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  1. Badges for light build BD

    what about mystic badges? Im considering this one which increase Crit dmg 20% during and dmg of Flicker during Z or this which deacreses cooldown of Z during StormCleave, which one will be better to gain dps? Edit1 Furthermore, is this possible to ,,mix" soul badges as it has been shown in cheat sheet?
  2. Badges for light build BD

    As the title says, which badges should i choose for light-build BD, mostly playing PVE, mid-rarely PVP
  3. Hi Guys! Im really tired with summoner for now, its pretty boring, so i want to make a new character, only dont know which one :) Maybe i will explain what do i want from new char , will be easier to choose - as far as i analyze my gamestyle it's mostly 90% pve, so the char must be usefull during dungeons, mushin, ToI, etc. - should be decent DPS maker, better than sum - will bring me fun and joy instead of sum :) SF, WL are out, not for me , played for a while For now i consider BD/DES/SIN (not sure about sin) , the closest is BD, i guess :) Helpiii guys :)