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  1. WTH, i really didnt expect that but upgrading to w10 actually works. Stuttering is gone now, but hell, why should we resort to these kind of things just to play a game??....oh and NCSoft really, we dont actually need you....
  2. What a joke, i got the exact same, copied and pasted answer on Twitter Ops.
  3. A simple "we are aware of the issue" or a "We are currently investigating" would do. I dont expect miracles. Just acknowledge the issue and let us know as well. Thats it
  4. Day 6. I dont even have the courage to log in and check if the stuttering is still there. It has been 3 days since their last post on Twitter. It seems like they are on vacation or something. And guess whose money they spend on their vacations, yours and mine.
  5. I regret spending all the $ i ve allready spent on this game. I ve stopped playing since this started, and i doubt i ll ever put premium again. Once its fixed we ll see, but for now i just regret i ve spent so much time and money on this game. Shame, shame, shame.
  6. Apparently yes, but hey if we reach 100 pages this thread, they might notice it.
  7. Day 4. The Stuttering goes on strong. On the bright side of things though, I now have bots calling my home trying to sell me gold. Next thing i know is them being at my door.
  8. From what i have seen so far the stuttering problem is contained to NVIDIA owners, can we confirm this? Currently using NVIDIA GTX 980 I mean it has nothing to do with Synapse, since i tried the game on another pc with Synapse and the stuttering was not there.
  9. Day 3. The Stuttering still goes on. I m having headaches after 1-2 hours of gaming sessions. I m even having stuttering issues in real life now. People on the street seem to be somehow blinking/teleporting every 4-5 seconds. Maybe its time to call it quits.
  10. Day 2. Still not a fix and still not an official response about this. I m really close on uninstalling...
  11. Yeah we really need a fast fix on this, alot of people have the same problem after this patch, including me.
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