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  1. Implying they were implants in the first place. Also, I'm pretty sure cho was a dirty old man deep down.
  2. Good lord, I am so screwed. I tried closing the window 3 times because I thought my connection went down. WTF.
  3. Yeah, aside fro the Deva fists, most of the fist weapons here don't even look like weapons. The same could be said with any of the blade weapons and some of the destroyer's axes.
  4. Actually the main quest dubs are decent and some of the dragon traders, what's bad are the rest of the NPCS. Most notorious are the human enemies. I always cackle in faction warzones and you keep hearing them say "DE-FEENNNDEDD!" "BLOCKED!" "GET READY!" over and over again.
  5. Speaking of which, what I love most is that the KR, CN and JP voices provide some little bonuses that were cut from the ENG dub. For example on one of your first quests upon entering Gloomdross Forest you're tasked with pulling out some mushrooms. In the JP dub, pulling out a mushroom will cause the nearby mushroom monster to attack you will screaming YAMETE KUDASAI, and something along the lines of "You're killing my friends!" What's worse is that it sounds like a little child instead of what you'd expect from a mushroom thing.
  6. I just love how my character smiles. Say what you will about the game, but Hyung-Tae Kim's character designs are godly.
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