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  1. Credit Card Info on Account

    There is nothing to fear, if you never visited any shaddy sites than your infos safe with Ncsoft.
  2. Lesser heroic mode and rewards for undergear players

    Don't mistake my threads as troll threads like the one from that person. I am merely helping the community. With my suggestion, there will be no more complaining from players questioning whether they have a high enough ap to join or not. With lesser heroic and normal heroic, if you 500ap or lower, you go lesser and if you're pass 500ap you go regular heroic. This would take out all the party ap requirement and all that cause now a standard has been set.
  3. After some thinking, i realize one of my earlier suggestion might not be fair since it totally locks out undergear players from entering heroic dungeons so i came up with a much fairer and better idea that would benefit both properly geared and undergeared players. Make a lesser mode for the 3 heroic dungeons. Players who are undergear with less than 500ap can no longer join the heroics dungeons but they can still experience the content by joining the lesser versions of the 3 heroics. The 3 lesser heroic dungeons are for undergear players who are only at 500ap or below. It will not drop honorary ornaments, tablets, or frozen darts but the soul shields will still drop. Player over 500ap cannot join lesser heroic mode. The 3 regular heroic dungeons will have a buff for anyone that has decent gear with over 540ap. This buff only applies to players with over 540ap gear and increase the chance of ornmane , tablet, and frozen dart drop amounts. Players who are between 500ap and 540ap will not get this buff but they will still be able to have a chance of getting what we usually get from heroics. Anyone with 500ap or lower cannot join regular heroic dungeons anymore. Same thing applies to 4man version. Less than 550 ap will go to a 4 man lesser heroic mode and players that have 550ap or more would go into regular 4 man heroic. Players with 600 ap or more would get a loot bonus from 4 man heroic while players between 550ap and 600 ap would get what they normally get from 4 man heroics.
  4. PVP bullying

    Than tell your guild to send 10 or 15 members that are lv 50s to back you up so it won't happen again.
  5. People are leaving game cuz Silverfrost gear is too expensive.

    How does this makes it boring? I played CS GO Office map like hundreds of times and im still not bored of it. I have friends playing de dust probably even thousands of times and they're still not bored.
  6. Am I reading this right?

    This man is correct, gold sellers actually transfer gold through cross server bidding which is nearly impossible to track.
  7. PVP bullying

    If you are honestly being *bullied* than just ask your clan for help, you can easily get at least 10 clan members to back you up.
  8. Grand Harvest Square festival

    Your ap wasn't high enough. 504 ap is at the minimum.
  9. Forget about the 8% thing, you guys are right, that would cause a lot more mess than before. See my new and improved suggestion below. Double SSP and harvest boss hp and after each boss dies, the top 8 highest damage dealers would get the quest loot drop. This way people that actually deals good damage would get it while low damage dealers won't.
  10. See my edit, it was a mistake, that response was meant for the other guy.
  11. Welcome to the neighborhood. I can manage just fine, if you have full scorpion with 680 ap than good for you but keep your Elitism out of my thread.
  12. Me and one of my clan member are almost at 600 ap now and i think it's unfair how even undergeared people can easily get the rewards as us from soul stone plains and harvest. Me and my clan buddy made a group and some random player was asking for a *pt*. I told my clan mate not to invite the guy but he was being too nice so he decided to invite him. The harvest started and instead of following us, this guy went to a different direction to help others so this caused that boss to spawn at around the same time as ours. By the time we rushed to that boss, it's hp was nearly gone and we failed to get the kill. I checked the guy's ap and surely enough, he was undergear with only 480 something ap. It's not fair how undergear players can get carried like this and get the same reward us good geared players get. It's like a guy who never goes to school getting the same job as a guy with a master degree. If people wants to be rewarded than they need to earn it. A good way to remedy this to double the bosses hp and only the top 8 highest damage dealers would get the quest drop so that way actual good players who deserves it gets it while bad players won't.
  13. People are leaving game cuz Silverfrost gear is too expensive.

    That's his problem, not mine. Casuals shouldn't be anywhere near normal players in gear in the first place. Peeps gonna earn their way to the top mate.
  14. People are leaving game cuz Silverfrost gear is too expensive.

    Nobody said you need to do 40 dailies. And nobody needs to spend 10 hours per day either. My casual friend only spends 4 hours and he makes good gold, more than 40g at least in a day.