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  1. A bit of an update: this issue seems to only occur on my Dual Blade character. The others can upgrade items and dye costumes as needed. UE4 was a nice patch overall, but there are quite a few major bugs that I'm surprised nobody caught...
  2. For some odd reason, I'm having trouble upgrading badges, weapons, etc and dying costumes. I have all the required materials and more than enough inventory space. When attempting either, the process just cancels halfway by itself. Anyone else encountering this bug? My level 60-boosted, non-c2a character is pretty much dead in the water due to the inability to upgrade any of it's gear.
  3. Gonna have to agree here. Made distinguishing class icons in F8 and raids far more intuitive than the monochromatic mess we have going on now.
  4. It's actually kind of funny. I feel the ENG voice actors put more effort into the sidequests than most other areas. I guess the more casual nature of those quests have something to do with it? The metal lumberjack questline was my favorite by far. Had a bit of everything. Shame it got nixed.
  5. Gotta admit, this was a pretty nasty surprise. Seems our options right now are to downgrade to the BT rings (that is, grab the accessory box), upgrade to the IA accessories (...however way is available to you - it very well might not be), or reacquire the celestial accessory boxes and get the 3rd-spec compatible versions (still a downgrade; they're weaker than their stage 10 counterparts and lack the debuff abilities). Anyway, hope this gets somehow gets rectified sooner rather than later.
  6. Eh, the items given out by the C2A are great for newbies, but they're considered (at least the accessories) borderline obsolete by most of the community. Shortening the interval probably wouldn't hurt. Two months is probably too often considering they pretty much invalidate the earlier crappier part of the grind (not really a negative, IMO). I'd be down with a 4-month interval, though.
  7. You mean the large flashy one that shows up at later parts of the story? I think that's just a mass windstride. I kinda notice it showing up whenever we're transporting all our students at once. The green one is just the normal one we manually use.
  8. Yeah, this is something that i've seen going on in a lot of MMOs. The cutesy kid race gets the most attention. Honestly it's not as bad here as say... Tera (if you're not an Elin, you basically don't matter), but the other races here could use a bit more love. Especially Yun. As creepy as they are, they could really use something - anything - to call their own.
  9. You're basically in the tutorial phase of the game. Up until level 60 or so, pretty much everything you fight is gonna die in one hit. After level 16 or so, you'll get access to your second specialization. From there, you unlock more skills as you level up. Later on, after level 60 HM7 (basically level 67, sorta) and you have to finish a small questline for your skilltrees to start to really open up (especially if your class has a third specialization). Seeing as you're currently level 12, you'll have a long way to go before things get interesting. As for the story, can't help you
  10. It's kinda hard to parse together what you're trying to say, but it sounds like you're burned out/bored?
  11. Game has a pretty neat character creation system. Makes it relatively easy to make a decent-looking toon as long as you put a bit of effort in (not really a fan of the whole Barbie thing you see every other player go for). I'm definitely gonna miss my chars when this game finally bites it.
  12. Performance has definitely taken a nosedive during the last few days, but I'll just attribute it to the amount of people currently logged in due to... current events. Might not be the cause, but it's the only thing I can think of.
  13. Wait, are you guys referring to killing speed or loading speed? If it's loading speed, I get the "hurry up" sentiment. But I do sympathize with the slow loaders. I used to be on that side of the fence. Anyway, it's really up the newbie whether they want to run out and grab an SSD just to appease said whale/elitist/whatever. If it's killing speed, well... gearing up normally takes time (armory box event notwithstanding). And the entire point of doing weeklies is getting resources to gear up. Not much a new player can normally do to significantly speed up that proces
  14. The lockout can stay if needed, but I'm all for just nixing the orbs altogether. Problem solved.
  15. I wouldn't mind having another round at the Fight Night outfit, myself. I'm sure there are some others I'm interested in, but only that one comes to mind immediately.
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