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  1. Ever since Gunslinger was released the icon for it on F2 isn't working. Screenshot (Sad enough that there HAS to be a bug report for this to be noticed.)
  2. I'd highly appreciate if that comes as soon as possible, I gave up on 6vs6 a while ago and therefore also on weekly challenge. But ever since I stopped doing any PvP related stuff in this game I've been having a lot more fun and not getting frustrated anymore, even though I do have considerably good gear. Forcing us to do PvP is killing the fun for everyone that doesn't enjoy it (like me) or just doesn't have the gear to keep up with that 1 shot festival it became recently.
  3. "habe eine Antwort erhalten: Überseekabel Richtung USA ist beeinträchtigt. Daran wird schon gearbeitet. ^di" Bekam die obige Antwort von Telekom_hilft auf Twitter, nachdem ich der Telekom klargemacht habe, dass es wohl weder so wirklich an BnS selbst noch an meinem Internet liegt. Das könnte erklären, wieso manche aus anderen Ländern auch Probleme haben. Mit Pingzapper geht übrigens alles, nur halt normal einloggen kann ich vergessen, komme nicht mal bis zum Launcher.
  4. I got it 3 times in total (1 with DT HM and 2 with NS NM while farming for my bracelet) - all of them before they nerfed normal mode dungeons. Also some friends of mine got the 100g, and not only just once. It's the same as in almost everything in this game: pure luck.
  5. Wait what? If your cat does even slightly more dmg than you you're doing something wrong, very very wrong. I can recommend Blade Dancer or FM, but FM only if you are into ranged pew pew pew classes. I used to main summoner when I started this game, but it got boring very easily (also because it's like playing in a permanent easy mode) and the same goes for FM. But since you play WL you can give FM a try.
  6. Do hard mode or run the dungeon with 2-4 people (depending on your gear) only, there at least on 1st and 2nd boss it would be better to do some mechanics to drain their HP faster. They nerfed it quite a lot some patches ago, apparently it was too hard for some people. /giggle
  7. Sure, and I want a male Gon Summoner and a Lyn Assassin, so you can't see them at all anymore. /sarcasm It's good that some classes are limited to certain races and they should not change that at all. Also IF a race "deserves" more possibilities on classes it should be Gon. Gon Gunner also makes way more sense than a rat with a gun taller than it's own body.
  8. I wish I would get afk people for once. /phew As pure PvE player I do the event because of the 7 daily tokens, but I don't afk unless someone really triggers me in the first match. Honestly you should appreciate them, they make you rank up so you can play against people who actually do something and aren't that bad.
  9. Yeah but do you really think your gold will get sold if others do the same? It's gonna be the same problem as it is now, you won't sell any because there's just too much supply and the demand doesn't rise significantly. But as a tip, I know some people who get their gold sold when they just put up like 1k for a slightly higher rate (or 1k in general). I didn't believe it either at first, but seems to work. /shrug
  10. If they lower the rate people adjust to it and sell for 1:2 or 1:2.5 if they really want something. I don't know how you think that's gonna work out.
  11. You SS, Tab and 2, it's really not that much of a bother, e.g. for NF if you do 3 for the flowers, you SS back into the first flower, Q & E into the other two, Tab and 2 to the boss. I don't mind if they make it an option again to have your stance changed or not, but I really like the way it is now, especially in PvP and SF already got a short straw when it comes to PvP.
  12. What is worth about it are 5 Brilliant Venture Tokens (which are over 1.7k if you have Premium Lv 10) + full 20k stamina. But other than that... it literally only completes the story quest - which can be done in like a day if you got time - and I personally find it very annoying to have all the blue quests undone. I got a lv50 voucher as birthday gift from a friend for an alt and to this day I couldn't be bothered doing them to get rid of them, even though I normally do ALL quests when I level up a character.
  13. I needed over 1k keys for 1 Superfan proc. I'd love to see Risky Business, since they released Calm Seas again few days ago Risky Business is the only outfit I really miss.
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