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  1. Golden Flower - Copied?

    This is an open competition, it is a public spectacle. I feel sorry for the artist to be caught in something like this, but she submitted a copied artwork into an online competition where the public are made juries. Nobody is telling her to stop drawing, she's a talented artist. That is why I and many others here repeated over and over again that her artwork is beautiful, she has so much potential but this is an issue that needs to be addressed by the organizer. If the organizer refused to do anything about it, the public shouldn't be deterred to demand for fairness because it's "immoral" to "bully" (when it's not bullying).
  2. Golden Flower - Copied?

    If she wants to reference others' work for fun, that's completely fine. If she's copying others' work for a competition that requires originality, that's not fine. If I'm copying and using her work to create an artwork to call mine, that's not fine. If I'm using her work as an example and crediting her, that's fine. You ever written an academic paper before? Do you know what citation means? When she posted her work online publicly for everyone to see, her work can be used as example with proper citation and credit. Of course, it would be wrong to take her work and claim ownership, or create another artwork copying hers - which isn't what I'm doing.
  3. Golden Flower - Copied?

    Thank you for your understanding! It amazes me how so many people failed to see my intention and automatically call it an attack or witch hunt. I hope it doesn't happen again as well, but sometimes people do it unintentionally. It's NC's job to do something about when such issue is brought into light. This debate has gone on long enough, and I feel it's time mods step in and provide official statement about what NC is going to do with this.
  4. Golden Flower - Copied?

    This. There's no hate. People need to understand this is not an attack, none of the evidence I made or showed is directed to the artist herself but more for the people who failed to see why this is a case of art plagiarism. The level of willful ignorance is high here.
  5. Golden Flower - Copied?

    See my response above :) The time used on this is not waste, I can use the materials on my job. Plus, server was down for maintenance, and it took me less than 20 minutes to compile all those images and gifs.
  6. Golden Flower - Copied?

    As Syphin said above, I aim to raise the awareness on the issue on art theft and art plagiarism. The pictures comparison and overlay are not wasting my time and I'm not being obsessive. Words can only do so much without visual support. I've mentioned previously that I am a lecturer in an Art and Design college and if anything I can use that as my material and a case study in one of my classes for my students next time I'm covering the topic of art theft and plagiarism. Like I said, I did not purposely want to dig so much into this particular entry. But those people who in the face of such clear and blatant copying still shouting that "IT'S NOT COPYING THIS IS NOT PLAGIARISM" made me feel like I have to say/show something to prove my point. There are certain things people feel strongly about, for me this is one of such things where it hits home as a fellow designer. I think it should be talked about more so that people know what actually is art theft/art plagiarism. Artists' rights are often overlooked. I am not attacking the artist. Her entry however just happen to be the case we have on hand here for the discussion of art plagiarism. All the comparison I made are not directed to her, but to the people who failed to see why this is a clear case of art plagiarism. Everyone can see Blackmoon's hair is similar to Poharan, there's nothing to be said there. But nothing else of that entry was copied from any other existing artwork(s) as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to go out of my way to look for evidence for all 10 entries, like how I did not look for the images for this particular one in the first place. Someone else did, I saw them, I saw the plagiarism, and now I'm trying to raise awareness to this issue. That is all.
  7. Golden Flower - Copied?

    I believe I'm the one who stated that. I don't mind much about the people who do not care, but the people who see it and still argue and say that it isn't copying/plagiarizing are frankly very disappointing. I feel that an artist' rights is often overlooked. People think that just because you put your artwork on the internet it's okay for others to take and copy parts of your work, passing it as their own and calling it "referencing". This is just... wrong. Especially when the artist herself apologized for it, she knew that what she did wasn't right; and there are still people who are saying that it's completely right while ignoring all the evidence. As an artist herself you'd think she knows whether she was copying or not when she created the artwork, and if she admitted her wrongdoings, why are people still actively arguing that "THIS ISN'T A COPY"? It's like a kid who stole a piece of candy from the store and got caught, they realized their mistake and apologized for it, but their overprotective parents start shouting at the store owner for confronting the kid about it. Does that help the kid at all? No, if they did something wrong, they did something wrong. Kudos for actually coming out and apologized. They learn and grow from it. It's overprotective people like the parents who condone the wrongdoings and make them think that there's nothing wrong in their actions and they can jolly well do it again. It's just disheartening.
  8. Golden Flower - Copied?

