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  1. Account Hacked . Need assistance .

    Well i did accidently accept one of the bots friend request since i was harrased every day with friend requests from these two : WTBGGcomsellGold and GGATMcomsellGold That's why i'm asking if there's a way to block them from sending friend request .
  2. Account Hacked . Need assistance .

    No i do not have a steam account that has been hacked . Also i don't think that's called luck .
  3. Account Hacked . Need assistance .

    I also need some information about how to block friend requests . I am harrased every day by 2 people . bots or w/e they are with friend requests . Names are : WTBGGcomsellGold and GGATMcomsellGold Ty.
  4. Account Hacked . Need assistance .

    No . I didn't get any messages or clicked on shady websites.
  5. I need assistance please . My account is hacked since i could not log with my current password i thought it was strange so i changed it and my in-game PIN and when i was able to log in my gold was gone , only left with some silver also NCoins were gone too . NCoins that i buyed with irl money . I want to mention that i did not give my account info to anybody since i don't have any friends and don't know people here. Yesterday i logged and everything was ok . Today , my account was empty of gold and Ncoins .