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  1. Your problem sounds like a windows fault tolerant heap issue. It requires a bit of tinkering with registry files. You can google it.
  2. The general rule of mmos: Weeb name = very toxic Having lots of xxx in their name = very young
  3. To the people whiteknighting: they removed the premium membership stats for a reason. It doesn't matter how small you think the stat bonuses are.
  4. The cash shop boxes also give random fabrics. You can also buy them with hongmoon coins regardless if f9 existed or not, just as long as you're lucky enough to get a venture token from a daily. The only thing you should be mad about the cash shop is the unsealing charms being pay only, and subsequently sort of p2w since only whales can change instantly to an op 3rd spec bm and whatnot from whatever nerfed to the ground main they were previously using.
  5. Yeah, sin is a pain in solo dungeons. Doesn't help when bosses like to do knockbacks. Every other melee classes gets to stand in place to dps, while sin only has that microsecond iframe that requires expert timing. If you mess up once, it's not even worth bothering anymore. The only chance is to massively outgear the boss. Stealth and evasion are the most useless stats in pve. It doesn't help that they have that 2 skill that propels them across the map, when they're a melee class. You can't turn it off. Trying to apply a timebomb in an aoe field is a nightmare.
  6. Fps matters a lot when doing dps too. When I finally got my event weapon, I thought I could afford to do other stuff like rendering video in the background. As a result, my fps got cut in half. 1.3m dps at full fps turned into barely hitting 1.1m at 30 fps. So even if he's supposed to hit a certain dps with his gear, there's no way to guarantee he will actually get that. Also, from what I figured so far: My normal sustained is around 800k (rounded). Full buffs with crit dumpling, charms, soju, and pills, gets me about 950k. Clearly not enough to finish. Going from ascending awakene
  7. Event is doable with aransu 9, bt tier accessories, vt badge, event soul/heart, and 3/5 tt/vt ss, and full triangle gems as a madness warden, since there's no downtime trying to cc/counter the boss with ward. It still needs full buffs though, dumpling, charms, etc. My clear rate is about 60-70%. The thing that really sucks is he becomes immune to all damage once he enrages. They should let us at least kill him during enrage. Hopefully, the weapon will help, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I wouldn't try it on any of my other classes though. Frost WL can just play keep away because of their mo
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if whales' idea of gear is massively skewed thanks to psyches and their legendary brilliant stones. Stuff you can't see on f2.
  9. I'd prefer more elysian sources. This recent weapon/accessory upgrading events wiped out my supply of elysian crystals thanks to all the element/jewels required. Now I have double-100x the amount of moonstone crystals in comparison.
  10. You know how people complain about fps when fighting bosses? I find that ranged classes aren't as affected by these dips as much. What if you could tank/melee the boss from far away? Concept is pretty much the same as Jojo anime. User stands from from away, while a summon engages the boss in melee. All of the skills control the summon, unlike cat or thrall who mostly just does stuff on their own. The biggest difference is, you can only see from where the user is standing. Meaning you have to guess/know what the boss is doing from 50 meters away. So it will require a different skillset. You can
  11. I don't get the problem here. If you don't agree with the orb user's demands, then don't join it? It's not that hard to ask while they're recruiting. It's not hard to queue up for a random wintermane only run. There's more pressing problems like people stealing from moml runs or nc just doing anything.
  12. I've been trying to gear it up in realmrift. Should I be grabbing the bosses? Some people are complaining that they can't hit the boss, when I literally just stand there until poh falls on her own. Should I be running around with it? I've read it has something to do with ctrl f. I see it happen all the time on my main since I use ctrl f too, but I was never really bothered as long they don't run away. I just look at the grabber and keep hitting. Works 90% of the time, but that's just me. Is it the meta to expect/have the grabber run away? Maybe to have it update the boss on people
  13. Are there any plans on removing these gear from legendary breakthrough? Or just plain removing the low level dungeons from all progression. No one runs these stuff anymore. My alt can't even hope to finish the freebie peaches quest. It doesn't help that the awakened black dawn ring isn't even allowed as a breakthrough material. I don't remember these dungeons ever showing up for dailies either.
  14. Why bring back grand phoenix items that can be broken down to designer threads, but not a way to trade them in for other pieces? Some people only want the hair instead of the costume.
  15. Idk why people keep harping on about elemental damage like it's above everything. When it gets compared to equal tier gear, the difference is negligible or non-existent. Take for example non raid gear. It has more than enough crit/crit dmg to make it even with whatever elemental damage bt/vt gear has. Heck, there are classes that will prefer the focus regen of the non raid gear over the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor stats of bt ring. Elemental damage only matters on gems because gems have garbage modifiers on them.
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