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  1. Just why not? Only profits from that change. You playing alt and you want proof your skill and mechanics knowledge? Just show your dungeon achievement. Actually we just can't proof things on alts etc then I'm sure a lot of people are just kicked from party many times before they find group to start dungeon. For example Bloodlust team can make all achievements account bound (except Character tab)
  2. @Hime Thanks for next call to quit this game for people, I hope ncsoft enjoy current bns situation.
  3. Can we get places when player must farm not be afk? Actually we can just say: Afk fiesta lets begin!
  4. If you want learn then go F12, don't waste other people time. Be serious.
  5. What is so hard to understand for you guys? Alt is for boost your main, you play alt without any profit because you lose your whole profit by send gems then alt is useless. No, you don't have any profit from doing dailies on alt now, sometimes you even losing gold. Simple math, it's not hurt.
  6. @Liinxy I hope nc not collecting Evolved Stones feedback in same way like Gems mail cost. In short: Nobody want pay same amount of gold which earn from dailies. Example: Most of people doing 20-25 dailies = 50-60g, Gem mail cost in both ways = 60g in my situation then for what I playing alt? For wasting my time? My time too expensive for that stupid things like last changes.
  7. Most of people from this topic just don't understand point, for example thing with soul Really nobody care what item you must use to upgrade soul, new item is cheaper then you got refund Legendary weapon discount is the SAME thing, you can get weapon CHEAPER then we must get refund If I can choose 1 silverfrost premium transformation stone (400g) or 4,000,000 healing tonics (1 copper each) I DON'T *cricket*ING CARE which item I use to upgrade. I'm waiting for refund something like 3100g I can get mats or just gold, I don't care.
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