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  1. Pet skin is already expensive and you need 3 of them for upgrading to ultimate. No point to add more burden by asking for 5 pet packs, which should have been used for upgrade Pet aura instead. In fact, it is extremely weird that upgrading cosmetic items ask for REAL upgrade materials.


    Through events, players tend to accumulate oils and pet packs in one way or other. For oils, it will keep piling up until they can upgrade. For pet pack, they tend to flow into pet skins instead, thus players rarely accumulate enough to upgrade a stage after a long time, lest reaching the end of a tier. They will just wait until NCSoft provide upgrade cost reduction.


    In future, there will be pet collection achievement will it offers stat bonuses. This will make collecting pets something more desirable to do, but every ultimate pet coming along with 400-500g worth of pet packs would discourage players from attempting to upgrading pet skin for achievement, cuz it is already costly to just get pets, especially rare pets.. More players want to upgrade pet skin = more demand on pet skins = more pet pouches sold. And players can actually save up pet pack from pouches for their pet aura, instead of just wasting them all on pet skins.

  2. I don't see the point?


    Granted, having HM Points on Threat will non-tank classes to be able to tank in case of no proper tanking class. Or it will help weak tankers to be able to tank for whale.


    Then again, why don't just add Threat generation skills to all class instead? Tank classes can tank without spending a single point on Threat if they are geared enough and can opt for more offense or other options like Move Speed, Regen. Non-tank classes need to waste points in order to achieve the same threat effect, thus blocking them out from having other options.


    I would rather to see all classes having their own threat generation skills and removal of Threat option for HM points.


    Will this make tank class obsolete? Not really, cuz tank class are designed for tanking, thus they have much more reliable block/counter/iframe skills. Technically, you can tank with all classes, but you don't want to take the risk raiding TT with a tanking Sum. So even if every class has their own threat generation and there is no longer HM Threat, WD, KFM and BM still shine for this role. Also, this would drive tank class to gear up to upgrade their DPS and threat generation.


    About removing Threat option, I would suggest to replace it with something more useful, for pvp, pve or both. Focus hungry classes would not mind if there is a Focus Regen option (do not mistake this with HM Focus for Ultimate Skill). Or Boss Defense to make you tougher against boss attack (similar to Debuff Defense option that is for PvP). Or increase Block/Evade chance, which helps both PvE and PvP when you want to be more defensive. Or damage reduction rating. Or something that is not about critical damage/critical rating/element damage, cuz these stat are all overused already. 



  3. tl:nr: Add shorter-distance Moves for Summoner's F roll and 2 roll, so that their escape skill can properly serve as escapes instead of additional punishment.


    Similar to FM has three type of SS: 8m, 14m and 14m with long cooldown if used during CCed, a.k.a another escape skill.


    While I guess the 10m distance jumping away when CCed is good for pvp, these skills hardly make a good escape skill in PvE content for Summoner, mainly solo contents


    Countless time where F roll and Second Wind harms me more than help, cuz 10m distance will trigger bosses to do their dangerous approach skills. These skills being located in main DPS button (F and 2) don't help either. If don't escape immediately, I'm sitting duck for next attacks, mainly HP-draining air-launch skills if you get stunned or daze, or a knockback skill that makes the situation even worse. In short, unless I turn my back so that the F roll/Second Wind will move behind the boss, thus cutting the distance enough to not trigger approach attacks, I'm pretty in peril, escape or not escape.


    Another problem is that Sum's F roll has longer animation than classes with shorter-distance F roll, make the class harder to react to attack that requires F roll + SS to be executed fast enough, like the pull attack by Master Hong or M'ao. This especially bad if you play at high ping, and your only reliable way to bypass their attack is resorting a trick where you will F roll to behind them, thus don't need to do the following SS.


    These problems doesn't happen to melee classes, and two ranged classes FM and Gunner whose F roll are much shorter-distance and animation than Summoner. Same ping, my SUm relies on luck so that F-roll + SS can be done. Meanwhile, my WD just F roll + SS much more comfortably. Even if these classes mess up, they can Tab escape and resume their next action immediately, while Sum has to deal with bosses' approach skills that are likely to kill them thanks to their so-called "escape". It is like out of fire, into a frying pan.


