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  1. Unless the end-reward is good (which is kinda rare), "Advanced to Start" when you land on a premium spot often feel like a punishment. Tiles around the start often has unattractive rewards, or when you roll one right before those juicy rewards at the end.


    If you want an instant end-reward collection, "Complete One Round" is already more than enough. No need to have two of the same thing on dash, when one is clearly better than another.


    I suggest to change "Advance to Start" into "Return to to the last position". This will make you return to the last position, allow you to have one more chance to run on a better (or worse) premium spot.


    Also, the "Double the Loot" is kinda stupid: Most of reward is premium spots are very bad. Whenever you win 3 or 6 Petal of Flower of Laments are not a matter, cuz they are both suck. 


    Either improve rewards to those premium spot to make "Double the Loot" worthwhile, or I suggest to change it into "Collect everything along the way". This works similarly to the one-time Daily Dash where you roll for the end-reward outfits last year: You will collect everything between your last position and the premium spot you land on. There are, however, chances that you get nothing from it, if your last position is next to the premium spot.


    Or, if those suggestions above are too far stretch, then at least give players a confirmation windows whenever they want the benefit or not, instead of just forcing the reward on them. Except for Surprise Gift, since I believe no one refuse these.

  2. 21 hours ago, Naeza said:



    the jin male is from  Leerok the True Shot 

    the lyn male kinda resembles Myo The Scarlet Shadow

    thats how is see it.anyways.

    i like this version of soha so much *q*

    looking forward to it ^_^

    -Lyn: Poharan

    -Gon: Yehara

    -Yun: Zulia

    -Jin: Soha



    -Lyn: Hajoon (the headband is the scarf of his Masked Hongmoon outfit)

    -Gon: Naksun (also Hae Mujin's past outfit when he first rescued and later adopted Poharan, from a web comic in Korea)

    -Jin: Leerok

  3. Not practical and worth the time.


    You would need to do more than just simple use "Find & Replace" to change "Shadow" into "Lightning" and vice versa.


    You would need to re-code element accessories on Lightning and Shadow sins to make them match up with the changed elements, WHILE still keep the same accessories for other classes that also use Lightning and Shadow. Basically, if you change all Shadow sin's BT accessories into Lightning one, you need to make sure that Shadow Warlock and Shadow Des, who also use the same accessories, to keep their Shadow Element. You will have to do this, or think a way for Sin to exchange their elements, since you cannot force people re-grind their hard-earned BT accessories just like that.


    It would cause confusion to the class community, since they are so used with Lightning being more stealth and Dark being less stealth. Guide will also have to change to address this.


    And, the most important, is there any kind of profit for NCSoft to go through such many negatives? Zero, plus negative feedback if they do so.


  4. 12 hours ago, Shunaia said:

    The one on the top, being a tall female Lyn - I keep thinking these are actually Jin with animal ear accessories on, whenever I see people with tall Lyn chara.^^; w

    Your characters are pretty cool, Kozuki! I only showed pictures of my main chara in different outfits and accessory combinations, but I think I might make one for my female Jin too. I wish I could have the Jin swimsuit color/pattern schemes on my Gon. T_T;

    Thank you :3


    There is also actually a mod to bring Lyn ears/tail to other races, replacing the model of an accessory (let say... sunglasses). However, it does not scale very well with tall characters.

  5. Summer Splash just hits F10. It gives you a swimsuit, a Lyn variant (with bewbs), a headgear for female and a headgear for male. As well as unisex headgear.


    Summner Splash was the last year's summer event outfit, so this is a great chance for players who miss the event to get it.


    However,, it is quite a slap to long-time Lyn players (female characters only). The bundle offers nothing new, except for the Lyn variant. Non-variant was from the event, the headgear (both male and female) were bundled with a swimsuit, which was on F10 last year.


    Basically, for long-time outfit-collecting Lyn players, the bundle offers nothing new, except for the Lyn variant outfit. If they want the outfit, they are forced to get it by paying 1,399 Ncoin worth of items, where four of them they might already have. The non-variant outfit can be salvaged for some fabric to get back some coin, but the headgear is completely useless. You can give them to other characters, sure, but it is like you only want a cute bonus water bottle, but they are bundled with kid-drink products that you don't even want to drink, and have no choice but give them to your relative's kids. In the end, you spend money on what you don't need and have to rack your brain thinking to make them worth it, just to feel good and being "economical".


    Also, if you don't play male character, the male head gear is pretty much useless.


