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  1. You are takling about the graphics engine when you are talking about huge performance drop on open world areas with many people arund. Yes it may casue the grapchics engine too on the one side. But the other side it causes the server performance, the network interfaces, the bad newtork optimization to handle the open worl areas. I am talking about combat log during these events. Totally useless to run the combat log in the background on 30, 40, 50, 100 players. Nobody cares about it during on these events. A tons of other data besides the combat log is crossing through the server which casues more of these performance drops, than you set the graphics or do not. The grapchics engine optimization is just the one side of the coin it could solve a couple of things, but the huge lags, and drops do not. What I mentioned is the setting that I can switch other players particle effects completely off and even on my character! I want to see only the dangerous effects and areas on the ground. In a mass battle this is the only thing that you want to see. Unfortunately we cannot switch off all the effects in the advanced options.
  2. It is 1 minute for a quest, how can you kill Balrock 3 times when non of the bosses killed before? How can you kill Poharan and others? How can you kill 100 mobs in 1 minute? If you can do it, I will go with you all the time! :D I know you skip quests. Thank you. :) I understood. Oh and of course I meant you do it Alone!!!
  3. Huge FPS drop and crashes

    Try to refresh your VGA and LAN drivers. Or try to use an older one. Oh and one more thing, do not use WIFI connection for gaming. :) For example: Yesterday I updated my VGA driver to the latest AMD Crimson Edition 16.4.1 Hotfix which is a NonWHQL driver. I had a couple of crashes on my old 7970 which works pretty well anyway. Then I put back the previous Crimson Edition 16.3.2 driver which is a WHQL driver and it seems it works fine. So sometimes the older drivers work better.
  4. Well said. "much less stressful" I keep that in mind. :)
  5. The whole community is awful. For me it seems not just one side of the coin (NA or EU), both! Yesterday I was dead about 5 minutes from about 5 meters in a safe area from 3 other players in Beastbog last boss. It is a joke! It is not a social community. Everybody is just doing the own shit! Nothing and nobody cares. This mentality will kill the game not the bots. :(
  6. Exactly! :) 40 mins to finish 40 quests, with 24s and 6 mans. Great, great! :) It is a joke. :)
  7. There is no community in this game, just a few players who is rushing to the max. There are no allies, or friendly clans who can help together. There is nothing, only selfish interests. I want to be the best, the first! That is only matters. -Play the game. -What? -Are you mad? -I just want to gear up. These are the answers. Do some fun, enjoy the game, nobody wants to do. Players will be burn out very soon with this mentality. I bet with you, the half of the clans on both sides (EU/NA) will be decrease in this mindless rush after a couple of month. Here in EU it started, clans broken, get bored, tired, left.
  8. I tell you what clans do, they have couple of players who geared up to the max but they do not want to bother to help others.
  9. In a very good geared group not alone. :) Do not forget! But some players are just hanging around because they had enough of this childish end-game-gear chasing. One example! When I was in a 6 man with 420-480AP group they had no clue how the Crowd Control rotaion and what does it mean works at all. After that I was in the same dungeon with 340-400AP group whom know how to use the chain CCs and we took down the mobs much faster! This is the difference between those who know how to play faster in a lower gear. :) It is not magic, just a little brain. That is why I had enough of this bullshit! You can do every instance in the game in an avarage gear with prepared players and you do not need that high-end becasue I must dissapoint you becasue you can throw your gear with your maxed out Soulshild to a trash when the next content comes.
  10. Why so much hate?

    Solution: Ring damage far away from the boss, where ranged stands. You have to run close to the boss in this case. It is simple is that. The usual splashing damage starts from the boss in a circle, no problem, a boss put on a shield (iframe, bubble :) ) or retributive damage on itself, ranged cannot dps from the edge of the circle. Problem solved. :) And voila! Every melee can do as much dps as they wanted, or even better than ranged. :)
  11. What you love to play with it. :D
  12. What is iFrame..?

    IFrame WTF?! I thought it is some kind of fashion show. :D :D :D I am too old for this. In Conan language it calls Bubble or Shield. :) "Use your bubble!" or "Bubbled up!" Used to say. :)
  13. Summoners now get Dogs.

    OMG! :D :D :D Can I have both?! :D
  14. Tier list of pve classes?

    The *cricket* measuring is not exist in this game, because there is no parsing. And if there would be, you could be the king only on your class in pve. But it is pointless to swagger with your dps. If you want to die, you will. :)
  15. Tier list of pve classes?

    Ok then do it with 20K HP. :D :D :D Raise the bet, raise the fun. ;D