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  1. was about to make a thread about it as well, the frenzy mode is afk, really hope it aint like a hidden nerf of the moonstones yet again, Right now it seems there is only 14-15th floor of mushin and battlefield chest where u can acquire them o.O
  2. a blademaster shouldnt have as tank more dps then anyone else, I see them with 10k more dps then me with similar gear, thats ridiculous
  3. so I have to actually stick to one to get the 100 if I didnt like pvp :) got like 40 wins in both, so hoped I only needed 20 to start buying stuff :)
  4. heya, couldn't find any answer to this: The wins in baluga, do they count also towards the 100 wwv achievement ?
  5. there has been 2 events that helped many to level up by using money on rng boxes The treasure trove event, some people literately used 4000 keys, to get stuff, just 1 key could give 100 ordanement (I had that, which gave me nearly 750gold) We had rng boxes in hm store also where, if you were lucky enough u could get 100 moonstones just from one box, which is over 300gold worth Then there are people some dont really farm stingers but buy them instead from farming stuff in ssp, where u can depending on time spend and how much damage you do to get presti
  6. yeah u dont need to rush anything to get it :) thats just a luxury item
  7. someone did that to my alt a couple of times, so I had enough and logged into my lvl 45 at the time, went back to the village, and ripped him apart, payback was soooooo sweet, and I told him ill keep killing him :) he tried a couple more times and gave up. Best part of it, he started to grief about it
  8. gotten 56 stingers in one run in Azura :)
  9. yeah I just tested it, Army overseer drops: mineshaf soulshield
  10. I use this link to find where things drops and what to go after. Guide Achievement
  11. I finally made it today, after 4 attempts, wow what a rush, what a feeling and a great sense of accomplishment :D
  12. pro players are always fun to read up on :)
  13. If we take like necropolis as an example. it has 3 dailys in there. Main: that gives stingers, gold and such Lycan: that gives some silver Killing Mob trash: If I have a full game day, ill only pick the main, since that gives the best reward. In pvp arena, there is one quest that gives 2 silver, and no zenbeans as reward, I remove that when picking the others that do give that. If you start to actually pick the daileys that gives you something you need, and not just blindly accept all, 40 is enough
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