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  1. Kundendienst?

    Heyho, bin Ratlos habe ebenfalls Ticket & Mail geschrieben bekam Lediglich die Copy & Paste Antwort "Third Party Programs" , obwohl ich soetwas nicht nutze, Weder Macros, VPN /WTFast oder sowas. Bin bisschen am Verzweifeln da viele Gebannt worden sind und ich nur wenig gelesen habe das welche sie Zurück bekommen haben ohne erneut gebannt zu werden. Wollt mal Fragen ob irg.jmd Neuigkeiten diesbezüglich hat ?
  2. Banned for third party programs

    Well but whats with the Dude who gets Unlocked, Banned 2 Hours, Later, unlocked, Banned next Day and this 10 times ? Everyday he got banned And now he won't get any Answer anymore from the Support
  3. Banned for third party programs

    Same here, i just got banned and i don't know really why, And this Dude here This makes me Sad, the Support isn't really Answering and won't help you at all..
  4. Banned for third party programs

    Well, now i'm not the Only one here, The German forums s*cks, no one Answers anyway and the GMs/CMs deleting this threads. Good Job guys. Got the Same, first "suspicious activities" now Thrid Party Programs, Well i didn't used anything like that, sometimes i need to close my Skype cause it gets detect as a Third Party program from other games too, thats s*cks.
  5. 1. Mad Catz R.A.T 3 / Old Keyboard from Microsoft KB-0108 2. Sometimes 3. just one time to Level from 26-31 4. Germany 5. Ip Change after restart My Computer, location same 6. Maked 100g off all i sold 7. Yes Don't know why i got banned told me First " Suspicious activities" and know via Email that i had used Third Party Programs ? And Skype is always detecting in many games of a Third Party Program, don't know why, its just for communicating.