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  1. How about just keep existing method and add alternative method? For example, instead of removing soul/sacred crystals and x2 amount of moonstones and add some more elysian crystals when making a sacred oil, why don't we have both? A method that requires soul/sacred crystals, and another without with increased moon/elysian. Similarly, instead of reducing some moon crystals but sharply increases everything else when upgrading an accessory, why don't we have both? A upgrade option that requires large amount of moon crystals, and another upgrade option with less moon crysta
  2. The Nobleless from Visasa's boxes are tradeable, and is actually an old outfit. Same with Chow Pal that you get there. You can get it from F5, if you don't want to miss it. Anyway, I guess the loot are not bad since you camp the two best bosses of the dungeon, and you get bully wrap and wild horse, which are the reasons why some people decide to stick with the event (yeah, they can be obtained from pvp blah blah blah, but these folks just hate pvp that much).
  3. Mew coins are from Outlaw's Island. You get there by accepting a letter quest first and finish it, then dungeon and the daily will be opened for you (The entrance is next to the room with Junghado/Naksun/Yunsang). And no, NCWest refuses to provide players to salvage the whole beads/tokens back to 10 fragments, even though they are fine with gem fragment/powder.
  4. Cuz they don't want you to just buy off event items from other players, who will make profit from selling them. This year, the event only let you open 82 boxes per character, and require some grinding if you don't have spare fragments. If you ave spare Yunsang beads, you can do simple daily challenges on weaker alts, and have the bead sent to your alts to open boxes. All boxes have same drop rate of wheel pouches, according to Jonathan.
  5. Collecting certain pet skins, or pet skin combo will provide you with stat increases. https://imgur.com/a/kccONVX#qHmJ6oM Here is the total stat increase (taken from a recent translated patch note on reddit) 31800 HP 460 Defense 120 AP 401 Power (unified elemental damage after awakened skill patch) 415 Critical Damage 425 Critical Defense The question is that whether this thing is any different from selling cosmetic items with stats on cash-shop. If you don't know, only very few pets can be gotten in-game, namely Koldrak
  6. Solo dungeons tend to be a place to die over and over until you know the gist to fight bosses (I look at you, Master Hong). So if you die when your SB/BB is still in cooldown, you will either have to wait for them to off cooldown, or re-attempt the fight without SB/BB. I think solo dungeons should offer reset all of your skills upon dead and retreating, so that you can immediately start a new attempt without waiting.
  7. More like they base on what NCWest reports and make a guess-work on how to do an event that will please Western players.
  8. They shouldn't remove the blue quests in the first place. Let players choose how they spend their time. If they don't find pvp enjoyable, no one should force them. Moving old outfits to arena, cut the PvE way to get them, boost pvp rewards, and increase the usage of soulstone in item upgrade just show that they are desperate to get more players into pvp, even forced. Too bad, top ranking players are just a few skilled dudes and his 10 alts, like always.
  9. It is a curse to some people, and a blessing to some other. More curses than blessings, though. Cursed, cuz Kid rewards only matter to fresh new players. For mid-seasoned players, save some common rewards, most BT materials are outdated or dirt cheap to get. The more matter tier 2 for VT-gearing and tier 3 for TT-gearing is gated behind certain DPS. Yeah, you can go ahead and finish harder dungeons with scaleburn weapon or whatever you claim. But, come back and tell me if you enjoy doing these dungeons in "Hardcore Mode" a few times in daily basis? Also, just cuz you are gearing fo
  10. To get enough token fragments to open all 3 boxes, you will have to run 2-3 times of the solo dungeons per day. After running one time and done the dailies, the dungeon feel just like a chore to run again, especially Master Hong for high ping people (fighting him is very RNG cuz ping can prevent you from doing his mech properly). I prefer just get done with both dailies and the event at the same time (like how some events consists of doing only daily challenges and be done with it), since the dailies+bosses will give enough token fragments on one-go if the boxes only requires a sin
  11. Similar to chat-link a clan outfit during making, being able to chat-link a tailored outfit would be nice to ask for people's opinions in-game. People can also preview these outfits on their character, so it is easier for them to see if the outfit looks bad or good.
  12. Yeah, agreed. Circle of Sundering is the hardest solo dungeon at the present. If anything worth to have a Dragon Blood, it is this dungeon, providing players with more room for errors. As a high-ping Sum, I have a problem with my F roll being not very responsive (the skill's long animation doesn't help either), so I often eat a DoT stack whenever Master Hong does his mech. My DPS has also become strong enough that he does mech back to back, resulting no time for my DoT stack gets cooldown. When Master Hong finishes his final mech phase is also the time where I have 3-4
  13. Yeah I know. Just hope that if they ever make a similar event in future, they would somehow learn/take feedback from their mistakes.