    Yeah, yeah, the point of solo bosses is learning their rotation so that you won't have to resort using these skills. Yeah, yeah, I know summoner has a cat that can tank and help ignore rotation, though you may not know that Summoner cannot spamming taunt 24/7, and you have 4s that you're on your own dealing with boss attack. Some bosses even ignore cat taunt. However, even if you are so fluent of their attacks, there are still bad days where you make a mistake. For other classes, these mistakes can be remedied. For summoner, however, their mistakes are fatal cuz their escape skills just make the situation even worse.


    For group contents, when fighting bosses with positional mech, accidental F roll/2 roll and take away the role of furthest marker and may cause wipe. Or you may drop into a bad place like a DoT puddle.

  4. 4 hours ago, Garlend said:

    I was just wondering how many people use the event consumables? Are they helpful?


    I know some are good like in the last event the golden harvest revitalizer and the chocolate candy bar (it gave threat? I think) from another event.  The others are not so helpful to me so I don't use them at all. The bonuses they give are too marginal you can't tell a difference.


    Should they not give them out anymore? Maybe boost the bonuses?

    Golden Harvest Revitalizer helps if you want to face-tank attack in F16-20 or Outlaw's Island. However, people tend to do those pretty comfortably with right gear, and face-tank attack may cause DPS loss if a Dragonblood is used due to animation lock, so they don't actually use them, or only use them for some peace of mind. The more relevant content where people die a lot is Circle of Sundering does not benefit from this. I think they should have at least make Boss 1-3 in Circle to benefit from the event dragonblood, and disable it on Master Hong due to ranking reason.


    For Chocolate, it is a better Hongmoon Friendship Charm. Much better, and is useful for Twin Asura tankers or pvp. It is trade-able by direct trading, so people can also sell it for profits too.

  5. I think the reason is simple: Awakening skills, even broken, is still a generally a DPS increase to all classes.


    By  having Awakening skills, it is possible for players to trivialize all contents that are released before awakening skill patch is launched. Namely, dungeons that are below Demon Hatchery (our next dungeon after Dreamsong Theater), since their difficulty is not designed to adapt with the patch in mind. When the patch is out, you will pretty much just LFG for anything starting Drowning Deeps and below, and ask for a bit of better gear or brain for higher contents. This will be also applying on raid: ever see Iron Conqueror, or Peacekeeper being cleared within less than one minute, ignoring all mech? With awakening patch, it will trivialize a lot of current contents.


    NCWest don't want that. They want the difficulty stays relevant as long as possible, so they can drive players to upgrade gear to become stronger, as well as motivate players who want to get stronger fast to swipe harder. Hence, promising for a polished patch, they delay the launch of awakening skills.


    Now, with only Demon Hatchery and revamped Midnight Skypetal Plains before we can catch up with the next raid, I wonder what will NCWest do to make the game engaging enough to log in. Maybe time for better-designed events.

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  6. tl;nr: A lot less satisfying compared to last year.




    Here are what I get from 168 Kid's Tables and 168 Elder's Tables from 4 alts


    I won't list the pros, cuz this event has no pros. It is just too pale compared to the same but wonderful event last year.


    1) More work to do. Doing solo dungeons are not something I particularly enjoy in a MMORPG. Plus, you have to do DCs in order to get the boxes, together with crafting or buying the materials for transmutation.


    2) More costly. A set of six items come down from 6 boxes to 3 boxes. Elder's Table making cost is expensive and don't have a very good RNG. Also, a silver scale is worth like 20-30g in F8 run, and can be traded for 2 full Master Hong tokens. For every Elder's Box you make, you lose materials + 5g + 1/10 of the materials to get a silver scale.


    3) Less rewards. Like 4 weeks but only six GC wings and without steel? What is that? Last year, each box costs you 1g, and their loot table are still relatively good compared to this year. Should have make Kid's Tables instead cuz it will save me like 800g for pretty much the same results, just without the wings.


    4) Illogical Quality-of-Life improvement. Increase the chance of outfit pouches from the wheel, even though the pouch itself is trade-able? I cannot see this as anything more than just a ploy to hinder players from getting better rewards from the wheel. Everytime I get more than one outfit pouches from the wheel, I curse your name, NCWest.




    If this event ever comes back next year, please consider:


    -If you already ask players to craft stuffs, plz just let the event revolving around crafting. Don't ask silly Daily, Weekly Challenges or anything extra like solo dungeons


    -Stop asking players to use existing currencies. I would rather save Master Hong tokens until they become account-bound instead of wasting on the event. I deeply regret that I have used Master Hong tokens instead of Yunsang's beads, even I'm a TT-gearing player. Six GC wings do not worth the cost of 400g I spend to transmute the Elder's tables.


