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  1. Class change coupon

    if they cant put in class change coupon, the next best might be to allow shared storage between alt? so don't have to grind to much when playing alts. :D
  2. Maybe on the next class changes, give Destroyers more damage on more skills. Make us more like the Tower of Infinity's Destroyers. There's already so much topic on how Destroyers are underpowered in PVE and PVP but let's make one topic on how to fix them. ^ u ^ Feel free on giving developers some insight on how to improved Destroyers.

    Sometime I get 22pp from boars and no chest. Sometime I get 6pp from boars and get chest. I don't know anymore. I'm just a destroyer with 600ap. Is it just me or is boars bugged? I think boars should have more HP because they die so fast and most people just snipe boars. P.S: I'M A DESTROYER (600AP)
  4. Step 1 Buff up melee class damage (Attack Power) against Bosses and Elite Mobs. Melee class cannot run and gun like range therefore they lose dps trying to avoid AOEs. Step 2 Bigger HP, defense or damage reduction for melees to survive against AOE that's way too fast for anybody to react to. Step 3 No need to do anything to range class. They're fine as they are. Just follow the step above and make everyone happy. Good day.