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  1. I can't even run it twice rofl, let alone 500 times. That Naksun guy is really unforgiving. I killed him once probably out of luck and that's it...
  2. The Treasure Trove is known to hate poor people. Even with 4 characters I only get utter crap from those 2 slots. Unless you spend real money to unlock slots and possibly buy keys it's pointless to even try. Also 90% of the population could not afford to buy up 11k hongmoon coins for this event.
  3. This change is weird, but I assume its so you need certain classes to do double cc while others are good for other stuff, like healing, buffing, tanking? I know for a fact Fm's have double of everything and they didn't seem to remove any of it in the skill patch so I guess FM's will be good for that.
  4. Honestly I tried it expecting all kind of good, but .... I quit at lvl 20. It just didn't ring a bell ...
  5. It doesn't really mean anything. This will cause a market boost, just watch stingers go up to 5g each in the first few weeks. I upgraded when the Nebula Stone event was here, it cost me triple then without it.
  6. Its not what they sold until now, its what they started selling now. They added op stats and items to the premium subscription which is by the way around $80 if I saw right? They also added you 30% more marketplace items thingamajig, where you can sell a lot more stuff then normal people thus you can gain gold a lot faster and ... well advance A LOT faster.
  7. I bought my HM Pellet with Zen beans ... wasn't easy, but a couple of matches a day, you can slowly buy up to it. But then again HM pellet is the cheapest one so what do I know.
  8. This ... There is absolutely nothing in F10 that will get you anywhere but look good and a couple of pretty expensive mats that are rotated and sold in a bundle of 10 (you need hundreds of them).
  9. Sure. If you think so then quit I guess. Trust me nobody is going to miss you.
  10. I just cant cope with these guys anymore. The game is far from p2w, none of the costumes or items in the cash shop yield any benefit, much less stats that nobody else can acquire unless you pay. Most cash shop items can be bought with in game currency. Wanna see p2w? Head to TESO or Black Desert Online. You'll see what p2w means. When you buy the game, and aside that you can buy packages that give you items that nobody else can have but who bought the package ... and more. Further more NcSOFT despite the bad servers and sometimes unannounced changes, communicate with us by far the
  11. You know you can send a ticket by using e-mail too support@bladeandsoul.com right?
  12. I also suspect that drops in this game are timer related. The faster you can clear a dungeon the higher chance you have to get something cool. Live example of this my friend with his 750AP gets a 10-100moonstone bundle almost every 3rd run in F15. While I get 1 or 0. I also ran gloomdross with my AP range several times (4man). All I ever seen drop was cat mask and a bunch of stingers. Nothing else from that awesome loot table.
  13. No they will never balance it because that means rewriting either all classes and rewriting all boss mechanics in game. So if you don't like it it as it is better find another game or get a ranged class. Cheers.
  14. Some of these people are just plain rude. You telling people to get good, but Naksun requires some really high level reflex and good pc/internet to be able to beat him "easily". His pattern is relatively easy and can be done, but keep in mind that 1 screw up and you are dead, start over. When starting over a few times you get frustrated cannot concentrate and it only ends up worse. Not to mention that the devs haven't even thought about adding a campfire or something to repair weapons, I mean yeah sure there is field repair tool ... for 2g each and you need 6. That's .... not profitable at all
  15. I left many clans like that, no shame in doing so. When you no longer feel welcome there's no reason to stay. Yes some clans turn into a farm fest with discord and they only talk on discord and whatever other voice chat so if you don't want to join them then just find a clan that doesn't have discord or don't care about dungeons. I understand your pain, we did carry a 420 AP guy though in shattered completely random with LFP and he was happy. Maybe you get lucky too if you keep being persistent. Although you don't really need that dungeon at 420AP.
  16. No worries, wallet warriors can get their alts on par with their main in no time. Trust me I know someone who did it in about 2 weeks. And his main had a Legendary weapon.
  17. HAHAHHAHA those aren't bots. Those are leechers. They started this long ago on my server, people with above 600AP figured they dont have to kill all those captains and whatnot, just wait for terrors and grindtooth. Makes sense cause for the price you can sell 1 moonstone you can buy 20+ soulstones etc.
  18. .... yet you still need the recipe to make 35 AP gems. So if its true WTF?
  19. There is nothing to respect on a BM and KFM that cant hold aggro. Had to get it out of my system. Also FM is not meant to tank, so please, you stay in front of a boss so others can DPS kthx bye. To solve it? I need to always join a group where there is either a competent KFM or BM or, gather a party with higher AP then me, which usually doesn't work cause of people "OH U REQUESTED 590 AP but you only have 580 FU".
  20. AP is more of a general way of putting your equipment level in short. Someone with 550+ Ap most probably has a good crit damage a good crit, because to get there you have to upgrade your accessories and weapon. Its usually used in cross-server to differentiate newbies with veterans. Might as well ask for HM level 10+ for your dungeons, same effect.
  21. Every day I login the game, roam around, and I don't know what to do anymore. New Dungeon drops are only worthy and can be sold from 4 mans, they are hard to do, hard to get a party bellow 600AP even though they said mechanics matter more then AP. 6 Mans take about 30 minutes each, yet its very unrewarding, all valuable loot is unable to trade. My options are either do older 4 mans which in the past month haven't dropped anything that could actually yield me a profit, and when it does drop something I don't have money to bid and others win it for very low amount of gold, and profit on my poorn
  22. These complaints usually come from people who can successfully farm SSP, because their daily income is like 100-400g. Of course adding the items they can sell for the most to the F10 has the potential to decrease that tremendous amount of daily income thus they cry like babies. They are selfish, and don't really care who can and cannot gear. I personally despise selfish people.
  23. I don't see how DPS meter would affect me getting into a dungeon. Besides a minimum dps requirement to not run out of time on a boss, mechanics are a lot more important then any kind of DPS. And in this game people are totally overlooking class roles in any party. Like everybody just wants to do DPS giving 0 *cricket*s about anything else.
  24. Because your graphics suffers anyways, you just made this up as an excuse for your silly opposition.
  25. First off the server is not hosted by your ISP or your computer, thus it has absolutely 0 impact on your ping or communication with the server. And about more people around its true, but you can always use CTRL+F like I do ... only way I can go to Mushin Tower nowadays ...
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