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  1. good, so its not just me. went to check if someone hijacked my account when i saw logged in from another location, couldnt find anything that pointed that happened thankfully. so server is down, mhaw guess game got tired of us xD
  2. hehe, you didn't see those speeding crimson bots passing by with soldiers this month ? tho i will admit, they aint as frequent as they used to be anymore. and i agree on the 99.999% part, when it concerns SSP, there are a few crimsons left, but they mainly are spotted in misty woods.
  3. bad luck happens, sometimes you see it in almost every dungeon you do it, other times its nowhere to be found. for me personally heaven is most frequent spawn of merchant, have yet to come accross one in necro, tho i admit, if i do the dungeon its once a day at most.
  4. doesn;t the lv up bonus letters give a brilliant viridian key at some point ?
  5. As long as they dont add an option where the rest of the party can vote a single player out, i dont see any issues with a DPS meter. Sure some will whine about some people not doing optimal damage and shit like that, but the great thing of F8 is, that you barely ever see the same pricks twice. Most of the players i end up with doing a dungeon in cross server are friendly or silent all throughout the dungeon, just on a rare occasion i end having 1 or 2 kids in the party that complain or argue about things. And going for all FM knowing what they need for optimal DPS, i see
  6. down on greenhollow (eu) its cerelean that mines, barely ever see a crimson on SSP, usually a few bots speed racing past the mining area's to pick up soldiers. so unlike what the person said above me, its not only crimsons on EU servers that is the dominating faction. well maybe crimsons dominate misty woods now a days, but then again, haven't been there in ages xD
  7. As FM you dont have to make boss run all arround, moment he pulls you tab to get ridd of the negative status and ice tab right after, then its just a waiting game for someone else to take aggro. remove the ice tab moment you lose aggro and fall back (or spec ice tab to fall back 15m after removing ice tab). normally speaking you wont take aggro again from that terror as FM.
  8. damn 7 requests o.0 i always got 4 of them i just ignore, tho declined them yesterday, not sure if they were back or not. got used to not paying attention to that icon anymore.
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