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  1. I heard that Ethereal Battleground is good for farming moonstones. It is basically Celestial Basin but with faction war theme.
  2. Always Riftwalk -> Raven, cuz it is cheaper that way. You get some extra oomph along the way too, cuz Riftwalk is particularly strong for being able to reset skills and have much stronger DPS buff.
  3. Just stock up 6,000 HMcoin just in case :3
  4. Sometimes, you are curious how a weapon looks like. However, aside from Illusion weapon chests (from F10 and events), normal weapon chests and sealed weapons do not allow you to preview them. This is particularly inconvenient when you browse F5 marketplace, searching in a sea of sealed and unsealed weapons, seeking for a potential weapon skin. Also, there are weapon chests that you have no way to confirm how it looks like in-game, cuz it is not part of weapon upgrade path, until you get the weapon itself. For example, outdated weapon chests dropped from old bosses like
  5. Very vast different. Since you use Seraph, you cannot have any reset stack no matter the content you play. Once you get Riftwalk, you fix that only weakness. For the weapon buff, it is basically Raven in term of stacking buff, but without skill damage modification and element buff. You will get AP increase per stack, and upon 5th stack, it will give you a extremely strong additional damage for first 5 hits you do when the buff is active. For most classes, it should be around 15,000-20,000 DPS increases with Riftwalk/Dawnforged. In 6v6, Riftwalk/D
  6. I don't know what is the problem. I submitted a ticket and here is the answer: Someone said if you get banned from competitive contents (1v1, 3v3, 6v6, ToI, F20), you will no longer able to get ranked until the next season reset. In fact, I used to get banned for happening to use a VPN node with suspicious activity. After I proved my innocence and got released, the no ranking starts to kick in. However, it does not happen to every character. My gunner who recently joins ToI has her ranking normally. Whether the cause is, this has happened for two weeks,
  7. Um, none of the items that can buy with Duelist's Bundle are trade-able. They are account-bound only. Though, since you can buy two Duelist's Bundles (assuming you haven't buy it before), it is easy to give all HM skills to a single character, or important HM skills to several characters. What about KR server giving stuffs though? :d
  8. Increase drop rate won't change a thing, when half of the BnS population prefer to run something else over tedious dungeons like Necro and Gloomross, if they can afford it. Nexus is not even in the list of Daily Challenges anymore. Even for weapon chest, Gloomross can be avoid with Radiant Ring crafting keys and farming some peaches for the weapon chest. However, people run a lot of the big six for gear upgrade, weapon farming or material farming. -DT gives second-best necklace in this game. Also for AP achievement -EC is for material farming cuz it is the shortest dunge
  9. Similar to Bloodshade books getting phased out in favor of Volume 4 book that drops from Naryu Foundry (though this actually makes the book become more expensive for people who can afford 120 freezing orbs.) This will help increase supply of HM items, allowing new players to be able to access them more easily with their humble income. This is to increase supply of HM items to F5, so it is okay to keep the HM item drops in older dungeons, IMO Suggestion: -Desolate Tomb: Volume 1 - Chapter 1 -Ebondrake Citadel: Volume 1 - Chapter 2 -Naryu Foundr
  10. Would be helpful for raid members to not miss a whistle for boss fight if they alt+tab to do something outside of the game (reading/watching guide). I see this happens a lot.
  11. I guess the upcoming patch will feature the final boss of Temple raid (a.k.a Zulia), as well as a DKV2.0 raid (a.k.a Fallen School of Aransu). Two more week to ignore weekly challenges before October 18 update.
  12. Support Team is RNG in term of service. You have to meet the right GM for your request to be listened to. Also, there are rumours that your whale-manship also gives you better chance to have your request conducted. For Gunner with max gear, they simply just Trove hard to have all materials. And it have been three weeks since Gunner's launch, meaning they have six chance (including resets) to tackle BT, where lucky ones can get their BT accessories and instantly max them.
  13. Longer list of bug or not, it is a matter of priority. Something easy and quick, they can do it in very short amount of time. Something that is too persistent that it has existed without knowing when they will get handled, like in-combat bug.