    If you read most of the posts here, most of them are people debating whether this constitute plagiarism/art theft or not. Nobody is attacking the artist, it's not like the community gang up together and condemning the artist and hurling personal attacks at her. She apologised and it was very much appreciated but the issue of art plagiarism and art theft is still at large. At the end of the day, this is a competition. Rules are rules. It is unfair to other finalists who actually did not copy or "heavily referenced". NC could step up and release a statement about it. Ultimately, they are the organizer and has the final say on whether this entry is eligible or not. Or they could just ignore the whole thing and forget about all the rules and regulations they have in place at the beginning, just goes to show that they don't really take their own events seriously. Despite all this, should art theft and art plagiarism be overlooked and brushed aside because the organizer wouldn't do anything about it? No. The community get to express their opinion on the matter.
  9. Golden Flower - Copied?

    https://sacredflamingheart.deviantart.com/journal/What-Is-Art-Plagiarism-READ-THIS-234951828 Here. Educate yourself on what is art theft and what is art plagiarism. This amazing guide here sums up pretty well on the topic. Before anybody starts crying and say "this is just the personal opinion of another butt hurt artist"; it's listed as a resource on plagiarism in the University of Michigan's library archive so I'd say this is an academically approved material on the topic. Source: http://guides.lib.umich.edu/c.php?g=283176&p=1886497 For those of you who cannot be bothered to read, here's a TL;DR: ..: What Is Art Theft? :.. Art theft is defined as blatantly stealing a piece of artwork and posting it as your own. This includes, but is not limited to: - Posting screencaptures saying that you "took them yourself" as though they were photographs, when in fact, those still images already existed--it's called a FRAME. - Adding text, clip art or other images to a piece. Putting a witty word bubble or a sprite on something doesn't make it yours. - Piecing together multiple images. No matter how cool it looks, Frankensteining multiple sprites together to make one sprite is direct art theft. - Drawing on top of someone else's already existing image. - Applying filters to an image, changing colors, or inverting its colors. "...But, don't be fooled--just like it's art theft to combine multiple images into one image, it's art plagiarism to combine multiple "references" into a single piece. Identically copying any major element of another person's work is still art theft. (More on alluding to other works later.) If you were to give your character a keyblade that looks identical to Sora's, that's art plagiarism. You didn't make that design."
  10. Golden Flower - Copied?

    Thank you :)
  11. Golden Flower - Copied?

    Even though she did not base her artwork off of one single image, but she still copied certain parts in full off multiple images all from the same game. According to your logic, if I create an artwork by copying the shoes of sailormoon (same color same style), the top of Misa from Death note (down to every strand of the lace details), the skirt and one sided earring of Yuna from Final Fantasy (same shape, design, and color) and compile them into one single outfit, I can call that my own original design? I wouldn't. That is copying at best, not designing at all. That is what is happening here. The artist may not copy ONE artwork in full, but her work can hardly count as her own original design - because she is copying different parts from different source of references. When I said copy, I mean copy in full - down to the color, texture, shape and size. As for B) Similar only because it's from the same source aka Japanese Styles - really? There are hundreds and thousands of different resources, drawings, photographs, illustrations out there on the net on Japanese Styles. Why are ALL of the similarities of her design come from the SAME source? (Onmyoji) You can argue from this point all day long but ask yourself this: Do you really REALLY think that when she was designing her artwork, she wasn't looking at the references images of Onmyoji, she just had in mind the generic Zori, Tabi, Obi, rope knot etc and somehow the artwork she created just look SIMILAR to Onmyoji's down to the color selection, size and placement just because she's creating a "Japanese Style" outfit? Since you said that all my circle parts of the breakdown are either A or B, tell me what you think of these: 1. Is this A or B? Same raised collar, white and golden yellow stripes, two japanese knots of the same shape same color at the same position. Same japanese knot of the same size at the bottom of both images, with the same golden yellow piece at the back. Both sleeves start at the same position with white inner layer and blue outer layer. 2. Is this A or B? Same sandals, same socks, same colors, even same length. Same mini pleated skirt (okay different color), same ribbon shape (ok again different color) But the overall design other than the slight color changes, is this not the same DESIGN at first glance? 3. Don't see how the ribbon is the same? Here, have a little overlay action. Is this A or B? 4. But she didn't copy the bell on the ribbon!! Surely that makes the whole thing different!!! What about this Japanese knot from another image of the SAME GAME? Is this A or B? Have a little bit more of overlay fun~ If they are such common Japanese/Chinese adornment, why do they both overlap almost 100% perfectly? There are so many ways to draw a Japanese knot, why this particular shape, size, color? Why do the Obi have the same tone of teal and gold? I would do more eyedropper comparison but I'm just lazy at this point. It's obvious to the naked eyes. 5. How about the shoes? Are these A or B? Note the same thickness of the base, same length of the socks, and even same design at the same position on top. Let's pick some colors using the color picker tool.... oh what do we know?! Look at the difference of the colors, can you even tell the difference?! 6. What about this, A or B? Are dangling knots such a common design on Kimono/Yukata? I tried googling for similar designs. The keywords I used included "Japanese Knot Kimono Sleeves", "Yukata with Japanese Knot"... but I did not find anything remotely similar to this style. Maybe you can point me to the right direction? 7. Is this A or B? Too bad I couldn't find the backview of this particular character from Onmyoji, or else I could have some more overlay fun! Same color, same style, okay okay Shiro's ribbon is slightly lower - YOU GOT ME! This is totally different!!! /s Basically, other than the hair, everything on the female design were copied from artworks from Onmyoji. I think that constitute 90% similarity if not more. There are many ways of referencing from a source of inspiration, what she's doing isn't referencing in my book. If you feel like I was fobbing off your opinion with my choice of words, I'm sorry you feel that way. Like I mentioned again and again, every one are entitled to their own opinions. But in my OWN personal opinion, those who are arguing that this is not a case of plagiarism is clearly being ignorant. I do not understand how one can fail to see how she is blatantly copying from the artworks of Onmyoji. Almost every artist I've talked to feel the same. You can feel free to think the same about me, I won't be offended.
  12. Golden Flower - Copied?

