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  1. Implying they were implants in the first place. Also, I'm pretty sure cho was a dirty old man deep down.
  2. Good lord, I am so screwed. I tried closing the window 3 times because I thought my connection went down. WTF.
  3. Yeah, aside fro the Deva fists, most of the fist weapons here don't even look like weapons. The same could be said with any of the blade weapons and some of the destroyer's axes.
  4. SON, I WILL SLAP YOU. BnS is a lot of things, but it is neither of any of those you mentioned. Like the combat all you want, but it is nothing but a glorified tab targeting game with quick-time events for skills. It doesn't even have true real time action because the game engine is older than any of those games. BnS just looks fresh because of the amount of delays it had. Continent of the 9th has more in common with DmC's crazy hack and slash action than BnS. If you want real combat, there's PSO2, Monster Hunter Online and Dragon's Dogma Online, which are sadly, IP locked to Japan only.
  5. True. When I tried GE Europe I had to immediately uninstall it just at the tutorial zone, I never realized the gameplay was THAT dated. I refused to play any longer and am content to bury it in fond nostalgia. Also yeah, the character classes really reflect on GE's themes, especially the emphasis on Renaissance-era classes the Landsknecht. As for BnS, it will linger for quite a while, probably only for the unique art style (I dare you to pick another game with superior jiggle physics! Skyforge ups the ante by adding butt jiggle, but the floaty combat made me vomit).
  6. >Talking shit about Granado Espada Say what you will about that game, but when it released back in 2007, it was beautiful. Still has the best sound track and plot (if only we didn't get those shitty translations) in a Korean MMO. The gameplay was also very fast paced for an MMO at the time, too bad it meant the grind was 100x worse because it was proportional to the mob spawn rate.
  7. Oh, only that it's the successor to the grand daddy of all Korean MMOs, Ragnarok Online. It's especially made for people who played MMOs back in the early 2000s.
  8. You're better off buying The Division + another $60 game. NEVER spend money on Korean games man. They're worse than mobile click fests. Sooner than you know it, you're already spent 5 grand in year. Never again.
  9. Actually the main quest dubs are decent and some of the dragon traders, what's bad are the rest of the NPCS. Most notorious are the human enemies. I always cackle in faction warzones and you keep hearing them say "DE-FEENNNDEDD!" "BLOCKED!" "GET READY!" over and over again.
  10. Speaking of which, what I love most is that the KR, CN and JP voices provide some little bonuses that were cut from the ENG dub. For example on one of your first quests upon entering Gloomdross Forest you're tasked with pulling out some mushrooms. In the JP dub, pulling out a mushroom will cause the nearby mushroom monster to attack you will screaming YAMETE KUDASAI, and something along the lines of "You're killing my friends!" What's worse is that it sounds like a little child instead of what you'd expect from a mushroom thing.
  11. I just love how my character smiles. Say what you will about the game, but Hyung-Tae Kim's character designs are godly.
  12. I actually remember in the beta back in 2011 that the KFM's grapple actually lasted WAY longer in that you can pretty much spam pummel or head butt your enemy to death. It was pretty OP so that's probably why it lasts only 4 seconds now.
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