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  1. Purple Quest Stuck~ Halp Please!

    I was doing way of the warlock quest the 4th one if im not mistaken.. Where you were suppose to trap the ploggies and then cast 3 and 4. I thought the room was bugged so i left the training room ._. now im stuck.. I cant abandon the quest and i cant even track the quest. No npc is showing in the map either. Can someone help me? Or can the GM help reset this quest for me? My Warlock's IGN is Maura Moonraven. I am on Iksanun~ Thanks!
  2. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    Ahh sooo it's still not done yet.. Guys wait for it LOL~ I am waiting on mine as well. Thanks :3
  3. Get friends to do brightstone with you. We had a friend who created a new character and needed the breakthrough weapon from there. We kept going until he found his sword lol. No sword for a long grind! (Maybe 15x of runs) but we managed to get the recipe for each and everyone of us.. which is 5 people. So take your time to get it :)
  4. Warlock vs 7F

    I found this video very helpful in terms of helping me through mushin tower..
  5. Mob Resetting

    Wow i really thought it was just me.. Din't know other warlocks face the same thing. I use to get this a lot for field mobs. Especially those yeti lookalikes at the gabiyung map. I chain and then constantly hitting them and suddenly they are no longer agro and life goes back to full.. like seriously wtf? So is it a bug or am i too far away from it. From what i can tell, i have gone further with other mobs and its fineeee.
  6. Purple Quest Stuck~ Halp Please!

    After submitting a ticket, the GM told me to just go back to the cave and the gate of the purple quest together with the npc will be there. I was there and it worked flawlessly. managed to finish the purple quest. Seriously.... its a lot of peoples mistake when you play warlock for the first time.. If they mentioned about the ticks... THEN IT WOULD BE LEARNING :D
  7. Giant Enemy Crabs - speargun issue

    I confirm the speargun quest is bugged.. Happened to me as well, i ended up using my warlock skills to finish the quest.
  8. Purple Quest Stuck~ Halp Please!

    Yes but the problem now is i cannot move on with the quest. It is stuck. I can no longer see the purple color arrow in the map. Help pleaseeeee~