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  1. HEY NCwest can u please re-release the Butterfly Clip Hair & Metamorphosis cosmetics into F10/box again? Thanks
  2. GM Venus Yesterday at 18:41 Hello, As of now, the only way to get the Weapon Chests is through dungeons and there are currently no plans to redesign the Boss loot mechanics and giving additional buff for the class Soul Fighter. I am more than willing to escalate your feedback to our dev department but the most effective and easiest way for your voice to heard is through our forums. Which I've linked for you below: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/en/? The developers are reading that forum thread constantly. If you can, please go there and submit any feedback that you have.
  3. HIHI all just a quick question does anyone know how many pet stones are needed to get to legendary pet/aura? thanks for reading
  4. good suggestion!!! but GM said they cant do rebalancing but to advice me to post on forum since development team does read the forum and also they will put in the suggestion to development team as well and hopefully NA will communicate with KR to make some changes to all SF and DES out there.
  5. i said NC, not NC west or east or north or south. its "NC" as in BNS in general. also GM told me to post on forum instead of sending them a ticket. if u dont believe me ill copy and paste my ticket
  6. SERIOUSLY, NC has to buff SF and DES soon cuz i am sick and tired of getting booted from pty cuz i play a class that does not offer anything but dmg in NF dungeon. next thing u know SF and DES will get booted from raids. heres an example, i joined a "700+ i drive" NF pty the other day, as i went in the room it was instantly filled up, but in a SPLIT SEC i was booted even though i have 780+ ap, i didnt even have enough time to see anything. do u have any idea how that felt? and dont u say "u can just start ur own pty or join another pty". SERIOUSLY buff SF and DES, give
  7. video credit goes to "Blade and Soul Mod" hihi all, i wanted to know if there is any way we can get this Poharan Pony Tail a reality? as in releasing it as an actual hairstyle and not a mod and sell it in F10? this hairstyle is THE pony tail dream!!! anyways ill leave this here. hopefully NCwest will communicate this to KR or development team to make it a reality for us NA/EU players ^^ ciao
  8. ok in Desolate Tomb the most important thing is communication, especially when running with strangers. however tonight's run is utterly horrible at best, why? ill explain i was in a pty of all 700+ HM 11. i myself is 693 HM 9 SF my pt is made up of 1BM, 1BD, 2SUM. 1FM, everyone has Baleful and very very high AP (701-785). it is very simple when u have BD and SUM in pty cuz BD can grab boss and SUM can have cat sit on boss. however through out the run, BD didnt grab and SUM didnt sit and BM juggled the boss without letting other ppl know, next thing you know ppl start dying left and r
  9. way to OP? Warlock sucks at PVP. and the Warlocks that are good at PVP are so little in numbers compare to other classes. hence we need the 50% CD time to shine in PVP and even more in PVE. all im asking is dont ninja fix and remove anything when u have added it to the patch notes. thats really disrespectful in a way.... sniff sniff
  10. i cannot believe it that OMG KR removed the 1/2 CD time on SB on the latest balance patch notes on 072316 source: http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-kr-vortex-temple-ebondrake-pantheon/ that was the only change i was really excited about warlock rebalance, the ability to cast more SB in a single run every 1min and 30 secs and KR just went ahead and remove that skill change... really a HUGE disappointment
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