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  1. Through patches of skill balances, Skyrift and Pulse Mystic badges for Summoner has gone from being decent to next to useless. Summoner is also the only class that has no offensive benefits from Raven-Feather badges. About Skyrift: -Ideally, you would want to use this to reduce cooldown of Bomb Away!. However, despite of having a strong damage modification, Bomb Away! uses cat stat to deal damage, which is pathetically weak. In term of pvp, it might have some use cuz it reduces cooldown of V knockdown, but no one uses Week Whack in 6v6 cuz root is much more useful. Plus, isn't
  2. We have a lot of things that other regions don't have. However, at the same time, the other regions have things that we don't have. I prefer more PvE contents to grind instead of face-roll Naksun 24/7. He is pretty much one-year old now.
  3. In other regions, they have some other faction war areas where they give more moonstones, though one of them (Hell's Island) is down due to being whale-clan exclusive. For us, we have a drop-nerf Naksun :/
  4. You need to meet the right GM. :3 Also, Gunner is on the hype, so support team now refuses to transfer anything to them.
  5. I doubt it, since Naksun has become an easy content that can be accessible by a majority of players. Fresh out of story and you can put a proper fight against him with some learning. Whale can complete the whole run F13-15 run in 2-3 minutes. Instead, I would suggest adding moonstone to Mushin F20 content. F19 will have a chance to drop moonstone while F20 will always drop a moonstones or a rare chance moonstone bundle. The reason is that this is a more relevant content with ranknig system, and not something that you can easily do consecutively unless you have proper gear.
  6. If a soul shield/a piece of equipment/outfit has a related achievement, I think it should display whether a player used to equip that piece or not. For example, you just got the Wreath head adornment from story quest. Since it has the "Flower Power" achievement, you will see a yellow star on the item description, hinting that there is an achievement if you equip this item. If you already equip it, it shows you a check mark instead. Similar for soul shield and other collection achievements. This would be particularly helpful to know if an item has an achievement, and if
  7. Yeah, 3% mailing tax (can be 2g cheaper at max if you are in the same clan). Capped out at 100g.
  8. It would become easier to know which dungeon dailies you haven't finished yet without having to go through a loading screen. This, or add a small icon next to each dungeon's names that tells you if you have finished their dailies or not, similar to Daily Challenge icon, or the 10-run sprout icon. Or both.
  9. They will come, when the time for them to come comes
  10. So that you don't need to log out of F8 once per hour (or once per half-hour in case of Super-charged Daily Dash). Going through too many loading screens are not fun to certain players who have potato PCs. Players can collect rewards later.
  11. The Ctrl + Alt + assigned emote button makes it harder to take screenshot :(
  12. Balance in MMORPG? :3 The last two classes have no Lyn. Time to make more rat players.
  13. Easy: don't add more gold through events, especially events where low-level can join (Tower of Memory. Imagine all of those afkers are bots, and you carry them for easy gold ingot proc). Especially, do not add gold to areas where whales can comfortably farm it and let other non-whale eats dust, like Celestial Basin Events itself should be for gold-saving, not making gold to worsen the inflation.
  14. For my case, it is three buttons in one hour, cuz I'm a premiumship member, so it takes three hours to complete it daily. Cosmetic, quite nice, is cosmetic. Not everyone needs it on every single character. I don't need the adornment more on two characters. And I certainly don't need the 11th one onward, cuz I only have 10 characters. With my premiumship - 3 dash per day and like two chance to complete a board every time I land on a premium spot, it is very possible to have more than 10. Let take a look at the previous Daily Dash. What did it give? 4 raven feathers per c
  15. New crafting system is actually to slow down player's gold accumulation, so that gold value is kept at certain threshold, IMO. What makes crafting profitable before is the ability to do it on many characters on many accounts. 10 STS was like only 5-10g profit, but let multiply them to like 20-30 characters. All you need to do is prepare materials and spend 1 hours going around to craft and send items. For example, previously, I made 130 STS and 1 Spirit Charm per day on 18 alts of 2 accounts, giving me from 100-200g per day, depending on occasions. Now, I craft 35-70 ST
  16. A gold sink that makes the game un-altfriendly should be gone instead of be encouraged. Like those gem mailing fees. Why? Cuz alt playing make people spend more gold instead of just let gold piling up on single characters. Let say if NCWest still keeps those expensive gem mailing costs, I would not play my Gunner as my second main. My Summoner would be still sitting on her 20k gold plus materials, and none the gold will be disappear via marketplace tax, as I want to upgrade my Gunner as fast as possible. And for gold sink, NCSoft is very contradict themselve
  17. Assume I get lucky with rolls and get all 10 hair adornments for 10 characters... Then what should I do with the 11th one onward? Not everyone has 10 characters. It cannot be salvaged for fabric, and unlike Regal Diplomat that costs 5 gold, it worths 1 copper. Silky Hair is not anything new in the first phace, either. It was a in a bundle with the outfit Colorful Silks . Would much prefer if you put some kind of tokens in it, so that players can use it to exchange for something they like. Similar to the Daily Dash with Devotion Tokens where you can exchange
  18. I don't play a lot of MMOs long enough to get into raid, but from what I know and hear from other people, there are two types of raid lock: -Raid-group lock, which is used in Blade & Soul, hardest-difficulty raids of WoW. You join a group, clear a boss, and get locked into that group for that week and cannot join any other group. Only fresh new raiders can join that group and get raid-locked into that group. -Raid-loot lock, which is used in Lord of the Rings Online (the only MMO with raid that I used to play, sorry) and lower-difficulty raids of WoW. You clear a bo
  19. Um, I don't understand about complaints about pet pods. You make it sound like it costs a lot more expensive now. Have you take a look on the pet path now? It basically consolidate the number of stages and cut them down by half. Pet pod is just basically a consolidated version of pet stones. It also provides a RNG-progressing way to upgrade path, which give your some progression even if you're not unlucky, instead of gambling one out of four results for Ultimate pet, which potentially costs you a lot more. I have seen reddit thread where someone spent over 1
  20. NCWest should have added all outfits from the box to Dragon Express event tab. That way, even unlucky players can spend coins buying enough boxes to acquire what they want.
  21. Can a GM or someone with forum authority confirm this as a known issue, please? It is already disheartening that I lose two days of gaming from being banned, and now I have to suffer from no weekly and maybe seasonal rewards. It is not like I don't trust the Support Team's saying, but just to make sure, cuz to me, each department of NCWest seems often having different saying about the same matter.
  22. Here is the chest, have fun :3
  23. Update your client. This happens if you used the non-update client which goes through Bnsbuddy.
  24. I think this is not an exploit, but a legal strategy used by other regions. Even BnS Academy wrote this in their guide. IMO, it is just that NCSoft suddenly realizes this allows veteran players to avoid raid lock and commit multi-runs, which is not intended, so they just band-aid fix it.
  25. It is kinda bugging me that your Q shows up when you are holding an item (gun, orb...), but you cannot use it, while other classes simply just have their Q/E buttons disappear. Funny thing is that you can still command your cat to use C, V and Tab. I think this would help the cat in Beluga, when you are holding a torch. If your cat is attacking someone while you have the torch, you cannot command it to do anything aside from CC, and it easily become a squishy prey against whale attack.
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