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  1. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    Nvm. Just checked the source in website and they edited the announcment. they had put then true sire ll became oathbreaker and true pirate would became awk breeze, so they would delete preview weapon paths. That i meant... Sorry for misunderstand
  2. Question: Classes and their purposes

    Sure, I have both classes and both have almost same ammount of worries. when SIN need worry with keep 5stack of posion to improve dmg , refresh poison with time bomb +z and refresh lighint rod (4) all the time (stealth build). FMs need worry with keep burn on the enemy, ofc burn dont have stacks so u can refresh it whenever u want by 5stacks of ember + impact (1) it also need cast dragonblaze (F) between the common rotation to increase fire dmg 10%. But ofc FM can do all this from ranged position and sin need worry about stealth too and iframe/decoy boss aoE, so i can tell u SIN SUFFER AS HELL, in side of FM. *sorry for my bad english*
  3. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    true siren >> awk oathbreaker Awk pirate >> true oathbreaker True pirate >> Awk breeze I think thats all
  4. Question: Classes and their purposes

    Ty for info. I forgot BM dont have CD on E while in draw instance. :P
  5. Question: Classes and their purposes

    Lemme give u my exp with the chars then I have: KFM - easiest double stun (with only 1 skill) of the game; - High number of Iframes (can take 6 ice from yeti, only BM can dodge all 8 with HM block i think) - How the guy above said, its a tank class that make bosses/world bosses easier (hello fms that run around *cricket*ing the melee mates :P); - Driven buff (10 %critical dmg for the party, with searing palm, 99% of the time triggered if u run fire build); - Tremor tier 2/3 also give 20% crit dmg for10s to party members on range (45s cd); - Fighting spirit can both give u 100% crit dmg and main dps skill reset each 2s or give all entire party 40% crit and 50% crit dmg for 10s, both handy. FM -High DPS class, with good support skills; -Can pull party members when recovering the chi and reduce CD of chicovery; -Have Ice flower/shealth that can save ur party im some situations (makes yura's 2nd nightmare easy and u can save ur dummy party on yeti/grants more dps) -Good sustain with frost F skill and Ice tab/divine veil. SIN - High DPS class, handy support skills too, how said above, best solo class, followed by summoner; - Stealth for party is very useful, can also procet from projectiles and give party stun immunity; - Can teleport near death party member with lotus, or give the party 40%crit and 50% crit dmg for 10s with Fighting spirit. -Can keep 5 stack of bleed all the time with the main DPS rotation. (some people ll question that, but bleed its a MUST HAVE at end game bosses, try a yeti with a non bleed party and u ll have some troubles if the party dont have exp).. Minou with the 45 cap was a good exemple of why u should keep always 5 bleed. DES (still leveling) -Good support skills (stone procetion is awesome in a boss fight), can rescue too; -Good DPS, and 100%crit/30%¨burst buff is strong (45s cd/ 6s duration); -Can keep 5 stack of bleed all the time with the main DPS rotation. -25% reduced dmg 3 atks for party with stone shield -High number of CC -Grab, best CC also give 20% focus and critical chance for everyone attacking the target.
  6. No true meaning in "Pay2Win"

    Nah this is bullshit. U didnt played Grand Chase at that past... That was a *cricket*ing P2W game, Holy Molly. The content its still playable they ve baited some people to buy infinites Trove Keys to get mats, but after them all get current max gear the prices tends to go down. its like "P2 Fast"
  7. Chi Bomb

    U ll need consume: HongMoon Pill : guild craft - we have Grassland Ghost Pill : drop from Faction Boss in Soulstone Plains (idk what boss does drop) / U can also buy with split maze tokens (idk when it ll come here) Bloody Ghost Pill : drop from bosses in Bloody Desert (only open on weekends). Also a future content that arent in live. When all that suff come.. So ll be possible. Focus in the HM dragonchar for now... :P Source ->http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-unlocking-hongmun-skill/3/
  8. Dealing with the big arse gauntlets?

    I personally like the Misty Woods Cold iron Gauntlet for some blue/dark costumes. But the silver deva fits with every else.
  9. Attack Power

    Maybe, cause I have true profane on my FM, and i Have 354 atp, (with pirate bracelet) i dont have any AP gems. (all infernal stuff too)