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  1. "Throwing away" something in this game has been proven many times a bad thing. You never know one day, NCSoft suddenly wants to convert this or that into newer currencies cuz reasons, or just make them much valuable (like evolved stones). For example, those dudes who collect blue fragments and orbs, which are used for like nothing except subpar non-raid wewapon path and some gem transmutation, from day one, bidding 0-1g per item, are now swimming in onyx scale fragments. That's why players hoard things, hoping that old items may transform into something more useful and
  2. Here is a fun things about summoner: -To make up for having cat tanking, Summoner has very unreliable escape/dodge skills to deal with solo bosses. Check the rant on long-range escape above. Other classes, while lacking something to tank for them, have an array of reliable kit to avoid attack. Heck, I would trade my cat for shorter cooldown of counter, or another reliable escape skill, or the ability to CC her on my sum without the cat. Let not talk about Warden. That class just outright negate all CCs. -Summoner is forced to use the cat during Ma'o. Sometimes, your cou
  3. Challenge Mode doesn't encourage whale DPS. In fact, whale has to hold their DPS in order to go through every mech phase so that they earn most of the points. It has RNG element mixing in about how much points you can earn, and it requires specific class combination for the best point earning.
  4. Is the MSP revamp we are going to get the MSP raid version with scale-up stats, or the MSP where it operates like a quest zone similar to Celestial Basin, like this video?
  5. They offer not stats. However, some of them gives a special title when equipped. Some even gives a special icon on title, but it requires you to whale.
  6. Possible from Dynamic quests. I mean, we have this key in reward list.
  7. Some people's PC is fast enough to relog within less than 5 minutes, but that is not the problem. Since he already reaches boss 3, he already gets bound to that raid ID. If the leader doesn't want him back, the only thing he can do is resetting the raid to get free from raid ID. 1) He is bound to third boss clear cuz the party already clears that boss. If he is seeking for a specific piece of gear on Boss 3 and have no luck with Scroll, then he is out of luck that week. 2) Nothing stops the raid leader from recruiting his friend who needs boss 3 to fill the slo
  8. I don't mind challenges if they are justified. I clear Master Hong and Ma'o after countless hours of wiping and learning. However, there are something that bugs me when attempts those solo contents: -All of these bosses have ranged check which deal heavy damage. Some ranged classes (Summoner and Warlock, to be more specific) have their escape skills that move away from bosses, which just trigger another ranged check. Unless you're fast enough to predict your own doom and turn your back against the boss so that your escape moves go behind the boss instead. "Out of the fire into the
  9. I have Awakened Tiger Soul Stage 1. After spending so much time in this game, I finally gather enough resources to be able to upgrade it to True Tiger. But I don't upgrade it, and let 80 oils sitting in my vault. Why? Cuz the tier of Tiger/Dragon is gonna be the past. You may have not heard anything about new tier, but if you play this game for a long time, you know Tiger/Dragon Soul has stayed for long enough and can expect a new tier soon. When a new tier appears, sooner or later, upgrade cost will be reduced in order to help players to access older tier with ease. It
  10. Or, let professions/clan crafting to be able to craft them in one way or other. These features are very neglected due to events/rng boxes keep giving away items with the same/better quality than crafted ones. Some give-away items are not even accessible outside of these sources. I don't remember the last time I have to craft revival/mass revival charms, since events keep giving them away. Or, even raid revival charms that are not craftable. Or those raid elixirs that can be only gotten through events/F10... Clan crafting receives nearly no update after Clan Outfits. The last thing
  11. Aside from opening more slots for low level weapon to slot gems for leveling, gem hammers now have no use for lv50+ contents. Even so, I still see them from time to time, like from DKV weekly boxes. I suggest to change normal Gem Hammer to Legendary ones from such drops, so it stays relevant for current gears.
  12. I remember a survey sent by NCWest asking if players want Mount or Housing. Maybe they actually consider the options. Even so, everything is decided by NCSoft in South Korea. If KR players do not interest in those enough for NCSoft to consider the potential, then there is pretty much nothing we can do.
  13. My thought about Bns 2 on Mobile: -It must have control scheme much simple than BnS PC. You cannot hope fit 10 skill buttons + reaction skills on the small screen of smartphone/tablet like on PC. The solution is streamlining down the number of skills, plus the use of Simple Mode where you can just hold a button to execute a combo. It may even feature auto-questing for your convenience, so you just log in and let the game play itself for you. -BnS 2 boasts its more complex A.I. on enemies, where they will have different reactions depend on how players deal with them. Whi
  14. Mount, yeah, it certain doesn't fit this game when we already has Windwalk, which is a much cooler way to travel (we can run up on wall, tree like ninja, run on water surface...). Now if only they stop being stingy and gives us infinite Windwalk, as well as an auto-Windwalk button so that we don't tire out our finger... But housing? It fits us, like any other MMO. Remember Heaven's Reach where it is Cricket's Home? Why not let us collect for decoration to liven up the place? Zakhan's Blade mounted on the wall, a pool with suspicious tentacles cut from Numok, a plushie doll of M'ao.