    -Do not try to divide the rewards for different-geared players. Everyone, from newbie to veteran, should be able to participate in the same event and get same rewards regardless of gear level.


    -Do not try to increase the drop rate of outfit, especially when it is already trade-able. Every character only one set of outfit, so getting more than what they need tends to be very annoying. Outfit should be also be removed from the wheel and instead just a drop from the tables.


  7. 1 hour ago, victor122 said:

    Is there a list somewhere with all the changes? Or can you give examples of changes that make classes unplayable? 

    Don't have full list cuz no one bothers, but some memes about WL gets throw around:


    -Ice WL and Shadow WL have their strengths reversed in term of pvp and pve. Ice is more mobile, while Shadow WL plays the same way Ice does.


    -Critical and Focus problems have gone with awk.skill patch.


    -Shadow WL is top, if not strongest, DPSer. Ice WL becomes very pale in term of DPS compared to Shadow,.


    -Ice WL used to heal boss instead of damaging until it was fixed.


    -Ice WL used to not be able to Time Distortion until it was fixed.


    -Ice WL does Soulburn through 1-Tab and don't need to summon Thrall. Not sure about Shadow.

    3 hours ago, victor122 said:

    So a lot of videos about the awakened skills revamp have started to come up on my YouTube feed. I've been watching them and noticing that a lot of people are complaining that their element and class are finished (especially wind KFM, light BD, Ice Warlock, and fire and light BM). I wanted to ask, what do you guys think? is this an exaggeration? I mean, there's still a long time before it's actually implemented in our corner of the world. I'm an ice warlock, and I'm a bit concerned. But is it even warranted? There will be no elements after this revamp, so are these people worried that their element is getting a supposed nerf, worrying without any good reason?       

    Element damage still exists. They just come from six different element stats into a single one. So you don't see Fire, Ice, Earth... accessories and gems anymore. Instead, just Element.


    However, instead of element-based accs, you will have spec-based accs. Like one acc increases damage of Dragon Helix, while another increases damage of Dragoncall.



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  8. 1 hour ago, Grimoir said:

    Tera has it already. Plus we have an assasin.

    Tera has two-handed sword class before BnS, and many other games do so, but it doesn't stop the latter having its own 2-handed sword class. This excuse doesn't make any sense at all.


    But yeah, BnS Assassin is pretty much your Ninja with stealth and backstab, so I don't think they will developer another ninja class.

  9. tl:nr: Introduce new tiers of soul/moon/sacred/elysian materials, so that you can freely provide more supplies of old tiers without having to go through cost balance and cost upgrade. If this is too hard to understand, then try to think about the supplies of Blackstone/Silver Scale/upcoming Onyx Scale, and you will get the general idea.




    NCSoft makes this game's gear progression revolving around four basic materials: soul/moon/sacred/elysian. You see the usage of them everywhere, from gear upgrading to crafting and transmunation, which are also for the sake of gear upgrade.


    As time passes, when some materials become abundant and other are too scarce, NCSoft attempts to cost-balance them, shifting demand from scarce materials to abundant ones. However, since it is cost balance, it may not make the thing cheaper. Sometimes, it becomes even more expensive or tedious to grind. Checking the recent complaint about cost balance of BT/TT accessories for more details.


    Another problem is cost reduction. In order to make stronger gear become more accessible to new players, NCSoft occasionally reduce the total upgrade costs. While this is nice for new players, it also bring some problems:


    -It is unfair for old players who have shoulder the old costs, and it feels like a punishment for them being playing longer than other people. Remember when it takes 6 Premium Transformation Stone to upgrade to Baleful/Seraph 3? Now giving the same number of materials, new players only need to grind those 6 PTS, while older players had to go through the grind that even worth more than 6 PTS in order to reach the what new players can achieve.


    -Then, together with cost balance, NCSoft also reduces supplies of abundant materials in order to make them harder to get, forcing players to grind more in other contents. The nerf on SSP, Naksun... are proofs of this.


    -Everytime a cost reduction is announced, there are always people who "accidentally" upgrade with the old expensive costs like one month before the announcement. Needless to say, people rush toward support, hoping for a revert so that they can enjoy new cheaper costs too. If you try to file a ticket in those days, let hope Support Team can still find your tickets while they are being buried by a tons of revert tickets. And of course, complaints are lively, like usual.


