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  1. They are: Hongmoon Uniform, Bamboo Guard Uniform, Blackram Uniform, Statrus Empire Uniform. You cannot destroy or sell them, and they serve no purpose, aside from grinding some tokens with Bamboo/Blackram outfit, aiding faction-killing achievements, and forcing players to pay premiumship to get rid of them forever with the wardrobe. Also, add these outfits to the respective Coin Exchange Vendor, in case people wanting them back.
  2. So that people with gold can get their legendary accessories even faster. Time is money which can be used to make gold instead of spamming the same dungeons over 100-200 times. I want gold from people who bid too :3 Either as individual tokens or a chest with chance to proc 10-20, depend on difficulty mode.
  3. One of this game's distinguishing feature is the Windwalk. Unlike other games where you ride a bulky animal/vehicle that you summon from thin air and useless in dungeon content, Windwalk gives the player the ability to travel fast through the wide landscape, and is also useful in dungeons. However, as a tool for exploration, Windwalk has its limit due to stamina bar. Take example in Celestial Basin since its change to Infinite Windwalk, players can enjoy running on the wall to a height where they cannot before, gazing at the whole landscape and glide down a great distance. This giv
  4. Thanks to occasional supply F10 specials, despite that two mini-seasons of current Tower of Infinity season have nearly passed, the Triupmh Tokens have not yet passed 10 gold. Meanwhile, Fury Tokens continue to be stable at 18-20g, which is pretty expensive for new players to afford. Many classes have their important badge here, and it sound unreasonable for some classes can get their badge at 700-1000g, while other classes have to pay nearly doubled. If NCSoft does not want to provide a way to add more Fury tokens through in-game mean, just provide Fury tokens through
  5. -Legendary Elements: no way to get them at cheaper prices aside from Dragon Express, F10 (limited and not always show) and Trove (seasonal and swiping event). -Legendary Jewels: you can upgrade HM bracelet to get 30 jewels for cheaper price. However, at the current material prices, doing so is a loss compared to buying from Dragon Express, F10 and Trove. Unless you farm every bound materials, which you save gold but lose time doing so, a.k.a opportunity costs. -Premium Transformation Stone: make bound-version to prevent steep decline in market prices. Similar to the expensive oil. I
  6. Maybe I should go back to Lineage 2 too, since I play Summoner with a cat in BnS, because Lineage 2 has Summoner-with-cat gimmick before BnS.
  7. I like the idea of a spear class. However, I also like a javelin-throwing class. I think it is cool to have a javellin+shield class as a proper ranged tank in this game, instead of relying on the highest DPS ranged class to do makeshift ranged tank in some contents like Twin Asura. Of course, while called as ranged tank, it can do melee tank just fine, like any other ranged classes tanking in melee ranged. +Element of choice: Earth and Lightning. -Earth: focus on stacking various multi-target DoT on the enemy, draining them out in a long fight. It is lack of
  8. Like the title said, there are some bosses that have lingering and annoying debuff. -First boss of Sogun's Lament, where you crawl toward the exit if you get the slow debuff. -The same twin babies on F18 of Mushin's Tower. -Yunsang's DoT debuff on F20 of Mushin's Tower that can kill you after his fight. -Zakhan's mark debuff in Ebondrake Citadel. When it expires, it will immobilize you and drain your HP, potentially kill you if you have low HP. Also, for Summoner only, while this is technically not a boss, but if a FM in Tower of Infinity sleeps the cat
  9. Just make their free daily keys to be counted toward the 100% critical result gauge. During Trove weeks, which is 21 days, they should be able to reach at least 1/2 of the gauge. Reasons why it would make money for NCSoft: -Players who are near the threshold of 100% critical will have an urge to buy a few more keys. -Players who get the critical trove will need to buy more Trove slots, even on alts, if the result is something so good.
  10. That one uses Moonwater Refining Stones, which is already removed. Silverfrost Refining Stones are completely useless and no longer drops, unless you want upgrade your not-yet-antiqued Ivorymoon path, which would give you 6 gem slots with some Gem Hammers, if you plan to stay in True Ivorymoon for a while, or just an alt.
  11. Take note: While NCWest, as well as NC Taiwan, NC Japan..., don't directly fix things, their job is collecting feedback from local players to improve gaming experience or adapt to the market. So nothing wrong suggesting here. I imagine NCWest has a team that collects players' feedback and translate it to Korean before sending to the game developer. A good example is that NCWest implemented high mailing costs for gems -> complained by NA/EU players -> Revert it back.
  12. Trove is not actually Premium Player-friendly either. Reason: they strip out one of important Premium Players' benefits - Premium Daily Dash - during Trove, and give nothing back to compensate the absence of Daily Dash during Trove.
  13. -It lacks of having two double-CC at once. It can only have one double CC of choice through Twin Barrels (Key 2), so you might have trouble in PvE content that requires shuffling between two types of CCs. Other classes (at least, around six classes that I play frequently) don't have this problem, and some classes even have all three types of double CCs with some DPS sacrifice. -Alpha Call (key Z) is great for group play, but completely useless in solo play. There should be a Z skill used before Alpha Call (similar to Soul Fighter's Heal -> Rez), or a skill branch, for Alpha Call
  14. Last months, it was nice that they put the outfits on F10 Specials. However, these outfits seemed get re-post at least once. While it helps players who don't have the outfit to have another chance to get them, it kinda kills the excitement. This month, there is not yet any outfit. Only the Small Secret Cache spam for like every 3 days. While the chance to get more gold is good, I think it doesn't work as a gold sink. Even if you only get 50g per chest, you only lose like 10-15g (around 1:3 exchange rate), while have chance to gain 40-440 more gold. Also, when the same s
  15. For seamless Gun-n-Run action! :3 As a drawback, Auto-Reload doesn't give you any Hook. and does not benefit from Quick Reload buff (aka slower to do)
  16. Fire Gunner is more ping-friendly. Try to see if you can fit 4 Bullet Storm (F) + 4 Reload (LMB) per Tombstone (Tab) or 3 Unload (F) per Firefall (C). That is how my Fire Gunner is at 250-300ms.
  17. I dunno why the RNG for Tormented Weapon chest is much higher chance to proc than Python weapon chest in Lair of Frozen Fang. And no, I know that I can grind peach for it, and will progress doing so when they fix lv55 mobs if I still not get a Python weapon or a chest by that time, so don't bother typing it out. Trove is RNG, btw. The thing is that an obsolete content is hindering current players to progress, which should be addressed. Or we can go with Asura/Accursed method: Let Tormented weapon be another choice for Baleful/Serapth Stage 1-2.
  18. Summoner. Who cares about boss rotation when the cat tanks for you most of the time? Who needs to deal with trash mobs when you can just pitch the cat to the fray, run through the distracted mobs and have nothing follows you to the end of the map? Who needs to deal with zillion kinds of procs and rotations? Who needs to waste time rezzing dead comrades and sacrifice DPS, when the cat can do that better than everyone? Who can heal the whole party within 50 meter radius with a single button, and mass rez aside Summoner and Soul Fighter?
  19. Yeah right. Check this video for more information :3
  20. Since when NCWest promised "We will never release Quick Draw and Transcendence outfits, as well as their recolors"? The only thing NCWest said is never releasing the Master Founder's outfit outside of Founder's pack. They never said that they won't make recolor available to all players. And from what I see, the recolor looks worse than the founder's version.
  21. Dear Asura Ember, Thanks for coming to my pocket twice, lovely hidden in a corner of Tower of Infinity boxes :3
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