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  1. Another lazy way if you don't want to time it yourself: Get your smartphone. Go into a stopwatch app (I think every smartphone has this app by default). Wait for BW roaring once, press the Start button. Recommended to turn down your lighting slider to save battery. Run away, S S or iframe when the stopwatch nearly hits 20, 40, 60... and so on.
  2. Ctrl+F during Terror and BW fight to turn off players and their skill effects. Be careful of players of another faction may sneak on you, though. Turn down your graphic setting to lowest setting for a while. It's a channel-wide raid. Having pretty graphic but lagging so bad won't help you get the loot. For BW fight, if you are a ranged class, you have better chance to survive and get the loot. Just wait for a roar done, run in DPS, and back off after 15-18s (depend on how late you are after the roar is done), run away to avoid the roar. Rinse and repeat. If
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