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  1. I am at awakened pirate stage currently and I would like to know if I will be able to purchase the Pirate Weapon from Dragon Express after June 1st?
  2. I dont have AVG and I am facing this issue.
  3. How exactly are you supposed to get your butt up to lvl 50 when you're stuck doing profane jiangshi or brightstone ruins for weapon? People (lvl 50s) leave lvl 45 blue dungeons like brightstone or skittering when they see lvl 45 or lvl 46s join the party. Lvl 50s leave party when you see people running lvl 45 dungeons with profane or infernal. So what are the newbies supposed to do now? In my server, clans want lvl 50 HM5, 480+ AP to join, there is no alt or leveling friendly guild, even if there were, they are all inactive. When a team releases the next tier content, the logical
  4. You're not going to experience any improvement on this game. I went from from a i7 950 / Nvidia GTX 460 to a i7 5280 with a Nvidia 970GTX and I hardly noticed a difference in GHS, SSP and BBBB. That said, you should wait and get the Nvidia GTX 1070. The performance on it is comparable to a Nvidia Titan and it costs around 400$. Never go AMD.
  5. Just hand out the weapons (blight, infernal, profane and brightstone) that you lock with stupid rng boxes available as quest rewards instead. You need to do this up until Profane at least, after that people can grind their teeth to dust in silverfrost. It took me two days to get weapon from hujikar and now I am stuck at Profane Jianshi since the start of this week. Profane essences go for 40 ******* silver each. Seriously, do something about the lower levels.
  6. No game is dead to the hardcore and dedicated fans, BNS sure is dead to casuals, altoholics and new comers.
  7. It was working fine an hour ago, now I get this error when I try to log back on >.<
  8. I am getting the Failed to connect to server (200) error as well. I closed the game an hour back and when I tried to log back on, I got this error. It doesn't resolve even after rebooting my PC and router.
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