    -Another problem with universal materials is that whale people can just stock a lot of those, and instantly upgrade any new piece of equipment that are not gated by dungeon clearing. For example, I remember Jonathan used to say that Soul is supposed to be a long term upgrade. BAM. Whale just upgrade soul to max Day One. After standing at the top of the world for a few weeks, whales get bored cuz nothing to do, as I remember a whale complained like that to our producer's twitter.


    That's why, instead of cost reduction and cost balance, I think NCSoft can just introduce new tiers of materials, so that they can just freely increase supplies of old tiers to make upgrades become more accessible to new players.


    For example (I will make up number for the sake of demonstration cuz I cannot remember the costs of old upgrades)


    A certain upgrade used to cost 2,000 soul, 2,000 sacred 300 moons, 300 elysian and 20 PTS a year ago.


    +Cost balance will try to shift moon and elysian costs toward soul and sacred, thus making it 3,000 soul, 3,000 sacred, 200 moons and 200 elysian. Maybe reduce PTS to 15, but asking for 50 transformation stones instead -> resulting in higher demand of soul/sacred, thus higher costs for upgrade. May not change a thing


    +Cost reduction will reduce the cost, like it say. Now it only costs 1,000 soul/sacred and 100 moon/elysian, as well as only 50 PTS. Cheer from new players. Boo from older players who feel they should have waited instead of upgrade ahead then suffer.


    +Now let try the material tier system:

    -As time passes, NCSoft will just keep increasing the supplies of soul/sacred/moon/elysian until new players can quickly earn all necessary materials, while older players pretty much swimming in those. No need for cost reduction or cost rebalance, cuz players become more and more self-sufficient as more contents are released.


    -Then, one day, when NCSoft feels the material inflation has come out of hands, they will introduce a new tier called True Soul/Sacred/Moon/Elysian. New shiny upgrades will require all players to grind from plebs to whales to re-grind, so hoarding materials won't help them. New contents will drop new materials, while people who need old materials can still grind older ones with ever-increased supplies. And guess what? NCSoft can take this chance to sell new tier materials to whale who want to rush ahead.


    -There will be, of course, storage problems. However, storage problems mean good for NCSoft who wants to sell more Dragon Pouches, and character slots for even more storage space. They just need to focus on expanding even more vaults slots and character slots, especially premium vault slots to attract more Premiumship subscriber.


    -As time passes, when the oldest tier material has become too abundant that no one cares if they disappear, NCSoft can just nuke them out of orbit safely, and make the second-oldest tier the lowest one.




    If it is too hard to imagine, let take example of Blackstone/Silver Scales:


    -When Blackstone was first released, everyone wanted them for their Shiny Raven weapons. Some accessories also required Blackstone to upgrade.


    -More and more dungeons with Blackstone and Blackstone fragments was released. Players build up a nice number of them, enough to be self-sufficient.


    -When Silver Scale era began, Blackstone became a common drop. New players e can easily grind for them.


    -At the end of Silver Scale era, Blackstone basically drops like candies. You don't see anyone complain for the lacking of Blackstone.


    -Silver Scale went through a similar progression. When the final dungeon that dropped Silver Scale is released (The Shadowmoor), and the upcoming new dungeons will drop a new tier (Onyx Scale starting Dreamsong/Dens of the Ancient), Silver Scale supplies become a lot more diverse: aside from from daily quests and dungeon drop, it can be traded via Blackstone Fragment/Solar Energy, Yeoharan coins and Master Hong coins. It still requires some grind, but is a lot more accessible now. Like always, you don't see anyone complain about the lacking of Silver Scale.


    -When dungeons with Onyx scales are launched, the cycle begins again.


  10. Just now, KlausFlouride said:

    Those last 5 mins, the crafted soup last 60 mins. The choice seems obvious.

    Obvious you don't spend much time thinking about it deep enough.


    I don't think it takes more than 5m to do the event dungeon, lol. The event soup is supposed to last that short, or you guys will just stack them up and abuse them somewhere else like in Celestial Basin.


    Unless you stack up key and do the dungeons in one go at weekend, you won't utilize 60 minute soup if you do it daily, which is what the 5m soup comes to handy, especially when it comes to you free


    In addition, 200% crafted soup take some times to reach max level of Acquired Taste to craft, take at least 3 more days for the smallest quantity output, and were character-bound. If NCWest just provides those, I would be gladly to skip those tedious progress.

