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  1. Premium + Boni nicht für Ncoins?

    das mit der subscription ist nichtmals das problem sollen die doch direkt LSV machen und nicht über paypal. ich denke auch mal das ich nicht der einzige bin der jetzt probleme hat PA zu bekommen. Und das mit geldgeilheit ist einfach so, ich habe 10 jahre lineage2 gespielt was auch von ncsoft ist und wenn man anderthalb wochen braucht um einen gehackten acc wieder zu bekommen aber anderer seits es sofort was passiert wenn im shop was nicht richtig ist. und nach 10 jahren ncsoft ist man irgendwan einfach nur generft. PS: Konto istallerdings schon gelingt
  2. Premium + Boni nicht für Ncoins?

    wenn ich mit pp zahlen will bekomm ich immer die meldung bankkonto oder cc hinzu fügen. ich habe bereits mein bankkonto gelinkt und kann nciht bezahlen
  3. Premium + Boni nicht für Ncoins?

    Es kann doch einfach nicht angehen was NcSoft da immer ab zieht. Nehmen die 30 tage PA aus dem ig shop raus. hmm ok dann hole ich mir halt subscription aber nein das geht ja auch nicht , weil man gezwungen ist eine cc zu haben. Selbst bei der zahlung mit paypal muss ich eine cc zu meinem acc hinzu fügen. jetzt bleibt mir nur die möglichkeit 90tage PA zu kaufen und 35€ zu bezahlen und nein danke bin mir nichtmals sicher ob ich überhaupt so lange zocken werde. naja was soll man auc anderes erwarten von so geldgeilen säcken wie NcSoft.

    if u guys think that NcSoft will ever do something about bots than good luck dreaming. i played NcSoft Games since over 10 years and they never did anything about bots. They use the same Anti Cheat wich doesnt even work since over 10 years. Lineage 2: Best pvp game ever Destroyed by bots Aion: Cant say much about it stopped with lvl 2x but friends told me bots everywhere WildStar:Destroyed by bots. Botters were teleporting from gather spot to nxt gather spot so economi *cricket*ed up. BnS: ya we all see whats going on. Its not just Arena cancer its also open world. The bot has an Radar so the guys can see u everywhereon the map if they are just close enought to u. Had same shit in Lineage 2. So all in all if u play a NcSoft Game u simply know the bot invasion gonna desstroy the game because NcSoft is a greedy company and doesnt give a shit whats going on on there servers
  5. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    well as i said in my first post with tracing IP, there u could see i have also low ping but just up to frankfurt and after this its blocked. so in my opinion they run a private network have some proxis which are givin this ip but than actually going somewhere else. as u could also see that the IPs they have for all servers are tracked to texas. so basically u login for example now into proxi in frankfurt which are given this IP we get but since its a private network no one knows whats behind the proxis. But than again when i traced the IP it tryed to ping a IP in London(got blocked) wich doesnt makes any sence to me if the server would be rly located in Frankfurt. Also i played sometimes with ~15 ping wich was rly AWESOME but that was rarely, most of the times its 150+ and even with WTFast running i have shit connection.
  6. here one of the vids i recorded vs a bot destro havent played well this match also but still u can clearly see whats going on. Tourning around whie being cced or getting insta out of cc like nothing happened. Should have done my combo until web after i rushed to them and i would have won but ya i *cricket*ing thsi up this round oh forgot i can add this also maybe it will help ppl to belive that many hackers are there
  7. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    i dont care what the shit resouce manager says lol i used WireShark which Tracks every internet action which is done and as soon as i entered the arena the port/ip changed Here picture taken in normal gameserver and now lets track again after i enter the arena this should prove that iam right and u are wrong
  8. i will throw in my pov here also . In my opinion Summoners are atm one of the easyest class to pvp with. I play a sin and i win mostly vs scummones but its just cuz i win by dmg. PvE them and run and heal yourselfe as much as u can. but since its kinda a 2v1 many classes has the disadvatage. me as sin starts a combo i get cced during a air combo(Hope iam actually right here, atleast u can never finish the combo vs scumoners. Also a friend of me started also as a sin like me and we had rly hard times in arena vs most of the classes( cuz we ere new and never played the game before) he never reached gold cuz he kinda stopped palying sin. than he started to play scumoner and witjh lvl 23 he entered arena he told me its so much easyer with scumoner than with sin. This was before the bot invasion started inside arena. on the otehr side there is of also counter to scumoners, a good destro should shit on any scumoner cuz of his spin and doing dmg to both at the same time while they have much lower hp than the destro. Now about the coments with high elo ppl otehr classes on the same lvl. OK maybe they do it i dont give a shit simply cuz iam not talkingh about the 5% of players which play the game on rly high lvl. Iam talking about the average ppl and for this kind of ppl it is one of the easyest class to pvp with. Lets say a guy who plays 1800 as scumoner and is proud about it(while 1800 is not rly that high) and than starts playing a sin for example wont reach the same elo as with the scumoner in most of the cases. also dont forget the 150+ ping on arena servers where ppl with classes whch are forced to have a low ping or they cant to the combos properly. lets take my examplet again as a sin. i have high ping in arena (not always sometimes i play with 15 ping and thats *cricket*ing AWESOME) and paly vs destro. my keys to win are knockdowns and TAB swap. but than it comes i swap position and suddenly iam 2 close to him cant rush or i manage to rush and the delay was so big thn the destro actually started again spinning before i can cc him. OK now back to topic i wanted to smash so many times my keyboard cuz of scumoners. they send the cat thru the whole map and chill on the otehr side.( sometimes they *cricket* themselfe up with this cuz of scumoner marked with my dagger. but also we dont have the lvl 50 patch where classes should be more balanced like they are now( atleast i have heared this so dunno if its true) and u guy should not forget the ammount of cheats in this game right now. iam pretty sure there are a lot of scripters also wich makes it even harder for normal playersbut at the otehr hand otehr classes have scripters also.
  9. no hes right we got the version where locks are nerfed if we would have the original version of the update locks would be stronger
  10. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    OK than pls explain this : this was recorded during an arena match. As u can see there are always 2 IPs 192.xxx. is my and the otehr one is from the server. if i track the server IP it shows me Ok than i thought lets trace the IP since u cant ping the IP what hapened i can trace the IP up to Fankfurt ( where the server should be located) but than i get this means i can trace the IP route up to Frankfurt but after Frankfurt the path which the ip takes it hidden ( cant be traced) but if i track the ip which couldnt be traced its located in London. Everything together tells me that in Frankfurt there is probably a prox server or whatever and the real server location is hidden. but since every IP i foundwas located in the US iam guessing that NC soft is just shitting us with server locations i can be wrong also but if NCSoft didnt had to hide anything why they just dont tell us whats the problem? its always the same answere contact your Provider cuz ISP rout sucks. they gave us the same answere when i played lineage2 where the servers were also located in texas
  11. Everyone who has arena lag in EU

