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  1. Picture says it all. Tried with normal gem hammer. Also doesnt work. So much for getting it on the first day. Bug Pic 1 Bug Pic 2
  2. Commonly obtainable or not shouldn't be gated by RNG but more on player effort. If you know there is a target to be met like X amount of gold required to be spent to obtain X item would diffinately be better than like spending gold mindless without knowing when u might get it. Things can also be "not commonly obtainable" for their value. Same with the other post I've made on draken necklace. Even if the necklace is tradable or not. They may have put it as an achievement reward behind maybe 400-500 runs for those who might not be lucky enough to obtain it before meeting this ach. All this chang
  3. I've ran this dungeon to the point where most people would have maybe seen one necklace drop whether they won the bid or not. I have hoard up enough gold to be sure I'll win the first and next time I see the necklace drop, but apparently the RNG won't allow me so. Whether NCsoft considers this or not I'll still continue to run the dungeon till hopefully the RNG goddess shines on me one day.
  4. I've been doing almost 150 over tomb runs lately on 4mans and 6mans to the point I've had all the costumes and soulshields but I have yet to see a single necklace drop while luckier players tend to see it multiple times before hitting their 100th run. I know this is RNG based but it deeply demotivates players who don't run on a great luck streak. Now reason why it would be great if draken necklace is tradeable: 1) Players with no luck are able to purchase it off other players. This eliminates the rng factor. Give up on farming for it yourself? Earn some gold and buy it off ma
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