    In term of business, this is a smart move: you get both sales from players who missed last year's event and bundles, as well as make Lyn players to spend for the variant. 


    From a customer's view, however, this is quite a low move. You basically force long-time customers to buy a bundle of items that they don't really need in order to get the only thing they want.


    If you want a suggestion (I doubt your sales department bothers to hear, though), then just sell Lyn variants separately, or make Lyn variant has its own bundle.

    I don't mind spending on cute outfits, but I want every single Ncoin/HMcoin/gold I spend worth it.

  6. Capture.PNG


    For anyone who don't know, the trio mentioned above are founders of BnS Academy, a place where they provide useful guides (dungeons, optimization, tweaks) and a Discord server where people don't mind spending time teaching you how to play, either a dungeon or a class. Or just a hangout place where you can find dungeon parties, talk about games and share things like screenshots, memes and cute cat pics.


    So yeah, they left. Will it make NCWest rethink their business model? I doubt it, but maybe there is still hope.


    Personally, after the latest patch, I think the business models have gone to wrong way:

    -Golden Lotus chest that only prove there are only handful of players willing to support the game. Let hope we even reach the US$400,000, lest anything beyond.

    -Daily Specials that directly control the economy. Not only materials prices, but also currency exchange. The F9 rate will never have a chance to recover, and even NCWest has to manually increase the rate so that people are more willing to sell their hard-earned gold. Honestly, Daily Specials should have only included outfits and adornments.

    -Daily Specials with unlimited items for lazy whales. While I don't mind people paying-to-progress, I think this kind of unlimited Daily Specials is overboard. It is like they directly sell a legendary weapon in F10. Whalemanship should have only tied with oils and gems.

  7. These two skills are both defense penetration and cause AoE damage, so they always hit despite of how high the opponent's evade chance. Unless you iframe.


    However, they seems to have a bug against stealth targets. Normally, any kind of attack when hitting stealthed target should reveal them, but these two skills do not do that.


    For example, against Assassin/Summoner in stealth (both players and Tower of Infinity), Evade will root them, while Beckon will knockdown and pull them. However, their stealth status still remains, despite that the damage text floats up. Note that if the normal Beckon hit them (when the pull/knockdown Beckon is in cooldown), it still unstealth them. 


    Some other classes have similar non-target AoE skills, like Blade Dancer's Dual Strike - Daze Pull, Destroyer's Drag - Daze Pull... They all reveal stealthed target when the hit connects and is not iframed.

  8. 8s-cooldown soul is generally better for most of the classes in long-term.


    60s-cooldown is better for Soul Fighter (their burst skill can be line-up with the buff) and time attack contents like ToI and solo dungeon (Mushin's Tower F20, Outlaw Islands...).

  9. 21 hours ago, RavTH said:

    Can we please have them stack?
    also I heard they were suppose to be exchangeable/transformable into pearls once they expire, can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

    You can stack chests till the end of the event, then open them. Use shop to sell fleeting ones.


    Only KR server can salvage fleeting badges, and each badges give a corresponding colored ToI token (red fleeting badge gives one red token, for example) . Too bad, our server cannot.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Kwasiu said:

    You know that Moonstones drop from F15 still right ? If you need then just farm then ... i guess its the fastest way to get them and its easy. Just do 10 runs from the F8 or somethink dont remember now and get some tickets to start from F13 and there you go ... bundle 10 MS still drops there.

    It drops moon crystals only. If you want materials for upgrade, it is viable.


    But if you want materials to craft things or to sell to generate income, then you have no other choice than:

    -SSP, especially weekends

    -6v6, where it is infected by either whales in high rating or whale-geared derankers in low rating, along with a bunch of afkers and lowbies.

    -RNG boxes, like the Golden Lotus ones.


  11. You can control it if you can predict when you get CCed and turn your back to the preferred direction beforehand.


    For example, I pvp a BD. I predict he will knockdown me just one second before he does so, and I respond by turning my back to him. He knockdown me, I use F roll and roll through him, throwing him off guard cuz he lose his target and has to turn back to face me, losing his chance to tech chase.

  12. 38 minutes ago, KaLnoX said:

    @Kozuki Did you get the fragrance of life at the achievement merchant or was rng kind to u? I ask because I'm seeing quite alot of chars(lyns mostly) with this outfit since silverfrost dropped. 

    It's from achievement vendor. Don't know the requirement level, but it's quite cheap compared to other outfit items. You need three pieces of high-quality fabric (hit marketplace) and Silverfrost Valor Stones.

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