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  1. BNS Fashion boycott

    First of all you are either bunch of trolls or maybe affiliated with dulfy for damage control? Dont know how you all came about this information but the fact remains that rmt adds are on the site and dulfy is profiting from them or rather profiting from all the work the community put to fill up the site. Sad that it is dulfy didnt know used them alot for star wars mmo will not from now on, the fact that it is them and that they have a number of sites for different mmos trust me they are making a preety good living even without donations. Should come as no surprise the rmt industry has approached a site that probably gets a huge number of hits. I have seen first hand how the rmt come into games that are not their intellectual property will not get any financial support from them and is taking business away to 3rd world countries and not the game and the United States were the money should stay. Players do not even know where this money goes or who it supports (maybe some smart terrorist organization?) Food for thought. I do not buy or endorse the rmt in any way and feel very strongly against it have ruined many gamers time and enjoyment. On a side note a guild in world of warcraft got a large number of the server population to log on specific days to gold farming websites(since u guys keep mentioning them so much) and hit the customer care button and keep asking them why they are being spammed. Preety good tactic locked up the site for quite a bit. Let me know if there are interested players and want to coordinate a spamming fest of our own. Love and Power to the community, fight for your gaming rights Pippin
  2. BNS Fashion boycott

    BNS fashion is advertising gold farmers the same ppl that farm all your nodes and the rare ones and spam you all day. I think as a show of force against companies that ruin the game you guys should not use this site anymore.