Posting here helps you feel, doesn't it? You've got nothing else going on in your life, everything else is a dead end, so at least making people mad on the internet makes you feel alive.
  2. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    Smells of bait. Anyway, I agree with the overall opinions of this post. Up until the Cinderlands, I honestly did like what Blade and Soul was doing and where it was going, but the moment you get to the Cinderlands Sandstone Refuge... well, it just goes to hell in a handbasket, and the plot goes on cruise control... for the worse. I DID want to help the villagers there, but the game doesn't even let you do that much. Especially since the easiest way to do it would be to kill Yonkai, but oh nooo, the plot can't let you do that. Even though you slaughtered his army with ease and Yonkai said this himself, there's no way you can do that, nope, not at all. The plot needs him alive, and so, for the plot to work, not for the sake of the player but for the sake of the shitty story bloodlust devs contrived, you're dragged along and forced to do bad things for bad people, not because you want to, but because the plot says so- because the plot wouldn't work if you didn't. (Hilarious how the game had no problem with you killing Blackrams but when it comes to Yonkai, suddenly, nooo way of hongmoon says don't do that) The moment I about stopped caring about the plot followed a point in the game where Yonkai kills half of the villagers you're working for him to 'protect' anyway because he thinks you're dragging ass on Mushin's legacy, where after you go to Soha and say "We need to kill Yonkai" and she immediately screams "nooo you can't that's not way of hongmoon nooo". ...are you serious? Am I seriously getting lectured on the wishes of my teacher by someone who probably knew him a total of a few months at least? By the person who murders people in the desert and steals their shit for a living every day? Am I seriously being told this isn't what Hong wanted, by someone who shouldn't know them as well as Cricket does? Yes, apparently. And the worst part is YOU LISTEN. Because the plot says so. The plot leaves Yonkai alive so Jinsoyun can unceremoniously kill him later, and you fall into extremely obvious traps that are obvious because the plot says so. After that I literally did not care. Like, by the time Mushin came up I was like, "Sure, fine, path of darkness let's go." Because I couldn't care less anymore, because the game wouldn't let you choose another road anyway. Also, part of BNS' problem is that you see characters... idk, once, and then they die. And then they expect you to feel bad. Which is why it's really hard to care about the Hongmoon School when you've known them for five minutes. Sure, it's fine motivation for Cricket I guess, but me personally... but then, Cricket has basically no personality either, so it's pretty much just down to you. And the game constantly bombarding you with "YOU WANT REVENGE" and I'm sitting here thinking "no I really don't." I want to stop Jinsoyun because she's an awful, terrible person, but revenge is not on my mind. I think the person I got the most remotely attached to was Hajoon, next to Dochun because Dochun is a pretty cool dude, but you actually see Hajoon quite a bit and get a feel for him. Then he dies.