  11. I mean these:







    Note that they only last for 5 minute, so you will pretty much use one per run.


    In other regions, the 200% exp soup is transmuting our 100% exp soup.




    The 300% exp soup seems to be event-dungeon drop only.


    I'm currently crafting Acquired Taste for 200% exp soup. If they add those event soups, then I don't want to waste my resources :(

  12. 7 hours ago, Nanology said:

    Personally I dont think doing the DC is too much to ask along with the event. Even on my weakest character, a raven 3 gunner, I can do the quickest and easiest DC in around 15 minutes. Basin boss is basically a freebie, so you really only have to do 2 dungeons. They want people to actually play the game. It wouldn't make sense for them to allow people to log in for 5 minutes for a simple event dungeon and get enough free stuff to keep up with gear.

    The thing is that they used to be generous enough for players to do only event dungeons to get good stuffs.


    So why changes now? Why asking players to spend more efforts for pretty much same rewards? If anything, more efforts should equivalent to even better rewards.


    It is just like salary. First year, boss gave you US$2,000 for doing 8-hour work. Second year, boss gave you the same US$2,000, but you had to do 12-hour work. I would be surprised if you don't want a salary rise, a workload reduction or just quit the job.

  13. Save us players a lot of time if you do so, cuz ToM this year is just there to be a time-sinker that require too much efforts for too little rewards (5 minute run for a single token, unless you make boss DPS-able with normal means). Hongsil's Room, meanwhile, is the main star, with load of EXP rewards along with cosmetic drops, as well as extra chance for tokens.


    Save ToM for another event.



  14. 3 hours ago, BeautyKraze said:

    well .. all the events were not suppose to aid the pple who have "11 alts" .. but it's for pple who play mainly on their main character .. it's their choice to play on other 11 alts ..

    They are purposefully made to be alt-able, cuz alt-players are pretty much the most active players in the game who invest a lot of time playing BnS and make the game looks lively. It is the only way for non-swipe and half-swipe players have a chance to upgrade expensive soul/pet.


    However, alt-able is different from time efficiency. ToM last year leans toward being time-efficient alt-able, as running event dungeon alone would be enough to net you a few oils (and gold too). And you can even do that on a lv16+ alt.


    This year, ToM is just there for the sake of it, dropping only a single token per day. Which is not enough for an oil (you can still get a pet pack) if you don't have a lv55 characters to do other dungeons.


    Honestly, they should just put an extra token to Hongsil's Secret room and opt out ToM instead, cuz Hongsil's room is the main event with load of exp and cosmetic drops. Would save players a lot of time since ToM this year is so laughable.

  15. After seeing the upcoming arrival of Skyforged/Shadowforged weapons, the new non-raid weapon path after Exalted/Storm Dragon, I wonder why NCSoft keeps developing two non-raid weapons. I don't see the point of having two different weapons for non-raid path, aside from showcasing the their skins.


    Certainly, they offer different skill bonus, players are pretty much shoehorned into a single choice:

    -Summoner: the higher gear they become, the less they depend on Flying Nettle cooldown reduction. Earth Summoner doesn't even need this since their VT combo reset the Nettle cooldown itself. In future, it will become Flying Nettle damage, but the DPS is still pale compared to sunflower/bee damage.

    -Destroyer: if they ever go non-raid path, they will go rift/storm dragon/shadowforged

    -Force Master: both of their weapon bonus are meh, but dawnforged/exalted/skyforged is still a better choice than nothing.

    -Warlock: it is an unspoken rule to immediately kick any WL that does not use seraph/riftwalk/stormdragon/shadowforged in F8, cuz it demonstrates these WLs do not know about what their class needs, thus subpar DPS. Unless it is a low-level dungeons and whatever fits the bill.



    So yeah, why offering two choices when everyone just choose one? It is a waste of resources/efforts, and may misleading new players into choosing wrong one (like Warlock). I think NCSoft should just merge the two weapons into a single one that offers bonuses of both weapons, and then sell weapon skins of the removed weapons instead. Strangely, the design of non-raid weapons are pretty good compared to subpar raid weapon post-Raven stage.


    I think the weapon unison should begin from Baleful/Seraph, where players tend to make mistake in choosing their weapons since they have different way to reset skills (in case of Seraph: it doesn't even reset), and may cost them an oil to fix the mistake.

