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  1. Remember back in old games like RAN, MU, Ragnarok, and so on, where getting dc'd simply throws you back to the log in screen and not having to *cricket*ing boot up the client again which eats up a lot of unnecessary load from your GPU? Account security my ass.
  2. I'm more annoyed by the really outdated market UI, but as long as I get a steady amount of gold there, I have more or less come into terms with it. I'm not sure about the Korean server, but BnS in general is really using mechanics that may have been ground breaking or next gen back in 2009 or even 2010, but as a 2016 game, it's simply inexcusable. At least it's not as backwards as Tree of Savior though. That game has no excuse to be using 2006 logic when it comes to implementing basic functions in an MMO, and by that I refer to forcing a player to spend a premium resour
  3. Which is why you put extra effort into this thing called "marketing". You know, like how Americans like to take credit for the internet, when in fact it was the British who first started it? For example, the concept of the katana was actually predated by China by over a thousand years, during the war of the three kingdoms, where a long horse-slaying saber was used in battle. This would be the ancient forefather of the Japanese tachi, the proto-katana. The katana is more known to the outside world since the Japanese showcase it in their culture more often than the Chine
  4. The concept of weapon boxes is a flawed one in the first place. It made quite some sense back in 2012 when there were like only 4 classes, but with the addition of another class recently, the RNG is going even wilder than before (I remember back then being confused as hell as to why I keep getting razors on my KFM and asking what class even uses them, and this is before I realized it was Warlock month). This isn't like Diablo 3 where the loot table will always be biased towards your class. Heck, they can't even bother to fix the market UI since there is still no category for razor
  5. We are in a dire need of a spear class though. Spears are like one of the essential weapons of wushu and there are already enemies who use martial arts involving spears so why not a class using it? It could be a melee class that excels in mid-range combat, can pierce defense, and is very mobile, being able to chase down or close the gap between ranged foes. Like blade master, it can shift between two stances, one of which is a thrusting technique that focuses on a single enemy for rapid, precision attacks, and the other is one where the user whirls his spear about like a baton, creating an imp
  6. That's because this game was heavily marketed for pvp and the combat mechanics reflect that. The sooner you imagine the combat for BnS to be akin to a fighting gama ala street fighter where priotize counters, invisiframes, and managing your moves, the sooner it makes sense as an action game. Of course this concept does not translate well into PvE hence it feels monotonous. A better action MMO in that regard is Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter Online, with PSO2 coming in second.
  7. The thing is Hyung-tae kim is more known for his erm...special attention to detail with regards to the female form. Google the PS2 game Magna Carta, It's actually what he does best.
  8. There's going to be a server merge? Because finally. There is honestly WAY too many servers at EU at the moment and I seriously doubt those are even populated that well.
  9. I "quit" back in March because Dark Souls 3 happened. Came back because I finally got my debit card and thus purchased those delicious premium items + membership. Too bad I returned to an empty and dead game with an even deader server. What happened to the "2 million players WOOHOO!" back in February? Oh well, at least the game delivers when it comes to T & A, if you catch my drift. *wink wink*
  10. ^ The level 42 survey? I'm still lv40 so there's still ways to go. So I guess back to progressing the story.
  11. Faction chat at this time is unfortunately silent and I'm not sure what time people on Highland Gate go online. What's sure however, is that the server is significantly less active than it was months ago. Heck, the party search function is pretty much useless at this point. What I would like at least, is for some quests and dungeons to be reasonably soloable without the whopping AP requirements. It's a good thing however, that dungeon matchmaking lobby is alive and well at least so there's no shortage of people there.
  12. ^ I already shiver about reaching lv50. And it's not even that BnS is a grindy game. It's knowing that by the time I reach there, the only handful of players left would have already moved on to the latest endgame content.
  13. I know most of have heard this complaint for the 100th time already, but yes I'm stuck with Hujikar, but I'm sure this also applies to field bosses that have the unfortunate predicament being located in very remote areas that barely any players go there to farm. In my case, I have just returned to the game since March and have been enjoying myself so far, especially now that I have bought myself the membership pack. However, I soon found myself in need of an upgrade as my warlock can no longer seem to kill mobs as quickly as she used to do. I needed to upgrade my awaka
  14. Where do you get the prem trans stones by the way? Can you buy them at the store? Because tbh, I'd rather buy my way to upgrade my gear at this point. No different from other MMOs of the past like Dragon's Nest, Cabal, and Granado Espada where you HAD to shell out cash just to get ensure successful upgrades (and that's not mentioning how ridiculous it is to get your gear in the first place).
  15. Ah, if only it was that easy. I myself had the misfortune of joining a dead server where the server chat basically goes silent for hours save for faction chat where the occassional newbie asks a question to no avail. I already spent a handful of Ncoin there and I really don't feel like going through a new character just to join one of the more populated servers since I'm pretty sure it'll pretty much end up the same either way, what with most peeps already in their 50s, leaving the rest of the lower level areas barren of players. By the way, what's the suggested AP and soulshield
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