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  1. Is there any plan on fixing Shadow Gunners DPS, and giving them a buff? I was totally unaware that the DPS is sooo inferior to that of fire Gunners. I've seen so many fire Gunners with barely stage level 1-3 for accessories and aransu 3 weapons out DPS my shadow Gunner by 200-700k DPS. It feels wrong that I'm awakening stage 3 and aransu 9 weapon and not getting anywhere close to these fire Gunners with barely upgraded stats when mine should totally destroy that level. Makes me want to switch to fire now but I don't want to start over, too much money and time going into this toon. Thanks again, I hope you tell me shadow DPS will be fixed soon to compare with fire. Please forward this to devs PS. Someone once told me shadow is more agile and that's why compared to Gunner, but I've played both and shadow also gets locked in animations.
  2. 12 man asura raid question.

    Ok, as dps starting with frost asura my role is to get 3rd or 4th red orb depending how we play it. My question is, after the bosses switch I'm now supposed to get the opposite color correct? Soon, as the bosses switch and the healer has his buff, I go get my first blue orb since it's flame asura now and I die instantly. Why?
  3. Ok so i'm currently 12, so I'll be moving to hm16. My question is, I have a couple hm charms that are 1,000,000xp. After I move to hm16 will these still work after I move to hm16. I'm guess no, but I thought maybe they would scale those charms to hm16 also. Next, question lets say i'm hm12 and i'm half way leveled in xp points. Will those points transfer to my hm16 respectively? Or will all that hard working trying to get to hm13 be down the drain. Thanks
  4. I have no problem with 20f or outlaw island. I'm speaking of circle of sundering. It wouldnt be near as hard if it was so laggy there. I can't get my grapple hooks to throw and ss i end up just walking back most time. Granted this whole game is super ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lag fest, but it's worst for me here. I can't get past it because when you need to iframe or avoid danger it never works right. I shouldn't have picked gunner im guessing. I just can't believe these people will not speed up there servers, while they indulge in our money.
  5. Ok, so let me get this straight, you all are giving hm rev. dragonblood to clear outlaw island and level 20 of mushins tower, but not giving these for circle of sundering. How is that fair. So, everyone who cleared these first 2 on their own and got fair titles of passing now gets a 10 chance to clear and get achievement title? Thats some bull ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, I know people with a6 gear and still can't clear 20f. If you are going to give titles and free chances give it to the ones who struggles with circle of sundering. I dont even need the achievements i just want the jade token. If you are going to give easy lifts to outlaw and 20f don't let people get the achievement for easy access. I can't even get past circle of sundering because ss and iframes doesn't work in this area. Its like a 2 sec delay. This game is so cheesy everyone pay high dollar especially kiddie whales and you can't even get better servers? one should be in east coast one where it's at fine, but only having one server is so stupid for others. People will come back and say oh they have 2 servers, no they have links to the main server in tx. Fixxxxxxxxxx this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ already. btw, to all the a$$ kissers don't respond to defend bns or call me out , we all know it's true.
  6. Gunner f2 still bugged

    TO whom it may concern with BNS, You said hang in there? Do you realize how many dungeons i've been booted out of, how much gold and items i've lost out on, just because of this bug. You want us to hang in there. Oh no, you are going to compensate ever gunner that has legendary soul shields attached, thats what you are going to do. You are going to give us exactly what time and items we have lost nor gained. Thats what you will do.
  7. SSP King Grindtooth died too quickly

    Ssp has to be one of the worst thought up ideas yet. Im starting to think ncsoft has kid programmers with no brain/ reasoning. Melee has no chance and is the only one out their getting slayed for a chance to even get loot, add the fact of level 3 ping problems with super bad ping loss, what does that = its a clunkity clunk clunk melee dying and wasting time. It wouldnt be near as bad if they fixed the shitty ping, especially for south east ppl. Also, make the freaking grind tooth have more hp, the little shit is dead in two sec, adding again server shit lag and melee chasing that stupid tooth all over the f`Ning map to just hit it a couple of times is a complete waste of time. Oh one more thing, if by the grace of god a box does drop, take off the bull shit rng. If we are wasting 30 + min for a complete wasted joke by god dont give me a pos belt or braclet and some *cricket* a mee mee thigh meat. If I want a steak ill go to food city. A big dippity doo dah fu to u and ur pos p2w game.
  8. Melee Future

    Ive said this from day one through support. I couldnt have said it any better. Im kfm and with the shitty lag im just praying i can could evade in time, not to mention trying to start my dps up again to get hit points. While range just sits and fires we are wasting time evading if possible by the time the damn hog dies we are clunky jerk herk pause freeze dead or knocked back trying to get a drop. Not to mention the unbalance of factions now as well having all 4 channels dominated then dealing with super ranged crit defense crimson while trying to evade terror or jumping out of the path of hog instead of just killing it, has too the enjoyment out.. I moved on to icarus so enjoy shit ncsoft. Im sure they will lose everyone soon enough.. they never listened to the ones that make them the money, never listen to the ones that matters.
  9. With crimson already dominating ssp before the merge, we could still manage to get one in on a channel. Being on junghado i was excited the cerulean could now be even. Nope its dominated by all crimson all channels 24-7 cers no longer mine, no longer can get moonstones.. ncsoft sucks, I thought they would finally even it up.. so 3 choices go crimson and lose my clan and faction rank, do nothing and make nothing or 3 quit. Im now quitting since ncsoft cant even the grounds. Peace to all.
  10. unless Im blind all I can make out of the unsealing charm is x10 which is you get 10 in that bundle. I still dont see where it says 100, I didnt need flame or hate mail. If it said on that pasted picsture total 100, not some what ever coded bundle crap it would be easier.
  11. not everyone reads patch notes.. they need to have it item descriptions when u go into the store... And politely was over statement.. I ruined it by that note :(
  12. I have 5 pouches and no seal from event.. I was tossing them thinking they was free 10 each day.. No where did I ever seeeeeeeeeeeeee them say you had a limit to that stupid bull (*%^(*^%.. Give us the damn seals for the pouch until event ends you cheap &^%*&^%.
  13. Merchant of Wonders +5 AP Peridot Gem?

    Well still no ap gem from merchant of shit. Im going to play riders of icarus. If I dont get a gem from the merchant im officially done, calling my bank and getting my 40 bucks back. Ciao
  14. Merchant of wonders

    Merchant of wonders is crap. I traded all my venture tokens got 20 resets saw him 3 times and got 1 soul stone, 1 moon stone and a shitty outfit... i see people who has gotten 4 gems wtf.. i have trouble even seeing the guy trying to farm each dung. 10 times a day. Ncsoft sucks. Playing more doom now until they stop ninja nerfing this shit... a waste of time to waste ur hours playing a game made for pay players. #@#%# u ncsoft and your %%#@ merchant of %#@?#!
  15. Merchant of Wonders +5 AP Peridot Gem?

    Same here ive done 130 runs on cs alone.. sold gold, bought and used v tokens to get resets and not a damn gem yet. I will never ever spend another time on this cheese cake nerfed game. The mods need to get their vacation taking butts on here and confirm ir disagree about it being nerfed or not.. this game is a bs trap and I only pity myself dumb enough to buy into it.