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  1. @Imkerin Hello! We'll be happy to have you :) I recieved your friend request and tried to send you a message actually! But it seems you weren't online (although the game bugged and said you were) As such I've sent you a note with my Discord info and other stuff! Hope to talk again soon :D
  2. @KaiMaxwell Hello! Again apologies for late response, hadn't checked this forum post much after inactivity for a few months. If you're still looking, I'm happy to send an invite! Discord will be up to you :) We occasionally get on group calls for raids or just dailies. Mostly an additional fun thing. To make it easier, you can add me as a friend. My user account is "Lestava" and my main toon is Savast. What is your IGN? @Syung Soon Hello! Sorry for the late reply! Again as I'd mentioned to others, I totally keep forgett
  3. @CrimsonSaiX Hello! I'm not sure if my reply will still be relevant to you > . > I'm so sorry for the lateness, I thought this post had died and stopped checking after no more responses haha. We're totally okay with whatever schedule you may have! :) If you still need a clan, I'd be happy to invite.
  4. @Reina Bell Hello Reina! I believe I've just accepted your friend request! We'll be happy to have you :) I can send an invite when we are both next online! Regards, Sav
  5. @Sleith Hello there! Yes Discord is a voice chat program similar to teamspeak etc :) We would be happy to have you! However I noticed you are in Cerulean Order faction upon searching your IGN. I am not sure if you were previously aware but clans in Blade and Soul can only be composed of one faction. So if you are still interested you would have to find a faction changing NPC to make the switch to Crimson Legion! We also recently added a requirement for the soft level cap of 45 to be met. This is due to an increased need for materials to be farmed for clan crafts.
  6. @Llyriani Hello! Sorry for the semi-late get back :) I see the Clan Advisor has gotten back to you though! We'll be happy to have you! It's also great to see so much personality. I think that's crucial to enjoying a social time in-game; playing with people and not just silent afk farmers. And since you are new to this specific game, do feel free to ask all the questions you may possibly have. We have helped our other new recruits level up and farm dungeons easier~ All in all, I think you'd fit in well. But we can definitely chat further b
  7. @Tragedy0fErr0rs Hello there! I have just sent an invite so let me know if you received it :) And unfortunately my username is not Lestava (it was claimed by someone else already!) so my main character is now under the name "Savast". And thank you for telling me! I have been rather old school so I didn't know much about Discord. I think I will try it :) Thank you!! I hope you decide to join, it would be nice having you, Lest
  8. @tbvcd Hey there! That is perfectly fine that you are new :) We'll be happy to have you! Let me know your character name and I'll send an invite :) Looking forward to having you, Lest
  9. @Shando Ah I forgot to ask lol... what is your character name in the server? I assumed it was Shando but I realized it could very well be something different. Lest
  10. @Shando Hey! Sounds great then :) I'm glad to hear we also have the same ideas. My bad I did not get a chance to reply to you last night (or I suppose afternoon for you), but I will send you an invite in a few minutes coming in from Yunwa, Savast. Whenever you next get on, just check and let me know if you receive it :) Lest
  11. Hey Shando! That sounds great! I want to let you know before you decide that the Clan is very new. I founded it today after not finding a clan that suited my tastes/or if it did, they weren't recruiting. If that is okay with you that nothing is really developed yet, I'll be happy to send you an invite! But yes same here :) BnS is my guilty pleasure out of work so I don't need the extra stress of going hardcore, especially in a game/clan. I am from America, it's nice to meet you! Since we are new, if you join would you be interested in taking up a clan rank? Lest
  12. ⚔ Hello gamers! Welcome potential Principality recruits! We're fairly laid-back and casual. Both new players and veterans welcome. Real life is always understood to be the priority so we don't want you to feel pressured. Welcoming any mature player who's looking to have a fun time. The idea is that we benefit from this Clan and help each other progress in the game, whether it's PvP, PvE, endgame, etc. The priority is to make BnS more fun and have people to back you up and help out. We'll do raids, crafting, etc. We do Daily Challenges and End-Game content (helpi
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