    i dont know why u guys still stink it has soemthing to do with your connection ISP or whatever. Te cross server is simply located in NA and ofc ppl from EU get packet heavy loss to NA i played many years Lineage 2 where servers were also located in NA and i HAD to use WTFast to be able to play this game w/o min 0.5 secs delay on any action i did just dont listen to what NCSoft says they are usually wrong
  12. So why the *cricket* do we have to play on an american arena server? the game is so much based on ping and we are forced to play as EU players to play on NA server Game server located in germany or close to it and arena in NA i even tryed to fix this problem with wtfast useing texas guess what happened? i cant even co0nnect to the server getting disconnected in login screen i paly an assasin and cant do my combos propperly cuz of the delays laggs and whatever for me playing w/o WTFast is kinda impossible even on the non arena server i have sometimes laggs and more..... Arena full of bots - full of hacker,scripters,cheaters - arena server located in US almoste all of my friends quitted already and in less than a month this game will be dead if u dont start actually doing something ATLEAST about one of this things. but i guess we can w8 for years for it since its NCSOFT where u dont get an answereon a ticked but when it comes to store shit suddenly u get help.
  13. Fix the *cricket*ing lag

    as i heared its becuz the cross server real is not located in EU its in NA thats why we have such a high ping on cross realm server. i tryed to use WTFast and use a server in texas but than i cant even connect to the server
  14. arena servers are not in EU? if not that makes than sence why i notice sometime horrible lags/delays in arena. But GL with the 3rd pt part they didnt managed it in 10 years with l2 adn BnS has same anticheat Gameguard which doesnt even work
  15. its getting bad

    first of all i dont cry about fighting op classes or whatever i just stating facts. i dont say everyone is scripting but there are alot iam not high rating i was today 1400 when i started fought like 3h in a row just destroyers who was 100% a bot if iam right there wasnt a single non destro bot in this rating now iam like 1700+- well about the scriptors there are 100% a lot of them here are some examples: vs assasin: i used Shadowless Step checked before if the enemy used decoy while useing the skill he didnt. while i jumped on him he stunned me while doing the skill( tbh i dont know if this is possible as assasin since u need to 100% predict when i use the skill also he needs to be in hide to stun me). vs Force Master: iam in hide and i use my Throwing Dagger than so many times the force masters froze themselfe at the same time i pressed my button. it would be ok if it happened once or twice than i could say its luck but if he does it more than once in a game its pretty much scripts for def skills. But that wasnt all whenever he didnt had the freeze rdy when i used my Throwing Dagger the Enemy FM used the freeze at the same time again when i pressed my button to release the skill. i mean thats not possible to predict 100%. if iam on the other side of the arena and marked him with my skill would anyone of u guy know when the time is to press the button to not get dazzed? i gues not and this also didnt happened just once. or i use poison bomb and again at the same moment i press my button enemy ss to dodge the skill. Now i popably will get flamed by ppl: u suck its possible. ofc its possible to do something like that but there is also something like reaction time and if the enemy presses buttons at the same time i does than iam wondering where is the reaction time. maybe u just dont notice it with the scripts but if u know how it looks u will see rly fast if someone useing something or not. my skil build is file changeing skills depends on matchup i know how to play my class just not perfect with the 99% it was until mid gold cuz i basically just fought destro bots late gold was way less but there i noticed the scripts ps: i dont say iam good or anything i just like to play my assasin and like to pvp but if i see something like that AGAIN iam getting frustraded. I played like 10 years Lineage 2 moved like 2 years ago from ncsoft to the EU server cuz of bots. if u played the game u would understand me . the servers had like 500 ppl online where maybe 100 was real players and the rest was just bots. i had one guy in my pt who logged 100 game clients by himselfe to farm an instance cuz u need 98 ppl for it to enter. also the pvp was just scripts vs scripts, no one did anyting himselfe anymore. I dont want BnS to become the same shit like L2. ps2: ncsoft should think about otehr anti cheat than GG its not even working, and whats a anti cheat program which u can just diable by changing some client files lol...... But what i would like as soem TIP is how to dodge as sin the rush from bd/bm or the jump from kfm. i tryed with 1 and with q but didnt worked while i can q the jump from destro