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  1. That's all well and good, but it won't stop them from creating new accounts, and people on their server are at greater risk of an unjustified ban.
  2. Not sure where else I might put this. There's an issue plaguing some servers right now regarding the gold sellers ... which are a huge annoyance in and of themselves of course. It's bad enough that I have to block gold ads in three channels when I log in and in each new area, but now- Problem: Gold sellers are sending friend requests non-stop. -Blocking the name does not stop them. -Not responding does not stop them. -No option to auto-decline or prevent friend requests. -Accidentally accepting could flag your account to be banned for being connected with gold s
  3. Can we get the trash (grey) items removed? The only purpose they serve is to clog inventory space and encourage players to buy more space. -It doesn't work. I just take a moment to salvage soul shields and trash the 1-copper items, but it's annoying. -Current grey items hold no description to enrich the world or area with a bit of story. +Once removed, buying more inventory space will feel like it's worth the money to buy dragon pouches. ALSO, throwing my support in for account-wide outfits. There are various other threads detailing why this is important. NC Soft has
  4. Literally just responding to bump this thread up and show my support for account-bound shop costumes. These things are $15 a pop. I have friends on multiple servers, three (about to be four) characters for role-play purposes and to enjoy the different classes. I've already spent enough just on outfits to level up to 6 in premium points, and one of my three characters has zero cash shop items. There's another thread that discusses NC Soft responding to this request with a 'we might provide another purchasable item to send another character an outfit'. This isn't accepta
  5. This isn't an acceptable solution. A purchasable one-time consumable is a cash grab on top of a cash grab, and just adds to the problem. Make purchased outfits account-wide. We've already seen it can be done.
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