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  1. Hey all, During HMZ for Blade Dancers, you're prompted to use RMB before you can use your rolling typhoon, whereas in other regions (Mainly Japan, TW, and KR), F is simply available for use during HMZ if you have at least one wind orb, illustrated in the videos below. Would it be possible to mimic what's present there and allow F to be used in HMZ if at least one orb is present? Japan: Go to around 13-ish minutes. Vs NA/EU: Notice how he needs to use RMB before enabling F, where as Japan automatically makes it available. It would be really nice to implement that change, and I don't believe it to be too difficult to execute. Thank you for your time. :) Speras, Spirit's Rest
  2. Hey all, What would your thoughts be on perhaps implementing some form of birthday goody box for your character? Like, for playing B&S for one year you'd get a shmexy costume that's identical to all other players, maybe a different one for premium players? Besides that, it would be nice to add some materials, gold, that aren't RNG based but rather guaranteed for the player. Since it's a once per year event, I'm sure to combat spam or bots trying to take advantage of it you could perhaps base it on game time, character profile (reports against them, in-game behavior). It would be a nice incentive or reward for players to continue playing, and perhaps show some care towards the player-base that has spent countless hours farming and dealing with RNG Misfortunes, lag, crashes, and what not. I dunno, what do you guys think? I don't seem that much harm in it. Maaybe the box could contain a guaranteed... I don't know, a costume, 100 gold (Varies, I'm not too sure. Make it higher, lower, your call), some upgrade mats. XP Charms would be nice), lunar flowers/plants?) Best, Speras.
  3. Hey all, What your thoughts be on enabling the transferal of your upgradeable jewellery (true oathbreaker necklace, earring, etc...) from one account to the other, but perhaps place a limit on how many times they can be transferred? Some people may dislike their class, but have too much gold invested in it, and heavily discouraged from rerolling into something that suits their playstyle, so enabling this would make rerolling or just focusing on another character much easier. Furthermore, I've seen that upgradeable jewellery can be resealed in the game, or perhaps this is an unwanted bug or whatnot, but what would your thoughts be on that? Best, Speras.
  4. Hello, I've tried downloading the new patch, but I get an error message stating: "Cannot Download file. and it says the error comes from thing to do with a number 00033256.upk.dlt.zip. Is anyone else getting this, or is it just me? Any form of help would be appreciated, I'm trying to get into the game, and I can't seem to log in. Best, Speras. Furthermore, it says something to do with a cookedPC file. The error is along the lines of just cannot download file.
  5. Dear all, For those of you who watched the livestream, did they ever bring my question into account? The one about gameguard? If so, would you mind telling me what they said about it? If they didn't... well, oh well then..
  6. When will you please address the Gameguard situation, and the fact that it's still locking MANY players from entering the game? I beg you, I can't even log in- I missed my faction and friends, and I want to log in! Can you please remove it and implement something else that's more efficient? I want to give you my time and effort!
  7. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Just a friendly reminder that mods are still ignoring this thread and that many of us STILL aren't able to log into this game. I just want to log in to this game, I don't like seeing 4049 on my PC. I beg you, this is unfair. I miss my legion and my friends in-game. Can you please respond? I know you're out there, mods. Anyone, someone... Please communicate with your player-base.
  8. New Idea. Real Players with power

    Greetings, community. @Oxygen, I actually like the idea of Game Sage, and here is my proposed way of trying to implement it in the game; since each server is technically divided into two factions each, Crimson and Cereal (Sorry, proud Crimson here), how about you have each side... in a way, elect their Game Sage? While granted, that will open doors to bribery and some kind of votes and potential forum posts with (VOTE ME FOR GAME SAGE PLOX), I'm sure if we can somehow come up with ideas for an organized, in a way, "election", we can in a sense ensure that each faction choose the gamer who would represent their concerns and report to the moderators of Blade and Soul. I don't know, what are your thoughts on this, community?
  9. Greetings, I am fully aware that some (many things, actually) things are out of your control, and that as of now, many people aren't necessarily happy with the state of the game. As much as you'd try to embrace silence and refuse communicating with us, your forums aren't a nice place- They're practically flooded with complaints. I understand that maintaining this isn't easy, it really isn't. But please, we're the ones playing this game MUCH more than you are, and some of us spend as much time on it per day as you guys do. Since you're practically plagued with complaints, and I really, REALLY hope NCSOFT wants the best for this game (Let me be optimistic, damn you, I want to believe they care about us), please let us help you, if we can. We know what the community would want, and primarily, before anything, including resolving the bot problem, the failgua-gameguard issue, and optimizing the client, we would beg you communicate more frequently with us. Silence won't help you, and isn't solving the problem. So please, what I'd like this thread to be is a polite, respectful address to NCSOFT of issues, that we, the players, would like to have resolved. Let us help as well! Many minds working together beats some! Some of us still care about this game, and we want to give you our time, whether it be through fan arts, grinding dailies, browsing a happy forums where not all posts are about raging and QQing, and pretty much unleashing the potential that B&S deserves. We want Blade and Soul, not Bot and Sunflower. So here's at least my list of things that I'd like to see rectified in this game, and I'd beg others to voice their opinion as well. Silence won't help us either! 1) Please communicate with your player-base and community 2) Please address the issue occurring in Soulstone Plains. We know there are bots over there, don't you deny it. 3) Remove Gameguard (I beg you for this one) 4) Try and update the "submit a ticket and we'll look into it" style- Perhaps voice a thread about specific complaints and assign forum moderators to help them on the spot? 5) Slow down the release of costumes and new content- Some of us still need time and money to upgrade our gear properly D: 6) Perhaps lower the cost of mats needed for crafting and progressing through the game? MTS are relatively expensive for the new player or the inexperienced. Try offering alternate routes to crafting the hongmoon pellets, they are causing guilds to disband and useless, unneeded drama to ensue. 7) Optimize your clients! Stutters ain't nice! and of course, finally. 8) Fix the bot problem. If gameguard does indeed, by some means, work, it's really, REALLY, REAAAAALLLLLY inefficient- The troubles it's causing to so many players is not worth the few bots you catch using it. Anyone else have any ideas? Please remember that silence won't help us. The more we voice our concerns, the clearer the problems NCSOFT have to deal with become. (Even though they're very, VERY clear.) Kind regards, Speras.
  10. Suggestion, Becuase the GM Asked Me Too

    Oo, some details would be nice man... You can't go around saying this stuff... Gettin' people all curious n shit'
  11. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    @NCSOFT, might we please get any form of update, information? Pretty please? Silence really isn't working D:
  12. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Hey hey hey! Mods! Care to respond to us any time soon? Or wait- are you guys "We're working on it" as usual? Some communication would be greatly appreciated! Feedback's as loud and clear as it gets yo!
  13. I would want Gameguard to be removed for the following reason:- I have 3 slots left to get my regium Corvus, and wheel of fate is about to expire in a few more days... I get error 4049 when I try to enter my game, and it's frustrating when I can't play the game I love. When I accessed the game from outside my university, game was literally unplayable, and when I attempted my daily Mushin's, my computer felt like it had opened the ninth circle of hell, and that the almighty wanted to drag me down... I have friends on my server (Spirit's rest) and I enjoy my conversing with my faction and putting on a good mood for everyone. FPS Stutters are near unbearable, and I've disconnected 3 times over the course of 2 hours... and no, don't point the finger on the internet... Because all of the above (except daily spin) were caused after Gameguard were introduced... Since moderators claim that no voice is left unheard, here is my voice being put out there loud and clear. I, Speras, do not want Gameguard present in my Blade and Soul, and I never consented to the download of third party software when downloading Blade and Soul.