  14. You mean that AFK fest event? I only do it on 5 alts for the medals to exchange them for oils. Generating around 60k beans through the event cuz I just do 3-round dailies with occasional 1-win dailies when I have chance to get Daily Challenges done , which I used to buy Royal Zen Bean and Bravery so that I can use them to exchange HM skills for various alts (I have 20 Whirlwind Tokens from last year's 6v6 event), as well as some Pugilist's Tokens to use with Duelists' Bundle for my Gunner. And my pet is already at Unleashed Stage like months before the event even happe
  15. Oh, NCWest and their auto-ban system strikes again. If you use a VPN and happens to use the same node with shady history (hacking, botting...), they will ban you along. This happened to me when I use a VPN node in Taiwan with Mudish VPN, and they ban me in weekly basis. I finally made up my mind to stop using Mudfish (it's very cheap compared to other services) after they banned me two days straight. At first, they still replied my tickets. Then later, they just unbanned my account without any response. So yeah, you should check your account acce
  16. I guess you already notice that we have bonus for running a dungeon in first 10 times (the green sprout icon next to the dungeon names in F8). If you run a party with someone has below 10 runs of a dungeon, you will gain an extra chest. However, there are some problems with the chest: -Even if you runs it in Hard Mode, it still gives the same reward of Normal Mode, with soul shields and stuff. Basically, meh rewards. -It does not give anything useful, either. Maybe an extra chance to get a weapon chest, but that's it. I think the reward should be revamped, to
  17. Try to buy it from F5 before the supply disappears :P
  18. Forget to mention, but you should be able to level-locked a pet appearance to stop it from receiving EXP :3
  19. While being defense-oriented, the benefits of pet upgrade are big for both PvP and PvE. Pet helps you stay alive a lot longer and withstand punishment for mistakes better, making it a good thing to have in all contents, especially in raid. It is, however, kinda expensive to upgrade a pet at the present for new players. To make them less squishy and more raid-ready, I think it would be nice to provide character-bound pet pods through events. This will also provide chance for geared players to upgrade their pet too. Ideally, an event should give a new players enough pet p
  20. Not even in KR where they are way ahead of us having account-bound feathers. I think feathers will eventually become account-bound, but not before VT is nerfed into another BT.
  21. Cuz, honestly, people always accept Dynamic Rewards. If is not for the box, then it is for some extra EXP. Therefore, I don't see a point to ask them whether they want it for not. In fact, it may make people in hurry miss their dynamic quests instead, or face an annoying confirmation window cuz they happen to use the exit portal without returning the dynamic first. If you quit a party or a raid, there is not even a confirmation window. Add an otpiotn to Auto-return Dynamic Quest box would be a cool Quality of Life Improvement, IMO
  22. IMO, the new crafting system has: Pros: -Eliminate the need of having multi-professions just to craft an item (i.e: Merry Potter provides Refiners to Soul Warden to craft STS, Acquired Taste provides cookies for Silver Cauldron to make dye, which is used to make Spirit Charms...) -Allow self-supply with useful items much better at cheaper costs. -Make use of bound materials for self-supplying. -Provide better quality (Max ranked items) and more choices for output quantity. -Much more time-saving. -Much easier to level up. -Don't need to pay much a
  23. Tower of Infinity never rotated a season before. This happens in Korea, as well as in other regional servers. So for tokens of previous seasons, you will pretty much have no mean to farm them, aside from grinding gold to buy them from marketplace and F10 as fast as possible while the prices are still cheap. As time passes, the abundant supply of tokens when a new season hits will keep getting diminished, resulting in price spikes. Fury tokens used to be 5g each, and now it is 20g each. Triumph tokens are facing a similar fate, with its price keeping climbing toward 10g threshold an
  24. There are two of them in F10. Get the one that let you buy it.
  25. We have Pet Aura and Pet Skin. Pet Aura can be upgraded with Pet Pod, so I will leave it aside. What I want to say is raising our Pet skin. First, you apply the skin on a Pet Aura, and as you progress grinding EXP in the game, part of your EXP (10-20% EXP) income will transfer to the pet, making it evolve from basic -> awakened -> ultimate. This makes you have certain sense of achievement, as you can literally "raise your pet", seeing it growing up, and achieve the ultimate form with efforts. This makes you feel more attached to a pet, instead just thinking it as something lu
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