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  16. Either you swipe hard to stand among the tops, or swipe moderately to stand in the middle to feel contents and feel "contented". There are no places for non-swipers to stand among them, and non-swipers will play an eternal game of catch-up.


    Players who claim they are F2P and can still stand at the top tend to have played this game from very beginning, and have invested an unholy amount of playing time in the game.


    Personally, I think that you should just leave this game. No, I don't hate new players or F2P players or anything. The thing with the game being too whale-catering and ignoring the mass, if you don't swipe, you will suffer in one way or another. The community doesn't help either, when whales are not smart enough to stop supporting a subpar game, and non-whales struggle to keep their gear up-to-date to join those A3+ Naryu Sanctum. Just leave the game before you get hooked into NCWest's trap.

  17. 4 hours ago, Grimoir said:

    they said this was one of the things that caused imbalance towards people without premium so they removed it and it wouldnt come back

    Nope, just an excuse. 15s Chi rez is applied to everyone in other regions. Only NA version made it a premium feature. 


    I believe the reason behind of this removal is to sell raid rez charms. With 15s rez, you can rez someone much faster, and you can even do this in a room-wide DoT environment if both rezzers and rezzed are fast enough, thus negating the need of raid rez charms. However, now it requires 20s to rez, such a task become much harder, and people opt more to use raid rez charms.

  18. 12 hours ago, Liinxy said:

    Thanks for all of your suggestions on how to use mass quantities of EXP charms an easier process. We'll be sending all of your suggestions off to the dev. team for consideration. 

    Thanks for the reply.


    13 hours ago, Grimoir said:




    As usefull as this is i have to say: the fact that you acumulated 5000 of them its more like your problem because you dont change them on the fly than a game problem xD

    Um, you know why I and some other people don't take out the charms from mailbox?


    Cuz as long as they are in mailbox, they are account-bound.


    And since they are account-bound, nothing better than offload them when you decide to new class to save you a lot of time grinding. 


    Also, the fact that some items are character-bound or expensive to mail, or lacking of inventory space makes players very reluctant to take out items from mailbox. 


    And know what? The mailbox design is very problematic. If you have over 300 slots of any items, it will go into overflow mode where it takes time to load items. To make it worse, it cause problems for players who buy lv50 vouchers but don't use it immediately (like players who buy Black Friday deal and save voucher for Archer class, for example). Their voucher will be soon buried by loads and loads of items, which now require Support Team to help.

    It is a bad design, no matter you see at it. Don't whiteknight it and push the fault to players.

  19. You know those Eminence Charm? The cheap EXP charm that gives you 1m EXP each up until you reach HM13?


    With the upcoming HM Level revamp, you will pretty much get increased HM level. The following table is based from other servers, which I think NCWest will just follow the suit.




    As you can see, a HM13 0% will become a HM18 after the update.


    However, the thing is whether the Eminence Charm will have maximum level requirement scaled up until HM18 or not. Or whatever HM level floats NCWest's boat.


    In case if the charm does not get scaled together with the change, the charm will quickly become useless, and it would require a grind from now in order to get to the current HM13, so that you can get to HM18 the moment the update hits, instead of getting stuck pre-HM18 due to the charm is no longer use-able for HM13+. Any exp that you earn without using the charm to its maximum potential is a waste.


    It is possible that NCWest has taken account of this. However, knowing their history of messing up stuffs, they may somehow forgot about scaling this charm.

  20. 5 hours ago, Onbekend said:

    There's at least 4 different versions of the game in Asia. Not sure why you decided to play the western version to begin with.

    Cuz English is an international language that Asian tend to learn more than Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese? In a MMORPG, being able to communicate is important to some people, enough that that they can tolerate high ping, low DPS, as long as they can blend into the community.


    Sure, you can get a small group of your own people in those servers, if you search hard enough. However, remember that your group will be very small, similar to how small English speakers in Taiwan server. It is like staying at a relative's home in a foreign country without understanding the language: your activities will be much more limited, you cannot talk to everyone, and some native players may discriminate you if they know you to be a foreigner (tend to happen in Asian server).


    Meanwhile, in a Western server where everyone speaks English, you with English reading/speaking skills taught from your education (Asian tends to teach English), you can easily talk to everyone, have fun in a melting-pot community. You don't need to be in a group of your own people, cuz you can just play with virtually everyone. Bonding with community is important in a MMORPG, enough to glue players to the game for a long-term playing.


