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  1. Yes definitely more ways to get moonstones wouldn't hurt at all, and hopefully some of the new dungeons will bring some?
  2. I don't mind the server lag either. It's FPS lag! You can't play a game that constantly drops to 10 and bellow FPS whenever a group of people appears on your screen ... and in some areas you can't turn off players because it's imperative to see them, such as Faction Quests. Also mind sharing with us your laptop specs?
  3. We all thought GTA IV is bad, well ... Today we did the faction quests .... well they did it, I only tried, 5 fps, 10 if use optimize for combat and turn everything to ultra low. Changing resolution, graphics settings makes absolutely no difference, except turning off shadows. As soon as players show up on my screen my pc is going crazy, heating up and whatnot. I don't care about bots, I don't care about the marketplace, BUT FIX THIS DAMN GAME! I went to do grand harvest event, at 20 players my pc crashed, heated up to 80 celsius .... in the patch log it says "improved per
  4. Iunno, I found nothing wrong with the controls, or the story line (not that I care), I am not sure what you mean by "bad level design", I mean for an FPS sure it is, but for an MMO is just right, fire walls in dungeons may have a purpose that hasn't been told yet. But then again, not all games can be crafted for you especially. You are free to start your own company, grab Unreal Engine, and create another game that has awesome controls, awesome level design, and triple A story.
  5. Tell your buddy to stop sending me friend requests! I am not interested!
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