  15. 1) Remove Aransu Prisms from 3-star. Raven Prism too, if any. And any other high-quality useless trash that no one wants. They are not good reward. No, they are the worst reward ever. Even more useless than those worst one-star rolls with two 10k exp charms. The only thing you can get from them is either 5m EXP charm, the HM point scroll (big deal whale item that is useless unless you have 5 of them, lol), and frustration for wasting a 3-star rolls. Increasing the rate of getting 3-star rolls is not the EXCUSE to add more 3-star trash. I only have a single 3-star out of 300 keys, and guess whi
  16. According to skelly - a KR streamer (blessed you if you ever use his guide for raiding), there will be a tournament held on January 19 next year. He is hyped seeing 1v3 Warden, he said :3
  17. Mostly to fight bots and players who make profit from a massive number of low-level crafting/gathering alts, as well as adding incentives to pvp where most of non-bound mats (a.k.a precious moonstones) comes from. Also, bound mats make Trove become a proper gold sink. Your gold from buying bound mats just disappear into the void instead of allowing you gain some gold from selling them to the market.
  18. It would be convenient if you can open F3 (Friend List Window) and H (Clan Window) to see whatever online friends/clanmates you have at the moment. In addition, you should be able to directly invite/whisper to them too. For J (Quest Window), it is mainly to see the Completed Quest tab. Sometimes, after jumping between characters or away from PC for reasons, you forget which dungeons you have finished dailies and have no choice but return to your server/enter a dungeon to check if the quest has been completed or not. Some people are willing to quit a fully-assembled party the moment
  19. Here is Silent Night outfit and its Hat that I got from the very first Frozen Firing Range event (this game's first X-mas event). As you can see, the event outfit cannot be mailed (or account-bound, whatever you want to call it), even up-to-date. And the hat is, for some reason, mail-able. Now, let try to see what they offer with Silent Night outfit bundle from F10 The outfit is mail-able, while the hat is not. It seems they mix up the code somewhere between event Silent Night and F10 Silent Night. +++
  20. It is a lagfest everytime someone using their Christmas skill animation skin. Especially Summoner with their Doom'n'Bloom and obnoxious Festive Skill skin. The developer's team should think about the game's subpar performance before adding extra effects. Why don't just wait until UE4 is a thing before attempting that.
  21. Let me add salt to his wound. The Holy Bash outfit is designed with Chinese/Asian Mythical Lion theme, which was often seen on dancing lion costumes during Spring or something festive in Asia. This thing is definitely not something you expect as an Christmas outfit.
  22. Nope. Do you know why people can still LFG for a group on outdated dungeons like Avalanche Den, Lair of Frozen Fangs... despite that even fresh new players can just solo them? First key word: Cross-server LFG. It is more convenient to just LFG and get into these dungeons for daily challenges instead of going through several loading screen when you do them in-server. Second key word: group efforts. Even if they are outdated, doing them with a group is still faster and more fun than solo. Why do new players have to spend 10 minutes clearing them solo, while in
  23. For example, Tower of Memories, Frozen Vipercap... These bosses have a hidden passive that reduce incoming damage by 50%, so your normal parse of 1m DPS will only deal 500k DPS on them. Before, when people's DPS was still very weak, this encouraged people to use the dungeon's provided items. After two years, many people are now geared up their DPS a lot, enough to ignore event items and just deal straight DPS despite of dealing half of the damage. When awakening skill patch is released, overall DPS will push up even further. Now, as most of people who are no
  24. It is like building a bridge over a small and shallow stream that you can just walk over it. You laugh at people who feel that there should be a bridge, saying it is unnecessary and it is people's fault for carelessly falling into the stream. The one day, you get careless and get yourself falling and wet. Then you realize that may be it is better to just have a bridge built instead. NPC quest-giver is the bridge that has not yet been built, the shallow stream is the quest, and falling into the steam means forgetting to take the quest. So yeah, instead of fac
  25. Familiars (Summoner's cat and Warlock's Thralls) should have their skills being able to disable. For Summoner's, the cat spams "Roundabout" for every third auto-attack it does. The thing is when the cat spins it hammer, its response to command input becomes much less responsive. For Warlock's, they have a choice between Nether Pulse (just do some damage) and Void Slash (air-launch). When a WL summon a Thrall, it will immediately use Nether Pulse, which an animation lock and makes Thrall refuse to respond to command (Soulburn, Stun), unless you waste an E to cancel its a
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