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  1. I understand the pain of an upgrade that only lasts you like a few weeks before a cost nerf comes. However, in an MMO, cost reduction will eventually happen, the only thing you can fully enjoy an upgrade is either: -Be the first who get it, then you can leisurely grind for future upgrade. This require you to be very whale or hardcore. -Be the last who get it. When you know when a new patch might happen, cease all of your upgrade activity and keep hoarding materials. There is a chance that a cost nerf (permanent or event-related) will be released. Wait until you kno
  2. Demon Spirit Stones are needed to transmute oil. Cold Storage drops it rarely, and it can be exchanged for 100 freezing orbs. Meanwhile, aside from Stage 1 soul and an adornment, Black Rose Feather has no any other use. Considering Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate are both one-time per day, I think it is better to allow players to spend Black Rose Feathers for Demon Spirit Stones too, in order to lessen the bottleneck. 100 feathers per stone is reasonable. Even better if you make Jingsoyun drops the stone herself as a rare drop. It might help NCWest sells
  3. NCWest never let Currency Exchange has a chance to recover at all. Troves hit them hardest, but Daily Specials just worsen everything.
  4. Or even better, NCWest can implement "Report AFKers" to their Report function.
  5. If their service was good, they would not even need to compensate players in the first place.
  6. No engine. Only Divine Grace Stones at more common rate at Iron Conquerer boss - the hardest boss of the game up to now, so good luck.
  7. Apparently, NCWest carelessly accepted a stolen design. Though it was not one of the winners, it is still added to the Facebook Gallery, where its real origin is discovered. [Here is the Reddit thread about the matter, with the original artist's confirmation] Noted that this is not the first time this happened. The contest 2016 also had a stolen design, which managed to make into the list of runner-ups. This year, the same incident happened again, except it did not win. With that said, I think NCWest simply does not have enough staff to inspect every single
  8. The outfit voting season has ended. Whether you are satisfied with the community's favourite or not, I leave it to your choice. Personally, while I don't prefer the winning outfit, I still don't mind having it, cuz it is free and I only play female characters, so I won't be affected by the feminine design for male :P Back to the topic. This time, NCWest shows that they are willing to listen to players: from staff-pick winner only last year, they decided to let players join the picking progress through the previous voting season. Well, while it is still staff-picked, players have mo
  9. Interesting spreadsheet here: Take this as a grain of salt, of course, cuz it is no official information (and I doubt you will ever see NCWest revealing such data). People who don't believe in clone voting can just also check the Member Search section. Try to search with a single number of 1 to 9, and you will see a bunch of "unusual" account names consist of weird number and letter with literally no post history. These are either created solely for voting this session and beyond, or alting, or for botting. Either ways, these accounts, if the owner desires,
  10. I just kinda wish that they give premium players something during Trove, because whenever a Trove happens, they blatantly cut off one of most attractive things about having premiumship - Premium Dash. Either giving extra slots/daily keys to all characters in an account, or just let players have Daily Dash going alongside with Trove. I don't understand why they have to disable Daily Dash during Trove, when two of them don't really have anything similar to each other.
  11. Problems: -The survey's questions are now very outdated (like asking how you feel about Blackram Narrow), and I'm sure plenty of hurried players on their eight alts just select the bottom choice (which is often the worst), so the survey no longer serves as a reliable source of feedback from players. -The survey's rewards are not scaled well with the current content. They still give outdated rewards like Valor stones and lv1-36 training elements/jewels. While Valor stones can be exchanged for Naryu coins, lv1-36 elements/jewels are just trash, as we no longer have the weapon/ac
  12. Tower of Infinity is a queer place. It does not only requires you to have some pvp knowledge on how to counter classes, but also have good mix of pvp/pve gear in order to race against time effectively. You either 100-0 them on the first try, or have to survive their combo, so that you can pull out another combo till they die. For better experience, it is recommended you are geared up, both for PvE (weapon, accessories, soul) and PvP (belt, pet). You need to be strong to kill them in first 30-60s, or tough enough to survive their combo to counter attack, or both.
  13. The lower your ping, the better Dawnforged becomes, and vice versa. At 250ms in-game, Dawnforged is just slightly behind Riftwalk. So yeah, if your ping is lower, Dawnforged maybe better. Personally, I still select Riftwalk, cuz shorter-cooldown of nettle is cooler to do ToI with. Also, 8 BT + Alluvion/Magmum > 8 MSP + Magmum, with Dragon Bracelet. Tested with Riftwalk. However, Dawnforged is a worse version of Raven. If you can out-DPS Raven users, check their other gear. Normally, they often lacks of BT accessories, good soul or the bracelet.
