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  1. Hey all, During HMZ for Blade Dancers, you're prompted to use RMB before you can use your rolling typhoon, whereas in other regions (Mainly Japan, TW, and KR), F is simply available for use during HMZ if you have at least one wind orb, illustrated in the videos below. Would it be possible to mimic what's present there and allow F to be used in HMZ if at least one orb is present? Japan: Go to around 13-ish minutes. Vs NA/EU: Notice how he needs to use RMB before enabling F, where as Japan automatically makes
  2. Hey all, What would your thoughts be on perhaps implementing some form of birthday goody box for your character? Like, for playing B&S for one year you'd get a shmexy costume that's identical to all other players, maybe a different one for premium players? Besides that, it would be nice to add some materials, gold, that aren't RNG based but rather guaranteed for the player. Since it's a once per year event, I'm sure to combat spam or bots trying to take advantage of it you could perhaps base it on game time, character profile (reports against them, in-game behavior). It would b
  3. Hey all, What your thoughts be on enabling the transferal of your upgradeable jewellery (true oathbreaker necklace, earring, etc...) from one account to the other, but perhaps place a limit on how many times they can be transferred? Some people may dislike their class, but have too much gold invested in it, and heavily discouraged from rerolling into something that suits their playstyle, so enabling this would make rerolling or just focusing on another character much easier. Furthermore, I've seen that upgradeable jewellery can be resealed in the game, or perhaps this i
  4. Hello, I've tried downloading the new patch, but I get an error message stating: "Cannot Download file. and it says the error comes from thing to do with a number 00033256.upk.dlt.zip. Is anyone else getting this, or is it just me? Any form of help would be appreciated, I'm trying to get into the game, and I can't seem to log in. Best, Speras. Furthermore, it says something to do with a cookedPC file. The error is along the lines of just cannot download file.
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