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  1. What? I can't understand you. From what I understand you want to be able to toggle windwalking (sprinting) right? But that already exists. Walk forward and hit your left shift once. That toggles it on.
  2. I want to clarify something for you on your 1st point. the 6 items are not RNG nor are they dungeon drops. These 6 items are extra rewards in your daily dungeon quest. So if you finish that daily you're guaranteed to get the crafting item. So, do those 6 dungeons + 1g and you get a thanksgiving box each day. And since these dungeons usually are done anyways it should be fine. The rest... well I totally agree with you... too much RNG is not fun. And as a premium buyer i kind of agree too. What do we own premium for atm? Literally only the wardrobe is worth it. Especially
  3. there is no merchant in those dungeons. what you see is the normal loot that the dungeon has. the merchant spawns in sundered nexus and higher (and cold storage since you can only do it once a day).
  4. Im gonna let you in on a little secret here. they already are. i mean, look at todays maintenance. 5h30 minutes longer maintenance than NA without a single word of explanation why the maintenance takes that much longer even though they announced both EU and NA maintenance times before they even started patching. If they really cared about EU they wouldve told us why the patch takes longer for us. so dont hope for anything anymore, were just gonna have to be happy if we can play the game at all in the future.
  5. of course we will. 2 free solar energy for us...
  6. No we do get your point. the only thing its a bad one. yeah people may leave right now for work/school but they can play from the afternoon untill the evening. EU cant, they will have 1 or 2 hours playtime before they have to go to bed. (trust me going to bed at 11 is NOT what you want to do if you have to wake up at 4h15 so you can get to work at 6) besides NA maint takes place when everyone is sleeping or goes to work/school, EU maint takes place when everyone is done with that and has finally some free time to play making them lose valuable playing time for some people. see? we
  7. Yes, we know. But usually with an update like this there will be some sort of problem for which they need to extend the mt for X amount of time. Let's hope for the best that nothing went wrong.
  8. I'm hoping for some sort of miracle and will be guessing 30min.
  9. The shadow looks great (love the effects and colors) so i'll be picking that. I might level with fire though because ive heard people say thats the best build to go through the story fast.
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