  14. Things I believe that would be nice to see in achievement system -Every stat bonus is applied. Players grind for them from those 100-dungeon-run achievements, or even 300 (looking at you, +11AP). Only a few stats are ever used, so I think it would give better of sense of achievement when your characters grow a little stronger through their hard grind. Those stat bonuses are nice little boost, but won't cause any imbalance. In short, just add every single achievement stats to players' stats instead making it a choice. -A search bar. I lost count how many time
  15. Too much efforts. Basically, you need to rework the entire outfit system. If any thing, they should make Outfit Adornment to be not bound to specific outfit. I would love Phoenix Wings on some other outfits than the Phoenix outfit itself.
  16. Vocal players of a game is always a minority in a MMO community. Non-vocal players are either happily/bitterly playing the game without a complain, or just don't play the game in the first place. While vocal players do not represent the thought of the whole community, they represent the active level of a game. A player makes a thread about something, giving people chance to engage in the conversation, create a small interaction between vocal players, attracting more non-vocal players (a.k.a forum lurkers, or those "I log in this account just to say this" guys) to turn into vocal on
  17. -Add an "Open all available boxes" button. I gets like 50 kinds of daily boxes per days. Opening them as soon as possible is tiring, and actually costs the same time to stack them up and open them later. Or: at least consolidate daily quest boxes into the same one. We don't need 100 versions of those boxes for 100 dungeons, when they offers exactly the same thing. -Remove the cast bar when open the boxes. It should not even be there. -Add an "Item lock" function, which allows you to hide away the items that you don't want to accidentally sell when visit a merch
  18. NCWest only does ban waves. Even if you make a call and receive 1,000 supporters, it is still NCWest doing the ban in waves. I don't believe they will go around and ban every single bot that get reported in daily basis. Sound too much efforts and ineffective. Better to just control and prune them out occasionally, like how you only deal with weed once per month instead of daily. Bot farming are directly linked to some core materials like dews, quartz and maybe tears, so they affect the economy in one way or another.
  19. I used to try see people going against the last year's winning design Alice in Wonderland for the same reason. In the end, it still won. I believe NCWest doesn't particularly care about this, unless it is a blatantly copy. Like last year also had an outfit removed cuz it was entirely "Save As". The thief just submitted the whole file without even bother to change it. Still got into the final round, though. So, unless NCWest removes Golden Flower out of the list, as long as it has highest votes, it will win. Too bad, it doesn't seem like winning to me, since Phantom Flow
  20. Artists have their fan base. While they don't officially call people vote for them, their fans/friends might do so, attracting people to vote for their favorite artists, whether these fans play Blade & Soul or not.. So it is kinda unfair for less-known artists in term of vote-attracting. I think the solution is simple: Do not count the votes of the accounts that are created after the first post of This thread. With that, even if the artists or his fan try to attract more votes, we can at least prevent a good number of non-BnS players voting in a game they don't even play.
  21. Raven feathers as end rewards are ok for alts when you don't gear them enough to do weekly BTs.
  22. Um nope. Weeklies have two pvp quests, so pvpers can enjoy pvp to their heart contents without touching the pve one, if they don't feel like wasting 10 minutes hitting a giant drake for some reason. Meanwhile, pvers have to do one of the 3-win quests. Another solution if you don't want to do 6v6 is use DKV reset. The reset also gives 14 cocktails, which can compensate your absence of weekly challenges.
  23. Lesson for NCWest: -Should have made 2,000-Ncoin box being giftable at the very beginning. People who gift the things need to pay real money for Ncoin after all, so it is not matter if they buy more than one box and sell them for gold to players who don't want to pay for Ncoin. They realize this too late. -Should have made 2,000-Ncoin box available to HMcoin too. People who buy it with HMcoin needs to sell gold for HMcoin, thus cheaper gold:coin ratio, thus encouraging more NCoin buyers to take this chance. It also helps deplete players' HMcoin they gain randomly from S
  24. Touch it and it falls off! I envy those ears/tail. They work very well against clipping for they stay static most of the time. Momo's ears/tail are super clippy for most of the time that I have to give up the head adornment >.< With ears/tail: Without ears/tail (mod): I still bought the outfit though, and managed to find a compromise: Meanwhile, the hat goes here :3
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