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  1. Are you still doing commissions where I can chat you up via Discord? I'm Charmlet#7185 By the way
  2. What do you take as currency for your commissions? In-game gold, or RL cash?
  3. Takara Kagise, my RP character/Assassin! She's gorgeous, sassy, and I love doing postcard pics of her!
  4. I got bored and made a little screenshot Christmas postcard. Anyone's welcome to add their own cards~ Takara's Christmas Card!
  5. I'm a major roleplayer, and that's one big problem I've been having with guilds. I go in, straight out say what I want, am given some bullshit about how they DO have respectable roleplayers, and also will help me with dungeons and other such things. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a guild on Zulia that has both active roleplay in it, as well as being social and helpful with in-game things.
  6. I'm looking for a list of what players have found as drop percentages on bosses and what bosses were dropping the chests. Not gonna go and buy keys until I have something I need them for
  7. Does anyone know where it is/how to get it?
  8. Have we caught up to the Korean version on BnS, does anyone know?
  9. Alllllrightyyyyy *much jealousy, no talent, so goes to bug cousin about drawing pics of the precious Takara!*
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