  14. 1) You don't limit the event's potential with double currencies. The event shouldn't have double currencies in the first place. It encourages camping bosses and mobs in Zaiwei Ruins, so being gated behind Killer Coins turn off players. While Visasa certainly drops more Killer Coins, it is a rare spawn, and Killer Coins themselves are also RNG to get. When a player get enough of hammers for future usage (44 hammers, about 100-200 mobs), they will stop doing the event. No point to do more cuz of the Killer Coins gated, unless they want those 1m EXP charms for their alts.
  15. Add an option where you transmute a whole token and 10 of each crafting items into 5 boxes would resolve things neatly without the need of salvaging tokens into fragments. But I think everything is already set in stone and there will be no change. Let just hope that there is be an mid-event fix like Blade and Ghoul.
  16. The whole "using only fragments to exchange for items" only happen very recently (with solar energy + black fragments for silver scale fragments). Combining fragments save space. Taking how many fragments and whole tokens this game have, that kinda like a lot of space. You gonna get more in future, gradually. This throws off guard of a lot of players, and create an unfair situation where people who grind dungeons beforehand but do not combine fragments cuz they are lazy just sit there and enjoying the event without even need to farm anything, and a bunch of other player
  17. This game is not alt-friendly, yeah. But to have a meaningful progression on your main, you need to do alts. Or swipe/grind hard. That is why alt-friendly events are highly preferred by this game's community. NCWest is capable of making alt-friendly events, and have done so in the past. Now, they just refuse to do it. If they don't want to do alt-friendly event, then they should make event where it greatly rewards you when you focus on a single character instead. The current Blade & Ghoul can be considered as such an event, though a few design flaws has
  18. Meow's Coins too. The mid-tier boxes still provide largely relevant materials to most players in Mid-VT gear. Or, add options where you can transmute whole tokens and 10 of each event items into 5 boxes.
  19. NCWest, you guts the event so bad that I can barely recognize it as one my most favourite event in this game. From what I read, you are going to limit players to open only 3 boxes per day per character, and make players have reward-tier depend on their performance with solo dungeons (F20, Outlaw and CoS). Rant aside, here is my suggestions: 1) Instead of asking for dungeon fragments, make the event's own currency. That way, players can skip spending their precious token fragments (especially Master Hong's ones) in a short-term event. 2) If you ar
  20. BnS Vietnam too, as they just tease awk.skill patch recently. However, I won't be that hype in their case. They are severely lacking of gear, namely cuz their ToI season is way too behind us. Imagine playing VT-geared Earth Summoner without Magnum to combo, or Fire Gunner without Primal Force to increase their Bulletstorm count. Obviously, since they have no base badges, there are no badge fusion either. How does they make up the DPS difference for VT raid? They whale for soul, which is obviously a cash-grab from their publisher Garena. Also, it really helps that every
  21. It is a matter of immersion for players and professionalism of a company, no? NA voicing is actually lacking during lv45 days, where some bosses are not voiced (Junghado and Mushin's variants, for example). While it is not necessary to hear them calling out their attack, it feels better to fight voiced bosses, especially when you know that they are originally voiced, not intentionally muted for the sake of budget. Not mentioning theere is not a single word of NPC side quests are voiced, while other regions do it notmally. I tried English voice, then switch to Japanese voice. The im
  22. From what I know, bosses in Nightfall Sanctuary actually speaks comprehensible language in KR/JP/TW/CN regions. For some reasons, however, when comes to NA, they speak gibberish that no one understands. I guess it is to make the place feels ancient or something. However, considering a lot of ruins in this game is also ancient and bosses still speak comprehensible language (like Vahad and Amara in Ransacked Treasure which is in the same area of Nightfall Sanctuary, though the mobs themselves speak in gibberish), this proves to be somewhat inconsistent. Can NCWest reveal
  23. You assume that they aren't breaking something at the moment. Check Gunner F2 :D
  24. All bosses can drop fragment tokens, whole tokens, or a necklace that can be salvaged into tokens. Just that only Master Hong guarantees dropping fragments. Other first 3 bosses have much lower drop chance. The daily box from Master Hong also has a chance to drop a whole token. If you finish Master Hong daily, it may take you like 2 week. One week if you fight him several times per day. If you only spam first or three first bosses, may take longer depend on how many times you spam per day.
  25. The raid leader should be always the first one who enters the raid entrance, so that people who already raid-lock will not be able to enter a new raid. In case you are worried, as long as you are not locked out, you can do the same to preserving the status of the raid.
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