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  1. +1 to the windows 10 solved my problems bucket. Upgraded, got 30FPS back and the stutters are gone. Something is still dropping FPS by a small amount on a fairly regular cadence - but the actual freeze seems to be resolved.
  2. I stepped through all of that with them too. As long as it gets us visibility to the actual devs I think it was worth the hassle, but holy shit is this annoying. I'm in the same boat with around 6 months of premium kicking around and it's pretty frustrating.
  3. I had no intention of even trying BDO. I bought it yesterday.
  4. Better then nothing I suppose: https://db.tt/Sp7rMbAc It's still a copy pasted response after spending all day yesterday messing around with my machine - but I'll take it over complete radio silence. (This thread is the one they're actively following, supposedly). On the bright side, I ripped open my case and threw in a new CPU cooler after noticing it was running a little warm while troubleshooting.
  5. Still having this issue. Doesn't seem to matter what graphic settings I get. FPS meter drops by 20 and the entire process seems to have a stutter. Oddly enough, it seems to consistently happen when chests drop / when the banner for loot pops on screen.
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