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  1. Banned for third party programs

    I don't know. I've been banned for the third time and can relate to that...
  2. Banned for third party programs

    Support might help. Don't give up. First they told me my account was banned forever and the next day they restored my account.
  3. I'm scared to login : (

    I know how you're feeling now. I have been banned and unbanned twice now and have no idea why.
  4. Wow. Their autobans are ridiculous...
  5. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    1) What keyboard and mouse do you use (full model name and brand)? 2) Are you prone to be away for longer periods of time - to the point where you are automatically logged out to the character selection screen? 3) Do you solo dungeons alot? 4) Location of login. (country) 5) Do you login from multiple locations? (forum included) 6) Do you trade alot of gold via the marketplace? 7) Have you been selling gold for NCcoin (CTRL C ingame function) 1) Microsoft Sidewinder X4 (I use one of the extra buttons to type in my long password and hit enter) and Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse G600 (I use the extra buttons for skills instead of keyboard buttons) 2) Sometimes. 3) No. 4) Belgium/Germany 5) No. 6) No. 7) No. I am unbanned now.
  6. Banned for third party programs

    Hi, welcome to the club. I really hope NCSoft stops banning legitimate players.
  7. BnS is not Blade and Soul, but Bots and Spammers

    Meanwhile legit players are getting banned. If this continues no one will buy NCoin.
  8. Banned and CS refusal to help?

    I only had another game running in the background which might have triggered something. I use Logitech Gaming Software since launch and I doubt it could have something to do with it. Both times I was banned I had that other game in the background previously. I hoped to get unbanned quickly like earlier and now they say they won't unban me ever. :(