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  1. Well, you're probably considering companies that "lend" their games to brazilian companies, which is not the purpose of the topic. On this topic/petition we are asking for NCSoft to host a server here, having themselves as responsibles, employing some south americans for translation/support/administration in-game and forum. Indeed MMORPGs are really good for socialization with people around the world, It surely helped me alot, as I learned my english all by myself playing MMORPGs, but that's not the main point of it. Blade and Soul is, by its nature, a competitive game, made and co
  2. Bom, inicialmente, acho difícil a versão de que você continuaria no NA depois de testar o jogo com ping baixo, eu mesmo tive essa experiência ao jogar por alguns dias um servidor privado de Aion, a diferença no ping simplesmente tornou Aion outro jogo, e Aion nem depende tanto de ping quanto BnS. A comunidade hostil de que você fala existe em qualquer país, é sim bem comum esse tipo de comportamento pelos brasileiros, por isso a má fama, mas ao invés de virar as costas como você sugere, eu sou mais o tipo que busca a resolução do problema, entender o porquê da hostilidade e tentar
  3. I have actually tried out all the ping reductors I could find around. None of them gets me lower than 180, I used WTFast as an example, which doesn't affect me much and I can't pay it also. This PingZapper lowers my ping to 180 but everytime goes 230 and back again at 180, unstable. Anyway this is not something any player would enjoy to do, having to reconnect every 30 minutes.
  4. Well, the ping reductors doesn't work for everyone. I'm playing with 220ms and I can't pay WTFast, because I can't use my paypal brazilian wallet to pay stuff from outside of Brazil, and I don't have a credit card.
  5. Actually, the ping on Brazil for the other south americans are way too low compared to NA, and since you said about a MOBA, I tell you something, on DotA2, there is only one server for South America, which is on Brazil, however, you can choose "language preference", which could also easily be implemented on Blade&Soul, like they already do making NA and EU servers separately. Nonetheless, I think a single server for south americans wouldn't have this big language barrier, after all our languages are very similar and we can understand each other easily.
  6. Hi, my friend and I have came up with the idea for this topic, we're both blade and soul players, we also played another game from NCSOFT, Aion. Well, on this topic I pretend to show/prove why the South American server is something NCSOFT should seriously consider doing as soon as possible. Since I'm a brazilian, I'll present the stats from Brazil, which, nonetheless, are similar with many other south americans from Argentina/Peru/Chile etc. To make the reading easier, I'll put the subjects on topics, which follows: Mmorpgs of everywhere in the world have south america
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