    I am not the original poster of this thread, nor am I the one who started the Reddit thread. I am just a passerby who happen to feel very strongly about plagiarism and art theft, and chanced upon this topic so I gave my opinion. I doubt the person who questioned this entry in the first place went through the trouble of scouring the internet up and down to find something that this entry resembles; they probably thought that the entry looked awfully similar to another game's design that they know which prompted them to asked the question. Now this is BnS community, there are a lot of gamers/artists here who will most probably point it out if they find any other entry eerily similar to other arts they've seen before too. If and when that time comes, and the other entry is in fact copying from existing artwork(s), I will say the same thing about it as well. I'm not biased, nor am I trying to "attack" this particular artist. I'm sorry if you feel that way, but I am just stating facts and trying my best to explain what is plagiarism and why it isn't something that should be overlooked or condoned.
  13. Golden Flower - Copied?

    It is 90%+ identical. Those who really look will see it and those who choose to ignore it will come up with excuses. If you insist that it isn't plagiarism, then fine, you are entitled to your own opinion. I am only stating facts as I see it and providing the evidence for it. Each and everyone here who read the replies and comments can decide for themselves whether this is a case of plagiarism or not. "She changed the color" - same color socks, shoes, rope knot, even the stripes on the collar are the same colors. "She changed the style and design" - Knotted obi ornament is 100% copied, you can go ahead and overlay the two images on top of each other and you will see that they are 99% identical. Socks are the same length with the same blue color top, color combination and the height are the exact same. The shape of the ribbon obi is the exact same with the white colored layer underneath. Teal/gold color combination? Same. The back rope knot has the same element, same thickness, same colors (black and red) just that the top of her rope knot is slightly lower, still I'd say it's 99% identical. Yes there are some elements in her design aren't copied, but that doesn't take away all these identical elements. You can either see these or ignore them and call them "altered" or "changed", but they are not. I've worked with countless of design students and graded their artworks for years. I know plagiarism when I see one.
  14. Golden Flower - Copied?

    If you read my previous post where I pointed out the differences between "inspired by" and "plagiarism", you'd see that there is a difference between using a short skirt as an inspiration and coming up with your own design for the short skirt VS copying another artist's short skirt design 100%. Clearly, you are being blindly defensive and is choosing to ignore all the evidence where the artist is copying. Good for you, ignorance is a bliss. I'm done trying to reason with you, because you just seem like you're trolling now. I stand my ground and I provide clear, structured explanations and visual comparisons to point out an issue and raise the awareness on plagiarism. I am not biased and saying that another design is better and her design isn't. I am just stating a fact and providing all the receipts for it. Others can read and decide for themselves whether they want to acknowledge this problem or not.
  15. Golden Flower - Copied?

    You are missing the point. Yes there are plenty of outfits out there that look similar or identical to others. But those outfits were not created for a competition, where the rules stated that the submission must be original ideas. There are other competitors who actually abide by the rules and did not copy from existing artworks. We all know that the artist did a great job, I did not say otherwise. It is indeed a beautiful design, it looks good, and the majority of us want it to be in game so that we can wear it. However, that doesn't change the fact that the artist submitted a copied artwork for a COMPETITION. While there are some elements of their own style, 90% of the artwork is clearly copied. You are being ignorant if you say that her artwork isn't copied. Look at the identical colors, shapes, placements - referencing doesn't work that way. Blackmoon might look similar to Maritime, but the keyword is similar. The artist altered elements of the outfit to make it his/her own design. In Golden Flower's case, "similar" doesn't even cut it, 90% of the designs are identical. Again, this isn't a personal attack on the artist. I have mentioned before and will continue to say this: Shirogahara is talented, her artwork is beautiful. However, it doesn't change the fact that her artwork isn't original. With that level of resemblance, plagiarism is the only word I would use to describe her submission. You don't care whether she plagiarized or not, because it doesn't affect you. That doesn't make plagiarism the right thing to do, especially not in a competition where there are other competitors who worked hard to come up with their own designs. To say that it's fine to submit a plagiarized entry to a competition is disrespectful to the competition itself and also the other competitors.