    Back to Koldrak's schedule, spreading the raid time out will not only benefit people from another hemisphere, but also people in the same hemisphere. Do you know some people sleep in daytime and work in nighttime? Having a more flexible schedule benefits them too, cuz they don't play at the same time as a normal native player, despite of being native players themselves.

  21. Similar to how you mass convert token fragments into fragments.


    Before someone jumps in and said "You can just transmute them into bigger charms, slot them into an item slot, and use them while doing stuffs", let see how the process actually happens when you have over 5,000 of those 10k EXP charms:


    -Transmute them into 100k EXP charms: unless you mod, each transmutation takes you 5 seconds to complete. So, 5,000 of those will take you 500 times of transformation, thus it will take you 5x500 = 2,500 seconds.

    -Now you have 500 of 100k EXP charms right? Time to make them into 50 1m EXP charms. It will take you 5x50 = 250 seconds.

    -You think this is the end, right? Now, let slot it into into an item slot and start to use it. Each charm cooldown is 2s, so it takes you 2x50=100 seconds.


    In short, to use 5,000 EXP charms, it takes you 2,500+250+100 = 2,850 seconds of sitting doing nothing but transmutation and use charms.


    Sound like a fun design, right?


    "What? It only takes you nearly a hour to use all of these 5,000 of 10k Exp charms. Stop complaining", you said? You know that I have not yet included other 600 of 100k Exp charms and 80 of 1m Exp charms to the calculation? You know that I haven't even touch the charm reserve from Retrieved Mail Box, which are now like over 6,000 of different charms? You know how long to take out 30 charms from the mail box? The moment you said "But you can...", you fail to grasp the true pain of this bad design.


    With upcoming EXP reduction for HM level, you will clearly want to tackle your dust-collecting EXP charms from the mailbox. Have fun doing it your own, and the currently only, way.

  22. 1 hour ago, Arohk said:

    it's 4500 beans man, come on dude, are you really that bad that you cant even do a few arena games?

    Farming 45,000 beans for Royal Zen Bean on all alts must be fun.


    And guess what? These 45,000 beans can turned into soulstone/moonstone, thus you lose gold if you choose Royal Zen Bean.


    And guess what? Bravery Coins from Daily Dash are too many that they just stock up uselessly in storage if you don't ever try to get some pet pods from them. Better to use them instead.


    And guess what? When awakened skill patch is released, HM skills are abolished too. Instead, all HM books will be converted into some kind of points which are only meaningful to PvE. So, you ask players to PvP for something PvE, like classic NCSoft.

  23. 5 hours ago, Showta said:

    But no, I don't want to need actual months to reach end-game gear to play end-game content.  In the almost 3 years I played BNS, I only truly enjoyed it to its fullest in that first year. Gearing just became too much of a drag.

    Another fun thing about this game: After you spend like nearly a year to reach a certain high-end stage, NCSoft just decides to be generous and throw in upgrade discounts. Yeah, it helps new players to have better gear. Yeah, it doesn't affect players who already has the said upgrade on day one.


    But, what about players who just reach that stage one month ago, then NCSoft announces the discount. Support refuses to revert more than three tiers and the upgrade must happen within two weeks for them to accept your revert, Not mention they only do this favor once. Plus, if players have to rely on Support cuz the game screws them, something bad is happening.


    That's why I stop upgrade gems, cuz everytime I do, NCWest makes the gem tier I spend months to get trivial so that they can move to next tier.


    Honestly, I don't think new players need any so-called material discount. Just make new tier of crystals for players to grind (soulgem crystal, moongem crystal, or whatever), and increase supply of previous crystal tier. Similar to how they handle void fragments/blood pearls/sea glasses/blackstones/silver scales. That way, you don't have the headache of just having to balance material supply and costs, cuz you can just simply move forward.

  24. Here is the Hustle set




    Same set and still has hair-clipping problem. And the hairstyle is fixed so you either bear with it or stop using either the hat or the cloak.  This happens to Gon and Yun too.


    If you make a Lyn with big head like the default Lyn, they may somehow bypass this clipping.




    However, if you make a tall Lyn with more balanced body proportion, they you're out of luck.




    So no thanks, I won't buy this outfit set just to trap myself into an eternal cringe-fest.


    Suggestion? Stop using long hair/take long hair to account when designing an outfit set with big details in the back. Also, it won't kill if you use some other hairstyles outside of the character creation screen

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